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coze 11 June 2006 09:45

Workbench icon placement
I have some files hidden on my wb unless I choose show all files. How can I make these files visible ? I guess it's cause probably they don't have icons. (.info files ?) Also they're spread all around the place and I would like to change their position inside the drawer permanently. How can I do that ?

AMIGAZ 11 June 2006 10:17

You're right about the .info stuff.
What Workbench version are you using?

coze 11 June 2006 10:27

2.1 and 1.3.

AMIGAZ 11 June 2006 10:33

Sorry, can't help you there
Have mostly used WB3x during the years..used 1.3 when I was young but didn't touch anything in it.

Inknow we have some experts in this area here that will come up with the solutions ;) THOOOOOMAS!!! where art thou? :D

DoctorQ 11 June 2006 10:47


The thing about showing all files is only possible in Workbench 2.x and upwards.

On the Workbench 1.3.3 you need to select the icon, and choose snapshot (IIRC) from the pull down menu.

On the Workbench 2.1 you just find a icon you like, and rename it to the drawer or file you want to use it with, but with the extension .info attached. Arrange the icons like you want them to be arranged, and again choose to snapshot the icons from the pull down menu.

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