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Leandro Jardim 26 April 2020 05:54

Emulation of PAL-M CRT TV aspect ratio
Sorry if this question is a dumb one, but I am unsure what option I need to select for the bottom box on the "Aspect Ratio Correction" group on the Filter panel when I want a PAL-M CRT TV like aspect ratio.

I don't remember the aspect ratio differences between the CRT TVs and VGA monitors I had before.


EDIT: I can't decide if I should select VGA or TV. Please help!

Toni Wilen 28 April 2020 20:00

TV. VGA monitor pixels don't have same ratio as normal TV.

Don't select it if you don't want slightly blurrier output.

Leandro Jardim 29 April 2020 14:11


AmigaHope 03 May 2020 06:18

PAL-M aspect is exactly the same as NTSC isn't it? As I understand it, PAL-M is just NTSC with a PAL color signal.

Leandro Jardim 03 May 2020 10:16

I can't respond this for sure, but probably yes. ;)

I remember that some of my PAL-M TVs which I used with my Amiga 500 NTSC, that I no more have, had a very handy PAL/NTSC switch, which worked correctly with the Amiga only on one TV, since on the other the TV outputted the Amiga screen as a black and white image.

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