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pekr 26 January 2013 16:14

Black screen but game is still loading?
Hi there

When I start a game, the screen (fullscreen and windows mode) just goes black. The sound indicates that the game is loading and starts up. The funny things is that when I focus on another window I can see that the game is up and running in the background (things moving around and so on). But as soon as I focus on the FS-UAE window the screen just freezes where it was.

Anyone have any solution to this? I tried different video settings, but to no vail.


FrodeSolheim 26 January 2013 16:47

I haven't heard about (or seen) anything similar. Attaching FS-UAE.log to a post here after running FS-UAE is a good idea. It may contain useful information.

I assume that by "a game" you also mean any/all games?

pekr 28 January 2013 16:49

Hi, and thanks for quick response. I have to take at the logfile in the upcoming weekend.

This thing happens with everything i try, its only showing picture when the window is out of focus, as soon as the focus returns to the window, the picture freezes!


FrodeSolheim 29 January 2013 20:45

It's probably not what you want to hear, but the most likely explanation is that you have some local problem on your computer. Nothing like this has ever been reported. I would at least ensure that graphics drivers are updated, etc.

(But still, please attach the log when you have time)

pekr 01 February 2013 04:29

2 Attachment(s)
Ive rename the .log file to .txt so I could attach it.

Im downloading new Nvidia drivers as we speak. Ill keep you up to date :-)

pekr 01 February 2013 06:40

Tried the latest nvidia drivers, updated the motherboard bios. But still the same issue. When I "Alt Tab" i can se the game run in the background, but as soon as I switch to the game window it freezes up (the sound continues to play) If I "Alt Tab" once more the game plays fine in the background.

FrodeSolheim 01 February 2013 18:07

Hi, the log you posted shows that you don't use "real" OpenGL drivers:

opengl vendor: Microsoft Corporation
opengl renderer: GDI Generic
opengl version: 1.1.0

(This is the fallback-implementation bundled with Windows).

You probably need OpenGL drivers from your graphics vendor for decent results anyway... -I don't know if this changed after you updated your drivers. You can open the log file and search for "opengl renderer".

(BTW: I'm adding a GUI warning in FS-UAE if opengl renderer is "GDI Generic"...)

pekr 03 February 2013 10:38

Hi and thanks for taking the time to help me. Ive installed some other Nvidia drivers (3.06)
The log file show my Geforce 520GT as opengl render, but I have the same problem. I tried to install you latest dev. version, and I dont get any opengl render error.

FrodeSolheim 03 February 2013 10:53

Well, good, that should at least ensure you get good performance when you actually see the image ;)

But I don't have any really good idea, here are some suggestions:
- Search google for reports of similar problems (for any OpenGL program)
- Try running with and without Aero (desktop effects), if you have Windows >= Vista
- If you press F12 to open the menu while running (with black screen), is everything still black?

pekr 04 February 2013 17:31

When pressing f12 nothing happens, but if i switch focus to another window and then return, the menu appears. I cant do anything, but I know its running (because of the sound)

I tried to install FS-UAE on my main computer (similar Ivy bridge I7 cpu, but with a couple of Geforce 660TI installed instead of the Geforce 520GT in my htpc)

Everything works fine :-)

btw im running Win8 64bit on both. My htpc is attached to my Onkyo receiver with hdmi, while the other computer uses dual dvi.

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