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BarryB 23 April 2018 21:52


Originally Posted by amenophis (Post 1236470)
Thank you for your feedback BarryB.

You certainly understand that blocking IE11 isn't of our doing.
Face it, IE11 is an outdated browser.

It is your choice not willing to keep up with modern browsers.

► De-installing EDGE or renaming it's folder in systemapps can lead to instabilities.

► If you still don't want to use a modern browser on your computer,
you can use your mobile phone or tablet, or any other device, to support the campaign and support the Amiga.

Thank you for your support ;)


I run the LTSB version of Windows 10, no bloat that is Cortana, Windows Store, Edge and pre-loaded APPS :) IE11 isn't outdated, it's part of the latest OS that is Windows 10 :great

I don't use my phone for web browsing as it's not internet capable, don't own/want a tablet, only use a PC with IE11, not too much to ask is it :D I think it's a concerted effort by M$ to force everyone onto Edge by crippling IE11 and coercing sites to stop supporting it :evilgrin Looks like i'll be missing out on a lot of new things then if this continues, oh well!!

kolla 23 April 2018 23:15


Originally Posted by BarryB (Post 1236644)
not too much to ask is it :D!

It is. Why do you insist on using a Microsoft browser at all? Big fan?

BarryB 23 April 2018 23:27

Only used IE since 1995, no reason to change now :p

amenophis 01 May 2018 08:08

Hi @all,

Last Update:

>> Campaign duration is now extended until End May.

Thank you for your support :)


amenophis 28 May 2018 18:36


Hi Guys,

The New Amiga 500 Case campaign is now at 85%, and we still have 3 days to make it!

The team would love to see all Amigans still on the fence, committing now and helping this campaign to reach it's goal!

More than 600 Backers have supported the campaign already, and they need your help to get their cases.

Thank you again for your support guys, let's make this happen!



Prosonic 28 May 2018 19:25

not much time left i just backed a second, if you have Amiga friends considering this why not combine orders as you can get free shipping on your second case!

clebin 29 May 2018 13:30


Originally Posted by Prosonic (Post 1244519)
not much time left i just backed a second, if you have Amiga friends considering this why not combine orders as you can get free shipping on your second case!

$19k to raise in under 2 days. It's going right down to the wire!

I hope there's more people ready to bring it over the line or a hefty last minute order to come in. I backed for one case but can't afford/justify a second right now. The A1200 case is very high quality and I feel that the A500 is even more robust. So I'm expecting great things from these....

Mr.Flibble 29 May 2018 15:38

Yeah, I backed for two as soon as the campaign went live, partially due to the quality of the A1200 cases, I hope it can make it over the line :)

Cloudane 29 May 2018 22:36

Sure is looking tight. Fingers crossed. I've backed one, can't really afford or justify more

I can't be the only person in the world who didn't even know about the A1200 ones until recently (the campaign started in like 2015?) and wants one and is completely reliant on the re-run some retailers are getting - maybe someone a bit more enterprising would wish to back a handful of these and sell them on over time.

deladrevoc 30 May 2018 02:04

Why end this campaign the day before payday?! :O(

clebin 30 May 2018 09:59


Originally Posted by deladrevoc (Post 1244734)
Why end this campaign the day before payday?! :O(

I guess it's because they extended the campaign by the max IndieGogo allows but it is a shame to end on the 31st. The money may not show up on your card till the 1st anyway, but depends if you want to take the risk!

I stupidly lost my wallet on a night out last week (ah, I almost feel young again!) so I'm hoping the new one arrives today...

EDIT: removed off-topic.

alpine9000 30 May 2018 10:06

It will sure be sad if this doesn't get up. Having these molds available opens up lots of options in the future other than people just wanting a fresh case for their A500.

demolition 30 May 2018 11:05


Originally Posted by deladrevoc (Post 1244734)
Why end this campaign the day before payday?! :O(

It has been running for more than a month so you could see it as ending 30 days after payday. You could have just pledged by then. :)

Neil79 30 May 2018 11:40

97% of a $155,000
fixed goal

demolition 30 May 2018 12:09

Seems to be getting a bit of head wind here at the end which is not unexpected. I think it seems very possible now that it will make it past 100% as people empty their kids' piggy banks to make it happen. :)

deladrevoc 30 May 2018 13:14

So close :crazy

Neil79 30 May 2018 13:17

Indie Retro News did a mass social media share this morning, and multiple forums and Tumblr! Seems to have helped, as now they are just 2% away from success


DamienD know's what happens when we do that haha

Prosonic 30 May 2018 16:43

99% get on it people dont forget this makes new cases available in future via normal outlets


arcanist 30 May 2018 16:52

103%! So glad it made it. Now the A500 I grew up with can have the looks it deserves.

Cloudane 30 May 2018 18:18

Yay it made it!

Now to hope and pray not to accidentally miss the keycaps rerun :)

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