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mario1981 05 December 2016 19:26

Translating Flight of the Amazon Queen?
Hello, my name is Mario and i would like to Translate Flight of the Amazon Queen into German.:)
A lot of German People from the A1k Forum would be happy.

Can anybody help me to do this Project or give me a Tip to do this?

I found out, that these Programs can be helpful.


"The Amiga version was originally written in AMOS then converted over to C code. In fact the source code in C has a lot of emulated AMOS function calls. The PC version was converted across using the same C code base. The tools to build the game were also written in AMOS and the entire game editing was done on the Amiga computer. The game engine was called JASPAR - for "John And Steve's Programmable Adventure Resource" The tools were: JOKER - the game editor. This allowed the building of rooms, laying out of objects and actors and walk paths, etc. ACE - the cutscene editor. DOG - the conversation tree editor. I wrote the engine and tools and Tony Ball converted the JASPAR engine to the PC."
Sorry for my bad english, it is only my 20years old school english;)

viddi 06 January 2017 17:36

Done! Over at A1k.org they managed to translate it. Now we have a German Amiga version of FOTAQ!


dlfrsilver 06 January 2017 19:18

i am working on the french version :)

apex 07 January 2017 02:36


Originally Posted by dlfrsilver (Post 1132807)
i am working on the french version :)

We should combine our forces.
User volatilevoid also made a tool and it was possible to use the translation from the PC DOS version.
But there is still an issue with text that is hardcoded in the pictures.

Cylon 08 January 2017 00:36

It would be nice if somebody could find the tools mentioned in the first post.

SimonPPC 29 October 2017 19:42

Please where find the tools for translating in Italian?

DamienD 29 October 2017 20:47

To the original thread starter; I'm sure you've seen this post by now?


Originally Posted by AndreasM (Post 1194071)
a1k.org-Team PRESENTS an Interactive Binary Illusions PRODUCTION

After 22 years, the German version of "Flight of the Amazon Queen" for Amiga computer has been released!

"Flug der Amazon Queen" takes you with Faye Russel and Sparky into Amazon jungle to solve puzzles, rescue Princess Azura and prevent Dr. Iron stone from creating a dinosaurs army.

Not only the dialogs were taken from the DOS version, but also eliminated incorrect translations, typing errors as well as unsightly formulations of the DOS version and also almost all English texts in the pictures were changed to German.

"Flug der Amazon Queen" is available on the Internet presence of Amiga Future



SimonPPC 29 October 2017 21:43

English (Google Translator)

I saw that post, but I thought it was better to ask for information.


Si ho visto quel post, ma pensavo che questo era piĆ¹ indicato per chiedere informazioni.

apex 03 November 2017 21:55


Originally Posted by SimonPPC (Post 1195538)
Please where find the tools for translating in Italian?

There are no tools, cr8y made everything from scratch and pixeled also new pictures.

malko 19 December 2017 00:44


Originally Posted by dlfrsilver (Post 1132807)
i am working on the french version :)

Is the French version done and available ?

dlfrsilver 19 December 2017 00:47


Originally Posted by malko (Post 1206779)
Is the French version done and available ?

I'm working on it ! It's not a 2 months job :)

malko 19 December 2017 01:11


Originally Posted by dlfrsilver (Post 1206781)
I'm working on it ! It's not a 2 months job :)

You are kidding, it's more than enough... ;):D
More seriously if I can be of any help, let me know. Will help with pleasure :agree.

apex 21 December 2017 22:15

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Attachment 55908
We made some of this for the German version. :)

malko 31 December 2017 00:09

It's really hot :cool. I have seen this :great

dlfrsilver 31 December 2017 02:50

yes i have done the french translation based on the official french PC translation.

Right now, i'm working on my own translation, which respect the original jokes and insults :)

kikems 31 December 2017 02:59

Great initiative, I love point and click adventures and understand all texts it's very important for all user .

AMIGASYSTEM 08 January 2018 15:17


Originally Posted by SimonPPC (Post 1195538)
Please where find the tools for translating in Italian?

The Italian version has been created, the floppy version is corrupt, the CD version works well :agree http://www.amigafuture.de/dl_recent.php

AMiGA OS - AFA OS: Install Flight Of The Amazon Queen CD on HD

AMIGASYSTEM 09 January 2018 00:51

The ADF files in the archive have been replaced and now work fine ;)

Nibbler 11 January 2018 14:42

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I remember reading in the german Amiga Joker how even the graphics where translated and how good it was. So i bought it right away.

I was really suprised when i found out that there was no german Amiga version. :shocked

Thank you Guys for making my purchase complete. :bowdown

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