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fiath 05 July 2002 17:44

Fiath's Copy Protected Coverdisk List - "CAPS Targets"
Copy Protected, Multi Platform and Full Game - Coverdisks

"i.e. those coverdisks that could do with CAPS treatment"


SAME: Means it has not been released because we have determined that the coverdisk is the same as the original.
RELEASED: Means the coverdisk has been released by CAPS and is available as an IPF.
DUMPED: Has been dumped with the CAPS tool, and appears to be correct.
NEEDS DUMP: No dump of the complete disk exists.
REDUMP: Needs another dump - to either correct errors found, or confirm that it was part of the original mastering (as suspected in some cases due to cheap duplication), or because the dump we have is modified.
COPY: We only have a dump of a copy (a non commercially mastered version) - we need one from an actual authentic disk.
MODIFIED: The disk has been modified since the original mastering, so we need to find another copy.
UNKNOWN: Either we have not checked it yet, or some of the disk format is not currently known.
MULTI: Multi-format disk (Amiga, ST, PC), but does not imply we have it (I need to check).


Game name (type), Issue, Coverdisk Num, Tags

ACE Magazine
Shadowlands (Ami/ST) + Arcade 4-Pack (PC), ?, 1, MULTI
Apparently many more tri/dual format disks

Amiga Action
James Pond + Horror Zombies, Jan 91 (Issue 16), 2, COPY
Ilyad (full game), 20, 6, RELEASED
Armour Geddon (demo), 20, 7, UNKNOWN
Purple Saturn Day (full game), 21, 8, DUMPED
R-Type II (demo), 22, 10, REDUMP
Thunder Burner (demo), ?, 22, NEEDS DUMP
Liverpool (demo), ?, 34a, ?, NEEDS DUMP

Amiga Computing
SWIV + Cribbage, Nov 1990, CD013, UNKNOWN
Scroller 2 (full app), Sept 1994, ?, DUMPED

Amiga Format
Total Recall + Lemmings + Niall + Eliza, 18, 18a, UNKNOWN
Interphase (full game), 18, no label, ?, NEEDS DUMP
Balance of Power (full game), 23, no label, DUMPED
Archipelagos (full game), 24, no label, SAME
Second Samurai (demo), 51, 51a, DUMPED
Uridium 2 (extra level), 53, 53b, DUMPED
Cannon Soccer (mini game), 54, 54b, DUMPED
UFO (full game), 109, b, NEEDS DUMP
Formula One Grand Prix (full game), 111, a+b, NEEDS DUMP

Amiga Fun
Trex Warrior (full game), Aug 94, ?, NEEDS DUMP
Gainforce, ?, ?, NEEDS DUMP
Amber, ?, ?, RELEASED

Amiga Mania
3D-Motorrad, ?, ?, RELEASED
Crazy Sue II, ?, ?, RELEASED
Movem, ?, ?, RELEASED

Amiga Power
Bombuzal (full game), 1, (1), RELEASED
Kid Gloves (full game), 2, (2), ?, SAME
Sensible Soccer (demo) + Sim Brick and Sensible Startest + Wizkid demo, May 1992, 13b, NEEDS DUMP
Christmas Dizzy (full mini game), 33, 1, NEEDS DUMP
Cannon Fodder Plus, 31, 1, RELEASED
No Second Prize (full game), 65, Sep 96, NEEDS DUMP
Blob (full game), 64, ?, NEEDS DUMP

CU Amiga
Robocop + Lemmings 2 + Eswat, ?, 8, COPY
Human Killing Machine (full game), ?, 11, DUMPED
Mortal Kombat (demo), January 1994, 73, REDUMP

One, The
Atomix (full game), ?, ?, UNKNOWN
Pipe Mania + Gazza's Super Soccer + Team Yankee, ?, ?, MULTI
Trex Warrior (full game), Aug 93, A, ?, NEEDS DUMP
Brat! (demo), ?, ?, MULTI
Cybercon III: A Complete New Mission! (extra levels), ?, ?, MULTI
Paradroid 90 (demo), ?, ?, MULTI
Populous Scenery Disk (game data), ?, ?, MULTI
Puffy's Saga (full game) + Kick Off 2 Goal-den Goal!, ?, ?, DUMPED
Rick Dangerous II (extra Amiga level) + Midwinter II (ST preview), ?, ?, MULTI
Rotoplex (demo), ?, ?, MULTI
E-motion (full game), ?, ?, DUMPED

ST-Amiga Format Complete!
(For a complete software list see Twistin's post)
(we need to add Atari ST support to CAPS dump analyser)

Various, Issue 1 - July 1988, 1, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), REDUMP
Various, Issue 2 - Aug 1988, 2, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), NEEDS DUMP
Various, Issue 3 - Sept 1988, 3, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), MULTI
Various, Issue 4 - Oct 1988, 4, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), REDUMP
Various, Issue 5 - Nov 1988, 5, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), REDUMP
Various, Issue 6 - Dec 1988, 6, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), MULTI
Various, Issue 7 - Jan 1989, 7, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), NEEDS DUMP
Various, Issue 8 - Feb 1989, 8, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), REDUMP
Various, Issue 9 - Mar 1989, 9, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), NEEDS DUMP
Various, Issue 10 - Apr 1989, 10, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), MULTI
Various, Issue 11 - May 1989, 11, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), NEEDS DUMP
Various, Issue 12 - June 1989, 12, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), MULTI
Various, Issue 13 - July 1989, 13, Dual Format (Amiga/ST), REDUMP

Tony & Friends in Kellogg's Land, ?, ?, MODIFIED

(Comeplete disk contents in another post - only miggy stuff here)
(Probably more?)
F-29 (special mission) + Battle Command, Oct. 1990, -, MULTI
Hardball (full game), Nov 1990, -, MULTI
Rampage (full game) + Simulcra (demo), Dec. 1990, -, MULTI
Viz + Case, Jan 1991, -, MULTI + COPY
Cadaver (extra level) + Chip's Challenge, Feb 1991, -, MULTI
Hunter (demo) + Action Fighter (full game) + Super Huey (full Amiga game), Mar 1991, -, MULTI
Loopz (demo) + Moonshine Racer (demo), Apr 1991, ?, MULTI
Artura (full game) + Team Suzuki (demo), May 91, -, MULTI
Hacker II (full game) + Chuck Rock (extra levels), June 1991, -, MULTI
Steel (full game), Jul 1991, -, MULTI
Lords of Chaos (extra level) + Frenetic (demo), Aug 1991, -, MULTI
Magic Pockets + Magic Garden, Oct 1991, -, MULTI
Cardiaxx + others, Nov 1991, -, MULTI
Populous 2 (demo), Dec 1991, 1 of 2, MULTI + COPY
Another World (demo) + Video Kids (demo), Dec 1991, 2 of 2, MULTI

Unknown Magazines
Car-Vup "Six Exclusive New Levels" (extra levels), ?, UNKNOWN
Foundation's Waste (full game), ?, ?, MULTI
Plotting "Five Exclusive New Levels" (extra levels), ?, ?, MULTI

Additions / Corrections welcome!

Thanks to contributors:
Ronald VD
Alex Holland
EAGER project
Nth Dimension
Bernd Gmeineder

Akira 05 July 2002 19:08

Re: Fiath's Copy Protected Coverdisk List

Originally posted by fiath
P.S. Can I put an HTML table in here?

Nope, HTML is not allowed. It would be a serious security hole!

and vB Code does not have a table thingie. Sorry!

Paul 05 July 2002 19:18

Re: Fiath's Copy Protected Coverdisk List

Originally posted by fiath
P.S. Can I put an HTML table in here?
You could make a Table, screen capture it and save as a gif file.

andreas 05 July 2002 20:41

Re: Re: Fiath's Copy Protected Coverdisk List

Originally posted by Akira
Nope, HTML is not allowed. It would be a serious security hole!
That's a bit across the board. It *can* be a security hole, it doesn't *have to*, though. As long as you keep JAVASCRIPT disabled, I don't see any problems with HTML.

Akira 05 July 2002 23:56

Well, that's what RCK always says and since I know jack, I repeated it :D. But now let's leave the discussion related to fiath's request.

jmmijo 06 July 2002 00:08

Just a random thought here for you fiath, have you thought about putting this data into something like a spreadsheet or a db file :confused

Seems to me that most db apps support the importing of comma delimetted files and could be used to easily find info that is needed. Also has the benefit of being transferred to the zone, if it's not too large for others to add to it or for just information purposes.

Twistin'Ghost 06 July 2002 03:44

Re: Fiath's Copy Protected Coverdisk List

Originally posted by fiath
Unknown Magazines
Car-Vup "Six Exclusive New Levels" (extra levels), ?, ?
Foundation's Waste (full game), ?, ?, Dual Format (Amiga/ST)
Kid Gloves (full game), ?, ?, ?
Plotting "Five Exclusive New Levels" (extra levels), ?, ?, ?

Additions / Corrections welcome!
OK, the Kid Gloves was from Amiga Power #2. The others I wish I knew...they sound wonderful (especially the extra levels disks, especially the Car-Vup one!)

Didn't see cracked or capped anywhere... :)

fiath 06 July 2002 08:41


Okay, I will keep it how it is - and not bother with a table :)


Nice suggestion - but I would never be bothered to update it that way :)


Not sure there is much point really, there can't be many out there... However, if the list does get big - I will certainly do that. It is currently pretty much comma delimited anyway - so easy conversion.


Thanks for the info!

I have not finished the list yet - all have been "CAPP'ed" - apart from a couple in your wanted list and all ST-Amiga Format ones. But I will only mark them as such when I am sure that they are correct integrity wise.

This may not be very easy since we think that MANY (if not all) coverdisks were done in really cheap mastering process - probably with no (or flawed) verify to save time.

If the same errors we are seeing happen on any more dumps we get - we can confirm the dumps "good" to how they came from the duplicator - as we can't get better than that...

I am not currently aware of any cracks - I will rely on you guys for that one if that is okay...

Any more info welcome!

I will trawel the EAB and the net at some point to fill in some of the dual format disks or anything else I can find... I have seen this stuff mentioned quite a bit here...

fiath 07 July 2002 09:38


This list is now complete from my collection, knowledge and analysis. However - I will try to find out more information in due course from the web - or from any more of these disks that get dumped by contributors.

Twistin'Ghost 07 July 2002 10:47

Re: Fiath's Copy Protected Coverdisk List
Thanks for the update, fiath. These from your list I have in my collection:

Amiga Action
Ilyad (full game)
Armour Geddon (demo)
Purple Saturn Day (full game)
R-Type II (demo)
Liverpool (demo)

Amiga Format
Balance of Power (full game)
Archipelagos (full game)
Second Samurai (demo)
Uridium 2 (extra level) (I think I have this one)
Cannon Soccer (mini game)

Amiga Power
Bombuzal (full game)
Kid Gloves (full game)
"copy protected stuff from Sensible Software" (This is Disk 13 (there's TWO disk 13's...) from May 1992 and features a demo of Sensible Soccer, plus two Sensible freebie games: Sim Brick and Sensible Startest.)

I may have some other copy-protected coverdisks, but I have so many that I never finished testing them all. There's a few I seem to remember, but I'll wait until I have them in hand. My CA roomie called me this week to tell me my stuff is boxed and ready to send to me, so I went ahead and gave him the green light to sell a bunch of my rare albums to pay for the shipping (really tired of waiting for my stuff to get here!), so as soon as those arrive, I'll be able to dump, redump or dupe-dump for you. A few of them I have more than one copy of, as well, so that should help.

Twistin'Ghost 07 July 2002 12:13

Re: Fiath's Copy Protected Coverdisk List

Originally posted by fiath
ST-Amiga Format
(all of them? - be nice to have a list though!)
Issue #1 - July 1988
Amiga: INTERCEPTOR demo, VirusX, Othello, Drunken Mouse
ST: OIDS demo, Virus Killer, RAM Disk, Game Pokes, Monoware, Invaders, Disk Formatter, Art Goodies, Desktop Accesories

Issue #2 - August 1988
Amiga: STARRAY demo, Product Selector, VILBM, RSLClock
ST: POWER BASIC demo, Product Selector, DigiCalc, Desktop Accesories, Megaroids, MegBlit

Issue #3 - September 1988
Amiga: KIND WORDS demo, 3D Arm, FPic, Drop Shadow, Cheats
ST: POWERDROME demo, ChessNut, Sprite Editor, DC Clock, Cheats

Issue #4 - October 1988
Amiga: Missile Command, IFF2PCS, VT100, Lens, MC68010 Upgrades
ST: Pipe Panic, Mandelbrot Generation, Speller, ST Init, Pro Calculator, Rat Trap

Issue #5 - November 1988
Amiga: Amoeba Invaders, Icon Makers, MIDI Utility, DX Voice Filer, GOMF 1.0, Nemesis demo, Cheats
ST: Spooks, Light Fantasia, ST Switch, External RAMDis, B Boot, Dungeon Master Cheat, Desk_Pic

Issue #6 - December 1988
Amiga: PERFECT SOUND, Slideshow, AC-Windows, Handy Icons
ST: COLOSSUS CHESS X, MIDI Sequencer, Accounts, Format 11, Cheats!!

Issue #7 - January 1989
Amiga: Cosmoroids, MCAD, Amiga Spell, Iconiser, Zoing
ST: FLYING SHARK demo, Histart, FSEL, Elite Cheat

Issue #8 - February 1989
Amiga: PURPLE SATURN DAY demo, Scenery, ScreenX, Boot Saver, Cruncher, CLI Help
ST: PURPLE SATURN DAY demo, Database Construction Set, Message Writer, DOSACC

Issue #9 - March 1989
Amiga: Yelp!, NewZap, UtilMaster, DMouse, Exploding Window, WBKaleid
ST: Jitterbug, Speaktex, DiskMech, HangMan, CPanel, LineUp4

Issue #10 - April 1989
Amiga: CYBERNOID II demo, DEVPAC demo, PrinText
ST: ZAK MCKRACKEN demo, DEVPAC demo, Address Book, EdiText, Label Expert

Issue #11 - May 1989
Amiga: BLOOD MONEY demo, File Requester, DiskX, Sey Key, Four
ST: ARCHIPELAGOS demo, Replay 3, Chordex, PicSwitch 7, Fast Mouse

Issue #12 - June 1989
Amiga: COLOSSUS CHESS, Boot Intro, VirusX v3.10, Task Control, Tunnel
ST: FLAIR PAINT, ZapST, Typist, Sprite ST, Track It

Issue #13 - July 1989
Amiga: WICKED demo, Mandelshow, VCommands, WB Utils
ST: SPHERICAL demo, Tcos, FixDisk, Explode

fiath 07 July 2002 13:57

Cool! :)

Cheers for all that, I will add them in when I get a second.

Good news on the dumping front too then! :D

Was there only 13 issues of St/Amiga Format then?

Twistin'Ghost 07 July 2002 14:36

Yes, only 13. After that, the mag split into Amiga Format and ST Format (which was announced in issue 13).

fiath 08 July 2002 18:58

Ah, I see :)

I remember seeing it in the shops, so I thought it was just a different mag...

I think it is going to be hard sourcing those guys... :(

Anyway, small update to list - few more known now.

Feltzkrone 09 July 2002 15:39

Here's another one from a german regional mag called "Sundancer", issue is unknown.

Tony & Friends in Kellogg's Land (Factor 5 / Rauser Advertainment?) and was game for advertising Kellogg's.

It has Longtracks and is available as a cracked version. I've given this one (with a bunch of other games) to a friend to make WHDLoad versions out of it, but for this one no Installer exists.

The mag "Sundancer" has its origin in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) and is just some copied black on white paper plus one or two disks and was cheap, to stay exact - it was available for nothing. ;)

I think it was spread in Gelsenkirchen (ofcourse), Essen and some neighbour cities, and was financed through lots of advertisement.

fiath 09 July 2002 22:46

Hey nice! Thanks for that... I will add it.

If you get it back (or get your friend to) and dump it (with the CAPS tool) it would be very much appriciated!

fiath 09 July 2002 22:47

More from Ronald - posted here because I am not going to reproduce all this information in the list...

ACE Magazine Issue ????, contents: Shadowlands (Amiga/ST), Arcade 4-Pack

Amiga Action Issue ????, Disk 2, contents: James Pond, Horror Zombies
[hardware copy], really protected or a disk error????

Amiga Computing Issue Nov. 1990, contents: Games: SWIV, Cribbage, Utilities:
Cursor V1.1, VirusX 4.01
Amiga Computing Issue Sep. 1994, contents: Scroller 2 (NOT a game, but it is

Amiga Format Issue 18, Disk 18, contents: Total Recall (playable demo),
Lemmings (playable demo), Niall, Eliza

CU Amiga Issue ????, Disk 8, contents: Robocop 2, Lemmings, Eswat ????
[hardware copy], really protected or a disk error????

The One Issue ????, contents: Pipe mania, Gazza's super soccer, Team Yankee
The One Issue ????, contents: Rick Dangerous II (complete new level, Amiga
only), Midwinter II (interactive preview, ST only)

Zero Issue Oct. 1990, contents: F-29 special mission ("Playable only with
the original F-29"), Battle command (playable demo) [original and hardware
Zero Issue Dec. 1990, contents: Rampage (complete game), Simulcra (playable
Zero Issue Jan. 1991, contents: Viz, Chase ???? [hardware copy]
Zero Issue Feb. 1991, contents: Cadaver (new level), Chip Challenge ????
[hardware copy]
Zero Issue Mar. 1991, contents: Hunter (playable demo), Action Fighter
(Complete game, amiga only), Trantor(Complete game, ST only), Super Huey
(Complete game, amiga only)
Zero Issue Apr. 1991, contents: Loopz (playable demo), moonshine racer
(playable demo), Jahangir Khan Squash (playable demo, ST only)
Zero Issue Jun. 1991, contents: Hacker II (complete game), Chuck rock
(exclusive new levels), Zone Warrior (playable demo, ST only)
Zero Issue Jul. 1991, contents: Steel ("A Zero top 100 full price game!")
Zero Issue Aug. 1991, contents: Lords of chaos ("Brand spanking new Zero
exclusive mission!"), Frenetic ("Playable full level demo!")
Zero Issue Oct. 1991, contents: Magic pockets (playable demo), Magic garden
(playable demo)
Zero Issue Nov. 1991, contents: ???? [hardware copy]
Zero Issue Dec. 1991 disk 1/2, contents: Populous 2 (playable demo),
Ammotrak (full game, ST only) [hardware copy]
Zero Issue Dec. 1991 disk 2/2, contents: Another world (playable demo
Amiga/PC), Video Kids (playable demo, Amiga only)

Twistin'Ghost 09 July 2002 23:07

This thread has become very productive and is really chiseling down the missing holes in this category. Good work!

Akira 09 July 2002 23:23


Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
This thread has become very productive and is really chiseling down the missing holes in this category. Good work!
Let's make it sticky then :)


nice :D

fiath 11 July 2002 11:54

Cool :)

Anyway, added some stuff while searching around the net, and apart from rarer magazinea, I think this is more-or-less complete (apart from the missing information about each disk obviously).

If there are any others left out, just drop a post in here...

Now we just need to find them!

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