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fishyfish 09 June 2013 19:04

Formatting Of Code For XAMOS
Does anyone know please if you can use the AMOS Pro IDE and export code as ascii, and then use that within XAMOS?
Ive been having a play with XAMOS on AROS and its coming along nicely, but Im a bit unsure about formatting of code for XAMOS so itd be handy if it was possible to use the AMOS IDE.

Thanks in advance.

CardboardSphinx 29 July 2013 19:15

Hi there fishyfish,
Finally someboby else using Xamos!
Yes, you can use the Amos Pro IDE to export asciii code for Xamos, but it will probably have to be tinkered with extensively for it to work.
I use Annotate 3.1 on Aros to fiddle with the code & I have got some examples to work. I have also made a rudimentary syntax highlighting xml for use with xamos/xamal code in Annotate 3.1 which helps.
I am trying to comment my examples to help understand xamos better, it needs more support & encouragment.
Would anybody like me to post some examples?

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