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LacaAmiga 14 June 2020 18:39

Wanted Amiga 4000 D
Greetings everyone! I'm looking for a good-condition Amiga 4000 Type D machine.
A well-functioning base machine with a keyboard would be perfect. If it has Cd-rom drive in it, it would be more pleasure.
Video cards, and other expansion cards, basically I not interested in.
I'll be a happy owner of the machine, if we agree on a reasonable price.
Regards Laci

alexh 14 June 2020 18:56

Unless you really wanted an A4000D case.You'd be much better off buying a new PCB and chipset and having someone assemble it for you. There is an ATX form factor PCB that will fit in modern PC cases

LacaAmiga 14 June 2020 19:18

Thanks Alexh!
I've thought about it, and there's someone I could ask.
But he literally said, "There's no support, and I also don't like to mess with unsupported drivers and hw,"
Do you have any more information about reliability of 4000tx-rev-1-1. I'd love to do it if it works well.

alexh 15 June 2020 00:34

I don’t understand what you mean. The A4000tx is just a physical PCB layout change. It uses all the same custom chips compatible with all the same software.

There are one or two tweaks that people have been doing to their A4000D for several years, PIO2 (faster IDE), ROMY (4mb Kickstart addressing) and 112MB Fast RAM now built in but they don’t affect compatibility.

If you’re considering this route, buy your chipset now before they are all sold out or go up in price astronomically

pgovotsos 15 June 2020 01:05


Originally Posted by LacaAmiga (Post 1407872)
But he literally said, "There's no support, and I also don't like to mess with unsupported drivers and hw,"

Out of curiosity, where do you expect to get support on an original Commodore 4000D? I think that support source might be a bit hard to reach.

The recreation boards though are actively being supported by the people who made them as well as the community of other purchasers and knowledgeable people. Not to mention that several of these recreation boards have fixes for issues with the Commodore boards and / or enhancements.

alexh 15 June 2020 01:25

He thought they were new designs, with new hardware, like the Vampire. Which is not the case

pgovotsos 15 June 2020 08:01

Here is the link for the 4000 tx thread by the creator


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