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Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 13:57

Twistin' Ghost's MIA Master List

3 in 1: College+Pro Football (1987/Lance Haffner Games)
500cc Moto Manager (1991/Simulmondo)

Advanced Rugby Simulator (19xx/Codemasters)
AIDS Eliminator (19xx/?) German AMOS PD
American Football Coach (1992/Composer Software) TV version*
*TV version is the version you get if you sent the shareware fee; radio version available on AMOS PD Disk #333
Ancestral Story (1994/H&W)
Aquarius Game (1991/Coca-Cola/Ego Software/Delta Konzept)
Ardennes Offensive (1992/Internecine)
Astatin (1992/Tale Software/Alive Designs)

Back Sides (1993/Kompart) allegedly ECS and AGA versions exist
Basket Island (1996/Aphasia)
Basketball: The Pro Game (1987/Lance Haffner Games)
Blasteris (199x/Markt & Technik)
Blob Kombat (1995/?)
Blobz CD32 (1996/LK Avalon)
BMX Simulator 2 (1989/Codemasters)
Bodo Illgner´s Super Soccer (19xx/?) German
Boggle (19xx/Courbois?)
Boggle (19xx/?) Dutch version
Bomb'X Data Disk: Duos X (199x/Mediagogo)
Bomb'X Data Disk: Eros X (199x/Mediagogo)
Bomb'X Data Disk: Fan X (199x/Mediagogo)
Bowling (1987/Silver)
Bundesliga Manager - Jimmy Hartwig Edition (199x/Software 2000)

Cavitas (1992/Nite Time Games) working crack
Cephalo Tron (19xx/Incineplex Games) Polish
City of Death, The (1996/LK Avalon)
Colorbuster (1991/Indian Software)
Come Together (Around The World) (1992/Peter Stuyvesant Cigarettes/Ego Software)
Commander Blood (1994/Exxos) sequel to Captain Blood
Conquestador Datadisk: Szenario Generator (1992/German Design Group) German
Cricket 94/95 Data Disk (1995/Audiogenic)
Cubit (19xx/Panther)

Damocles Data Disk 2 (1991/Novagen) Atari ST version will suffice
Dan Wilder (1994/Mirage) need cracked version
Dark Angel (1995/Archaos Software) shareware, need full version
Dark Citadel (1997/F1 Licenseware) 4 disks
Daylight Robbery (1991/Electronic Zoo) NOT Amiga Action preview
Delta Mitsubishi Monitors (199x/Delta Konzept) German
Deluxe Strip Poker 1 (19xx/CDS)
Deluxe Strip Poker 2 (19xx/CDS)
Deluxe Strip Poker 3 (19xx/CDS)
Denaris (1989/Factor 5) 2-disk version
Dennis And Gnasher (1994/Alternative)
Denny (1992/Software 2000)
Desert Rats (1989/CCS)
Desperado (1988/Topo) Spanish
Deutsche Imperium, Das (1991/Romantic Robot) German
Deutschland Kompakt 2 (CDTV) (1991/Markt & Technik) German
Diabolik 12: Terrore A Teatro (1993/Simulmondo)
Dozer (1994/Fastram Design) full version, not coverdisk demo
Dragon Tiles: The Tournament (19xx/Software Circus)
Dragon's Breath (1990/Palace) 100% cracked adf
Dragon's Kingdom (1989/Genias)
Dylan Dog 12: Il Lungo Addio (1993/Simulmondo)
Dylan Dog 13: I Killers Venuti Dal Buio (1993/Simulmondo)
Dylan Dog 14: Il Bosco Degli Assassini (1993/Simulmondo)
Dylan Dog 15: Inferni (1993/Simulmondo)

E.S.S. (European Space Simulator) Mega (CDTV) (1991/Coktel Vision)
Echelon (1987/US Gold/Access)
Eco Quest (1992/Sierra)
Electronic Pool (198x/Microdeal)
Emerald Mine 3 Professional (1990/Kingsoft)
England Football (19xx/?)
Excellent Card Games 2 (1994/Tower Software)
Eye (1988/Prism Leisure) need standalone version NOT from compact

Facette (19xx/Automagick Industries)
Falling Jewels (1992/Soft & Easy)
Fantasy Manager 95/96 (1995/Anco)
Fatal Strokes: The Art Of Adventure (1992/ICE)
Final 4 College Basketball (1987/Lance Haffner Games)
Financial Cookbook (198x/Electronic Arts) productivity
Fish Head Buddha (199x/Matt West?) rare PD game, see Amiga Survivor #1, p.26
Fleet Command (198x/Arcane)
Flight Scenery Disk - European Disk 2 (Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - European Disk 3 (Egypt, Israel, Western Russia, Switzerland Alps) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 1 (Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Brownsville) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 2 (Phoenix, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, El Paso Texas) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 3 (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 4 (Klamath Falls, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver Canada) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 5 (Salt Lake City, Denver, Cheyenne) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 6 (Omaha, Witchika, Kansas City, Oklahoma) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 8 (Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 10 (Green Bay, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Billings) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 12 (New York City, Montreal, Boston, Nova Scotia Islands) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 13 (JAPAN - Tokyo, Mt. Fuji) (198x/subLOGIC) don't ask...
Flight Scenery Disk - USA Disk 14 (San Francisco STAR Scenery) (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - Wisconsin (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - Paris (198x/subLOGIC)
Flight Scenery Disk - Tokyo (198x/subLOGIC)

Ghost Catcher (1990/Byte Back/Cloud Nine Developments) original is unprotected
Global Conflict (1993/Quantum Software) play-by-mail game; NOT Global Domination
Grail, The (1986/Microdeal)
GrossMeister (19??/Dark Horse) German
Guy Roux Manager (1993/Domark/UbiSoft/Sports Interactive)

HB Car Race (1989/Starbyte)
Heavy Metal Heroes (1990/US Gold/Players)
Highway 42 (1988/Markt & Technik) German
Hiscon Rescue (19??/Gamebench) German
Hometown, U.S.A. (1988/Publishing International) productivity
Hopp Oder Top (1992/PCSL) German
Hostile Breed (1992/Palace)
Humans 2: The Jurassic Levels (1994/Mirage)

Ice Hockey (1988/Databyte/Prism)
If It Moves, Shoot It (1990/Broderbund/Emerald)
Insanity Fight Construction Set (1987/Microdeal/Linel)
Insluitertje (199?/Amigazette)
Interstate - The Game (1991/American Dream)
IQ Test (1989/?)
IQ Test 2 (1990/?)

Kamelpojken (1993?/Grassmountain) Swedish shareware
Kangarudy (1991/CP Verlag)
Karawanne Der 7. Dynastie (19xx/Extase) full version
Ketchup Connection (aka Kraft Ketchup) (1993/Art Department/Ego Software/Delta Konzept)
Kickstart (1987/Mastertronic/Icon Designs)
Knights Of Legend (1990/Mindscape/Origin)
König der Löwen, Der (1994/Virgin) German version of "The Lion King"

L&M Adventure - Sunny Shine On The Funny Side Of Life (1990/Rainbow Arts/Philip Morris)
Leading Lap AGA (1995/Black Legend) not MPV version
Light American Spacegame (1992/Philip Morris/Ego Software)
Lingo (19xx/Courbois)
Links v1.53 (?) (1992/Kixx XL?) possibly budget, 2 disks, no HD/4Mb requirement
Locomotion (1992/Prestige/Kingsoft) English; NOT the pirate translation

Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 13:58


Maelstrom (1994/Empire/PAS Systems) working version
Magic Island - The Secret of Stones (1995/?)
Mash II (199x/Paranoid)
Megablast (1996/LK Avalon)
Mental Blocks (19xx/Artech/Accolade) Tetris clone; pulled from shelf after a few weeks
Metropolis (1987/Melbourne House/Mastertronic)
Monkey Business (1985/Other Valley)
Muncher (1989/Gremlin)
Mundial de Fútbol (1990/Opera) Spanish

Nautilus (19??/Gamebench) German
New Aladdin, The (1987/?) magazine-style
North Polar Expedition (1992/Virgin) CDTV rarity

Omni-Play Horse Racing: Jockey Competition (1989/Sport-Time) data disk
Outpost - Solo Assault (199x/?) full version

Paradox Effect II, The (19xx/?)
PGA European Tour - Course Disk (1994/Electronic Arts/Ocean/The Dome)
Poker Nights - Teresa Orlowski (1994/VTO-Pictures)
Pole Position (1996/Ascon) completed, but unreleased
Power Labyrinth (1995/Schatztruhe) German
Power Logik (1995/Schatztruhe) German
Power Poker (1995/Schatztruhe) German
Power Stories (1994/Schatztruhe) German
PowerGen (19xx/?) no idea what this is...
Powerplay Eishockey Manager (1992/Sayonara Software) German; need version with title screen
Powertris (1995/Schatztruhe) German
Pro Soccer Simulator (1988/Code Masters)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0001 - GED Grab Bag (1994/DUP)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0002 - Beautiful Women (1994/DUP)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0003 - The Bare Essentials (1994/DUP)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0005 - Motion Picture Magic (1994/DUP)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0007 - ...Where No One Has Gone Before... (1994/DUP)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0008 - Dragon Dreams (1994/DUP)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0009 - Amiga Dreams (1994/DUP)
Psycho Squares Deluxe Expansion Disk 0010 - Entertainment a'la Amiga (1994/DUP)
Pulse, The (1994/ESP)
Puppy Love (1988/Addison-Wesley) working version
Push It II (19xx/???)
Putty Squad AGA (1994/System 3)

R1, R2 (1990/Reemtsma Cigarettes/Ego Software/Delta Konzept)
Rags To Riches (1986/Chang Labs) accounting software
Reunion AGA (English) (1993/Grandslam) need disks 6, 7 and 8
Rocketeer, The (1992/Infogrames) reviewed in Games-X
Rody & Mastico II (1990/Lankhor) adf version
Rody & Mastico III (1991/Lankhor) adf version
Rody & Mastico V (1991/Lankhor) adf version
Rody & Mastico VI (1991/Lankhor) adf version
Rody Noël (1991/Lankhor) adf version

Save The Earth (1996/Croteam) small TV game designed for Turbo Limach Show on Croatian National TV, shown 1996 throughout the entire year, designed for Amiga 4000 with appropriate hardware support. Croatian language.
Scruples (aka A Question of Scruples) (1987/Domark)
Shadow of the Devil (1996/RIKI Computer Games)
Shepherd, The (1996/Materia Magica) full version, NOT demo
Simulman 7 (1993/Simulmondo)
Simulman 8 (1993/Simulmondo)
Simulman 9 (1993/Simulmondo)
Simulman 10 (1993/Simulmondo)
Sinuhed (1996/GOD/DC Crew)
Soccer Match (19xx/Energize) budget, same as Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match?
Soccer Star World Cup Edition (1994/BUB Soft)
Söldner (1992/Markt & Technik)
Spaceball (1988/Rainbow Arts) ADF, NOT WHDLoad install
Sport of Kings: Track Editor (1991/Virgin/Mastertronic) data disk
Stack Up (1991/Zeppelin) standalone, not compact or WHD
Starquake (1988/Mandarin)
SUB (1993/Thalamus/Kompart/Black Legend)
Super Skidmarks Data Disks (1995/Acid/Guildhall)
Switchquiz (1994/Switchsoft)

Takado (1988/Kingsoft)
Tanx 'N' Stuff + Battle Zone + Quick Money + P.H.R.E.D. (1994?/420º) registered version
Tau Ceti (1988/CRL)
Team (1995/Impact Software)
Teen Agent (1995/Union/Metropolis Software House) ECS version
TeleEpic (1988/Software Terminal)
Tetrix Metallica (199x/?) full version, not demo
Tex 7: El Monisco (1993/Simulmondo)
Tex 8 (1993/Simulmondo)
Tex 9: Il Fiore Della Morte (The Flower Of Death) (1993/Simulmondo)
Tex 10: Kento Non Perdona (Kento Doesn't Forgive) (1993/Simulmondo)
Tex 13 (1993/Simulmondo)
Tilt (1990/Code Masters) NOT Genias version
Tracker (1987/Rainbird)
Tracksuit Manager '91 (1991/Alternative)
Turbo Trax (1988/Microdeal) NOT Arcane version, adf with title screen

Ultimate Quiz Datadisk 1, The (1994/F1 Licenceware/AGAS Productions)
Ultimate Quiz Datadisk 2, The (1994/F1 Licenceware/AGAS Productions)
Ultimate Quiz Datadisk 3, The (1994/F1 Licenceware/AGAS Productions)
Universal Military Simulator - Scenario Disk One: American Civil War (1988/Rainbird)
Universal Military Simulator - Scenario Disk Two: Vietnam (1988/Rainbird)

Ve Stínu Magie (1995/Division)
Victory of the Dictator, The (1989/ECA Crew)
Vierzehn (1995/Schatztruhe) German

Wayne Gretzky Hockey Data Disk - 1988 NHL (1989/Bethesda)
Wayne Gretzky Hockey Data Disk - 1989 International (1989/Bethesda)
Wayne Gretzky Hockey Data Disk - Greatest Pro Hockey Teams (19xx/Bethesda)
World Cup Football Manager (1990/Addictive/Prism)
Wrecked (19xx/KKOS)

Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 13:59


Almagica (1996/DSP) preview exists; completed?
Alvin and the Chipmunks (1993/Alternative Software) in catalog that came with Huckleberry Hound
Around The World In 80 Days (1988/Interceptor) is this the same as In 80 Days Around The World?
Biff (1992/Beyond Belief) budget
Blues Brothers 2: Jukebox Adventures (1993/Titus) see this thread
Bod The Alien (1992/Digital Magic)
Boo the Ghost (19xx/Microprose?) beta
Brain Killers (1998/Titan Computer/Virtual Madness) cancelled, demo on Aminet
Castles 2: Siege And Conquest (1994/Interplay) floppy version
Catch 23 (1987/Martech)
Contraption Zack (1992/Mindscape) floppy version
Creatures 2 (1993/Kompart)
Creepers (1994/Psygnosis) unreleased
Crimetown Depths (1989/Mirrorsoft/E-Motion Software) unreleased, demo exists
Cyberspace (1993-94/Empire/Oxford Digital) previewed in CU Amiga April 1993, Amiga Computing #63, and Amiga Power #23
Cyberswatch (19xx/?)
Daemonsgate (1992/Gremlin) reviewed in CU Amiga
Decathlon (198x/Activision?)
Deluxe MULE (1990/Infernal Byte Systems) unreleased
Dick Special - The Search For Spook (1987/Rainbird/Solid Software)
Dreadnought (19xx/Mastertronic) NOT Dreadnoughts
G2 (1995/Psygnosis) unreleased
Gadget Twins (1991/Gametek) unreleased
Gauntlet (1986/US Gold)
Gravity Attack (198x/Scott ?)
Greased Lightnin' (19xx/Big Apple)
Hard Core (1994/Psygnosis) Digital Illusions, never released/finished?
Harrier Strike Mission II (19xx/Big Apple)
Hatris (1991/Spectrum Holobyte)
Honeymooners, The (1988/First Row)
Island of Dr. Brain (199?/?) on the Amiga?
It's A Frog's Life (199?/Arcana) unreleased
Japanese, British & German Forces (19xx/SSI)
Jones In The Fast Lane (1991/Sierra)
Jonny Quest (198x/MicroIllusions) unreleased
Lasertrain (19xx/Big Apple)
Limbo of the Lost (199x/Rasputin) CD32/AGA, unreleased
Metal Gear (1989/Ultra) unreleased
Mighty Max (1994/Ocean} unreleased
Mission Bavarya (19xx/?)
Night Raider (1988/Gremlin)
Nobby The Aardvark (1992/Thalamus) unreleased
Oops! (19xx/The Big Apple)
Red Sunset (19xx/Mirrorsoft)
Rush 'N Attack (US)/Green Beret (1986/Konami) both/either
Schatz Im Silbersee, Der (1994/Linel/Software 2000) German
Scooby Doo (198x/MicroIllusions) unreleased, NOT Scooby & Scrappy Doo
Search For The Titanic (1989/Capstone)
Skate Or Die (1988/Electronic Arts)
Skitchin' (1995/Electronic Arts/Ocean) unreleased
Snow Brothers (1992/Ocean) unreleased
Son Of Zeus (1991/Aeon Design/Electronic Zoo) demo on Amiga Action Coverdisk 28
Son Shu Si (1991/Loriciel/Futura/Expose) unreleased
Superhero (1993/Psygnosis) unreleased
Tai-Pan (1989/Ocean)
Thud Ridge (19xx/Big Apple)
Tiny Mites (19xx/Automagick Industries)
TV Sports Baseball (198x/Cinemaware) original version, not the one released
Vendetta (1990/System 3)
Vision (19xx/Rainbow Arts) not the Ad Games version
Xyphoes Fantasy (1991/Silmarils)

Anatomic Man (1987/Accolade) <-is this even real?
Black Sect (1993/Lankhor)
Domination (1989/Magic Bytes)
Elysium (1993/Magic Bytes)
Mad Show (1991/Silmarils)
Rings Of Medusa II (1991/Starbyte)
Rings Of Medusa Gold (1994/Starbyte)
Spirit Of Adventure (1991/Starbyte)

Kwik Snak (1991/Code Masters)
Spellbound Dizzy (1992/Code Masters)
*I have "The Dizzy Collection" and "Dizzy's Excellent Adventures", but I need standalone versions of these two games.

1 Meg Cricket (1993/Soundware) [aka Cricket]
5 Mal 5 Amiga (19xx/PCSL) German [aka Lingo]
Aquablast (1988/Elite) [U.S. version of Live and Let Die]
Ashes (1993/Mirage/Action 16) [budget re-issue of Ashes of Empire]
Atomix (1990/Thalion) [NOT Atomic; different titlescreen]
Bad Dudes (1988/Data East) [U.S. version of Dragon Ninja]
Day Of The Pharaoh (1990/Rainbow Arts/Chip) [aka Pharaoh] does this even exist with DotP as the title?
Down At The Trolls (1988/Rainbow Arts) [aka Realm Of The Trolls]
Gigandia (1988/Swiss Computer Arts) [aka Giganoid]
Great Courts (1989/Blue Byte/Ubi Soft) [aka Pro Tennis Tour]
Legend Of William Tell, The (1990/Electronic Zoo) [U.S. version of Crossbow]
North Sea Inferno (1989/Parsec) [aka Persian Gulf Inferno]
Rebel Racer (1992/Starbyte) [aka Corx]
Space Station Oblivion (1988/Epyx) [U.S. version of Driller]
Summer Olympiad (1988/Tynesoft) [aka Summer Challenge]
Summer Challenge (1988/Tynesoft) [aka Summer Olympiad]

Amiga Action Coverdisk 7 "Armour Geddon" demo...also need disk version dist. by Psygnosis (both copy-protected)
Amiga Action Coverdisk 10 copy-protected "R-Type II" demo
Amiga Action Coverdisk 34-A copy-protected "Liverpool" demo
Amiga Power Coverdisk 13-B copy-protected stuff from Sensible Software

Aquaventura (198x/Psygnosis)
Beach Volley (1989/Ocean)
Cool Horror Demo, A (19xx/Damian)
Rainbow Arts Slideshow (19xx/Rainbow Arts)

Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 14:00


10 Out Of 10 Driving Test (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Early Essentials (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Essential Maths (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Essential Science (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 French (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Geography (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Maths Geometry (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Maths Statistics (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Spelling and Punctuation (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Spelling Structured (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Tables (1993/10 Out Of 10)
ADI English (11/12 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI English (12/13 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI English (13/14 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI English (14/16 GCSE) (1991/Europress)
ADI French (11/12 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI French (13/14 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI French (14/16 GCSE) (1991/Europress)
ADI Junior Counting (4/5 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI Junior Counting (6/7 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI Junior Reading (4/5 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI Junior Reading (6/7 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI Maths (11/12 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI Maths (12/13 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI Maths (13/14 Years) (1991/Europress)
ADI Maths (14/16 GCSE) (1991/Europress)
Abraham: Friend of God (1987/MicroEd)
Across The Plains (1987/MicroEd)
Ad Game, The (1989/MicroEd)
Adam And Eve (1987/MicroEd)
Adventures of Sinbad, The (1987/Unicorn)
Aesop's Fables (1987/Unicorn)
AIDS Information Game (1988/MicroEd)
Algebra (1987/TrueBASIC)
Algebra 1 (1987/TrueBASIC)
Alistair In Outer Space (19xx/Altered Images) CDTV
All Dogs Go To Heaven - Electric Crayon Deluxe (1991/Merit) floppy & CDTV versions
Alvin's Puzzles (6-8 Years) (19xx/?)
American English For German Speakers (19xx/MicroEd)
American English For Spanish Speakers (19xx/MicroEd)
Answer Back Quizzes (1990/Kosmos Software)
Antonyms (19xx/MicroEd)
Antonyms College Apt Skills (1987/Queue)
Art Tutor, The (19xx/Castlesoft) not one-level demo version
Baby - An Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus (19xx/?)
Basic Grammar (19xx/MicroEd)
Beginning German (19xx/MicroEd)
Bertie's Animal Kingdom (2000/Applaud)
Better Maths (1990/School Software Ltd) working crack
Blood Gases (19xx/Mad Scientist Software) actually, this is training software for physicians (!)
Capitalization (19xx/MicroEd)
Child Protection (19xx/CPSI)
Christmas Carol, A (19xx/Jumpdisk)
College Aptitude Reading Comprehension Exercises (19xx/Queue)
Complete Practical Composition Series (19xx/Queue)
Computer Mad Libs (1987/First Byte)
Dinsosaurs For Hire (19xx/?) CDTV
Discover Math (19xx/Maverick)
Discovery Expansion Disk: Language (19xx/Microillusions)
Discovery Expansion Disk: Spelling I (19xx/Microillusions)
Discovery Expansion Disk: Spelling II (19xx/Microillusions)
Dragonworld (19xx/?)
EZ-Grade (1990/Integral Software) teacher's gradebook
Find A Word Wizard (19xx/Rush Software)
First Class With The Shoe People (1999/Gremlin)
Fraction Action (1987/Unicorn)
French Grammar I (19xx/Queue)
French Grammar II (19xx/Queue)
French Grammar III (19xx/Queue)
Fun School (19xx/Database Educational Software)
Fun School Specials - Merlin's Maths (7-11 Years) (1991/Europress/Mandarin)
Fun School Specials - Paint And Create (5-10 Years) (1991/Europress/Mandarin)
Ghostly Grammar (1988/Unicorn)
Great States II (Ages 9-Adult) (19xx/Designing Minds)
Henrietta's Book Of Spells (Fun With Words for 7-14 Year-Olds) (1990?/Scetlander?)
Hooray For Henrietta (1990/Scetlander)
How To Spel (19xx/Queue)
Image Spinning (19xx/MicroEd)
In The Promised Land (19xx/MicroEd)
Insight Dinosaurs CDTV/CD32 (1994/Optonica)
Junior Typist (19xx/?)
Kemeny/Kurtz Math Series (19xx/True BASIC)
Kid Talk (1987/First Byte)
Learn French With Asterix (1993/Microdeal/Eurotalk) Talking Storybook
Learn To Read With Prof - Level 1 (4-9) (1991?/Prisma Software?)
Learning English As A Second Language (19xx/MicroEd)
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, The (19xx/Jumpdisk)
Lessons In Reading And Reasoning I (19xx/Queue)
Lessons In Reading And Reasoning II (19xx/Queue)
Lessons In Reading And Reasoning III (19xx/Queue)
Lessons In Reading And Reasoning IV (19xx/Queue)
Let's Spell At Home (7-14) (1990/Soft Stuff) French version
Let's Spell At The Shops (7-14) (1990/Soft Stuff) French version
Let's Spell Out And About (7-14) (1990/Soft Stuff) French version
Linkword Languages - Dutch (19xx/Artworx)
Linkword Languages - French (19xx/Artworx)
Linkword Languages - Greek (19xx/Artworx)
Linkword Languages - Italian (19xx/Artworx)
Linkword Languages - Portugese (19xx/Artworx)
Little Bo Peep (19xx/CPSI)
Logic Master, The (1987/Unicorn)
Magical Myths (1987/Unicorn)
Math Maze (19xx/Britannica)
Math Odyssey (19xx/The Other Guys)
Maths Adventure (19xx/?) not PD game
Maths Dragons (5-12) (1993/Coombe Valley)
Maths Mania (8-12) (19xx/School Software)
Micro German (19xx/?)
Mix & Match (1991/Scetlander)
Nimble Numbers (1994/?)
Paint Me A Story (1991/Genisoft)
Picture Fractions (7-10) (1993/Coombe Valley)
Planet Patrol (198x/MicroEd)
Play & Read Sentences (19xx/?)
Playdays (1992/Alternative)
Playdays Paint (1996?/Alternative)
Practical Composition I (1987/Queue)
Practical Composition II (1987/Queue)
Practical Composition III (1987/Queue)
Practical Composition IV (1987/Queue)
Practical Vocabulary (19xx/Queue)
Prof Looks At Words (1991/Prisma Software)
Prof Makes Sentences (1991/Prisma Software)
Prof Plays A New Game (1991/Prisma Software)
Punctuation (1987/MicroEd)
Puzzle Book 1 (5-Adult) (1990/Soft Stuff)
Puzzle Book 2 (5-Adult) (1990/Soft Stuff)
Read-A-Rama (19xx/Unicorn)
Reading Adventure III (1987/Queue)
Reading And Thinking I (1987/Queue)
Reading And Thinking II (1987/Queue)
Reading And Thinking III (1987/Queue)
Red Line Learning English (19xx/Heureka) German
Red Line Learning English 2 (19xx/Heureka) German
Red Line Learning English 3 (19xx/Heureka) German
Robot Reader: The Three Bears (19xx/Unicorn)
Señor Tutor (1987/Finally)
Sentence Completion (1987/Queue)
Smarty Paints (1994/Chroma)
Snow Words (1994/?)
Spanish Grammar I (1987/Queue)
Spanish Grammar II (1987/Queue)
Spanish Grammar III (1987/Queue)
Spellicopter (19xx/Designware/ESP)
Spelling Detective Game (1987/MicroEd)
Spelling Level 2 (1987/MicroEd)
Spelling Level 3 (1987/MicroEd)
Spelling Level 4 (1987/MicroEd)
Spelling Level 5 (1987/MicroEd)
Subtracting With Objects (1987/MicroEd)
Sum-It Mountain (Grades 1-8) (19xx/?)
Tales From The Arabian Nights (1987/Unicorn)
Talking Animator 2.0, The (1989/JMH Software)
Talking Storybook Nursery Rhymes, The (1990/Designing Minds)
Talking Storybook World Of Whales, The (1990/Designing Minds)
Thomas The Tank Engine Fun With Words (1991/Alternative)
Thomas The Tank Engine Paint Box (1996/?)
Three Bears, The (19xx/School Software)
Tidy The House (5-9) (1993/Coombe Valley)
Tots Tow (19xx/F1 Licenseware)
Typing Tutor - Word Invaders (19xx/Academy)
Uncle D'S Con-Sound-Tration (1989/Aloha Fonts)
Usage Boners (19xx/MicroEd)
Vocabulary Adventure I (1987/Queue)
Vocabulary Adventure II (1987/Queue)
Vocabulary Adventure III (1987/Queue)
Vocabulary Improvement Tutor (1987/MicroEd)
Vocabulary Series (1987/MicroEd)
Vocabulary Series (High Level) (1987/MicroEd)

Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 14:01

Oh yeah...
Can't forget this part...

A-Train Construction Kit (1992/Maxis) thx DrBong
Amiga Format Coverdisk 54-B - Sensible's "Cannon Soccer" thx TikTok
Angst (1995/DEM Software) thx Duke
Arcade Darts (1996/F1 Licenceware) thx Warlock99
Artificial Dreams (1989/Prism Leisure) thx DPainter
Astral (1996/LK Avalon/Akson) thx Warlock99
Beyond Dark Castle (1989/Activision) thx DPainter/Andreas
BiFi Adventure (1993/Art Department) thx Cody
BiFi Adventure II (1994/Art Department) thx Cody
Big Red Adventure, The (CD) (1995/Dynabyte) thx Ian
Bliff (1988/Markt & Technik) thx RareStuffHunter
Blizzard (1988/Crysys) thx tomcat666
Blutrausch (1990/CP Verlag/Cyberstyle/Double Density) thx Warlock99
Börsen Fieber (19xx/Falken-Software) thx Andreas
Bozuma (1990/Rainbow Arts/Time Warp) thx Joo
Brain Challenge (1993/ARKTIS-Software) thx DPainter
Brainies, The (1991/Titus) thx DPainter
Bridge Player 2000 (1989/CP Software) thx Warlock99
Bubble Dizzy (1992/Code Masters) thx DPainter
Build-It (1991/Software 2000) thx Cody
BushBuck (1991/Activision) thx RareStuffHunter
Butler James (19xx/Markt & Technik) thx jamesb
Championship Cricket (1988/Crysys Software) thx tomcat666
Championship Othello (aka Othello) (1987/King Size/Robtek/Exodus Soft) thx ???
City Cars (1996/Flexi Link Software) thx Cody
Colorix (1992/Mac Soft) thx Belgarath for the info
Crown (1991/Starbyte/Softgold) thx tomcat666
Crystal Palace (1993/CT Verlag) thx Kodoichi
Curse of RA, The CDTV (1991/Rainbow Arts) thx RetroMan
Cylogic (1990/CT Verlag) thx tomcat666
Cytadela (1995/?) thx Warlock99
Declic, Le (1987/?) thx Andreas
Deep Space (1987/Psygnosis) thx DPainter
Demon Wars (1991/CT Verlag) thx DPainter
Desperation (1996/5th Dimension Licenceware/Pacific Software) thx Warlock99
Diabolik 9: A Caro Prezzo (1993/Simulmondo) thx DPainter
Diego Mardona's World Football Manager (1993/?) thx scifi
Dingsda (1991/PCSL) thx Burseg
Dominator (1989/System 3) thx Cody
Don Manolo II (1990/Pielago Software) thx DPainter
Dr. Xes (1987/Finally) thx DPainter
Dreenshar Dzielo Magow (1997/LK Avalon/Poison Design) thx Warlock99
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists n' Everythin' (1991/Atlantis Software)
Dylan Dog 07: Gente Che Scompare (1993/Simulmondo)
Dylan Dog 10: I Vampiri (1993/Simulmondo) thx scifi
Earl Weaver Baseball Europe (1991/Electronic Arts?) thx DPainter
Far West (1991/Automagick Industries) thx Feltzkrone
Flight Scenery Disk 7 - Washington DC, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami (1988/subLOGIC) thx DPainter
Flight Scenery Disk 9 - Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis (1988/subLOGIC) thx DPainter
Flight Scenery Disk 11 - Lake Huron & Detroit Areas (1988/subLOGIC) thx DPainter
Flight Scenery Disk 12 - Halifax, Montreal and New York Areas (1989/subLOGIC) thx DPainter
Flight Scenery Disk 14 - Western European Tour (1988/subLOGIC) thx Warlock99
Flight Scenery Disk - China (1986/subLOGIC) thx Warlock99
Flight Scenery Disk - Hawaiian Odyssey (1989/subLOGIC) thx DPainter
Flight Scenery Disk - Japan (1988/subLOGIC) thx Warlock99
Football Crazy (1990/ESP) thx DPainter
Football Tactician 2 - The Scottish League (1993/Talking Birds) thx DPainter
Fort Apache (1991/Impressions) thx Cody
Franco Baresi World Cup Kick Off (1989/Anco) thx Cody
Future Space (1995/Media Verlag)
Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Test Match Special Edition (1994/Audiogenic) thx Codetapper
Green 5 (199x/Mark Judge) thx MarkJ/lpopman
Guardian Angel (1989/Code Masters) thx Galahad
Harpoon Set 2: North Atlantic (1990/Three-Sixty)
Hellowoon (1989/Ariolasoft) thx DPainter
Impact '95 (1996/Audiogenic) thx Warlock99
In Seenot (1994/Bakcm Software) thx BTTR
In the Dead of the Night (1994/Trecision) thx DPainter
In The Shadow Of Time (199?/Shadow Elks) thx for the info tonya
Invataxi (1997/Sheep Art)
Iron Hand (1987/Canvas Software/Software Creations) thx Andreas
It's the Pits - A Bold Miner's Slaughter (1995/Dark Unicorn/Psychosoft) thx BTTR
Italia 1990 (1990/Code Masters) thx DrBong
Jai Alai (1991/Opera) thx DPainter
Judo Atemi (1989/Gerhard Lamprecht) thx DPainter
Kampfgruppe II (1988/SSI) thx jmmijo
Labyrinth (1990/Det Nye Computer) thx Piramania
Lasermania 2 (1990/LK Avalon) thx tomcat666/Andreas
Liga Polska (1995/LK Avalon) thx Haynor
Liga Polska Manager '96 (1996/Marksoft/Group M) thx Warlock99/Doman
Lingo (1989/Huissense Computer Club) Dutch version thx haribootje
Mad TV (1991/Rainbow Arts) English version
Marathon (1996/Bungie Software)
Master Blaster (1994/Alpha Brothers) thx tomcat666
Megafortress Mission Disk One - Operation Sledgehammer (1992/Three-Sixty) thx scifi
Megafortress Mission Disk Two - Operation SkyMaster (1992/Three-Sixty) thx DPainter
Mini Golf (1988/Magic Bytes) thx DPainter/tomcat666
Misja Harolda (1995/Marksoft/Art 4) thx Doman
Mistrz Polski (1996/Mirage) thx Warlock99
Monstrum (1995/LK Avalon) thx Warlock99
Mr. UFO (1996/JIP Soft) thx Steve
Music Studio, The (1991/Activision) thx Marco Pedrana
Omni-Play Horse Racing: Stable Owners (1989/Sport-Time) thx scifi
Othello Killer (1989/Ubi Soft) thx Andreas
Oh No! More Lemmings Add-On Disk (1991/Psygnosis) thx DPainter
Othello Master (1987/AmiLink) thx tomcat666

Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 14:03

Oh yeah...part 2
FOUND! (cont.)

Panic Dizzy (1992/Code Masters) thx DPainter
People Squasher (199x/?) thx Lynk
PGA Tour Golf - Tournament Course Disk (1991/Electronic Arts) thx DrBong
Powerballs (19xx/Top-Soft) thx scifi
Powerplay Eishockey Manager (1992/Sayonara Software) thx RetroMan
Prince Of The Yolkfolk (1992/Code Masters) thx Codetapper/blackcornflake
Project-T (1990/Markt & Technik/Artsoft Productions) thx Duke
Projekt Prometheus (1991/Bomico/Extase) thx RareStuffHunter
PTC (1987/Rainbow Arts) thx DPainter
Pursuit To Earth (1988/PDG) thx Cody
Quatromino (1991/Markt & Technik) thx DPainter
Rajd Przez Polske (1996/Digital Munition) thx scifi
Realm Of The Trolls (1988/Rainbow Arts) thx RetroMan
Regent v1.0 (1992/Linel/Martin Economic Simulations) thx RetroMan
Regent v1.09/1.1 (1992/Linel/Martin Economic Simulations) 7-disk version thx Andreas
Renegade III (1989/Imagine) thx DPainter
Ritter (1991/Ariola Soft) thx Fragger/Mache
Robot Commander (1990/Ariola Soft) thx amigamonster
Rotterdams KlaverJassen (1988/Courbois Software) thx |cy[ool
Savage (1988/Firebird/Probe) 2-disk crack thx Big Byte
Scrabble II (1991/Courbois Software) Dutch, thx haribootje
Serious Backgammon v1.1 (1994/Tower Software)
Shooting Star (1997/Softgang) German thx Andreas
Simulman 4 (1993/Simulmondo) thx scifi
Skiddy Thing Battle Mode (1996/Gadge)
Sky Fighter (1986/Rainbow Arts) thx DPainter
Snoopy in "The Case Of The Missing Blanket" CDTV (1991/The Edge) thx AmigaBoy & §ane
Soccer Team Manager (aka Team Manager) (1993/Summit) thx DPainter
Speedway Manager 2 (1995/M-Art) thx scifi
Stalingrad (1992/CCS) thx scifi
Striker No 9 (19xx/Impressions) thx Burseg
Sub Rally (1990/Cyberstyle/Double Density/CP Verlag) thx tomcat666/Andreas
Suicide Mission (1988/MicroValue)
Sumera (1989/Kingsoft] thx DPainter
Sun Crossword Vol. 1, The (1991/CDS) thx DPainter
Sun Crossword Vol. 2, The (1991/CDS) thx DPainter
Super Soccer (aka Starbyte Super Soccer) (1991/Starbyte) thx Cody
Supercars II (Dual Crew +100 trained) (1991/Gremlin) thx ???
Supergrips (1987/?) thx RareStuffHunter
SWOS - Euro (1996/Sensible Software) thx Steve
System-8 (1990/CDS) thx Warlock99
Szachista (1997/LK Avalon/Seven Stars) thx Warlock99
Tajemnice Bursztynowej Komnaty (199x/LK Avalon) thx Haynor
Tee Off! (1989/Energize) thx fedegaia/Cody/tomcat666
Teen Agent AGA (1995/Union/Metropolis Software House) thx Warlock99
Ten-Gai - The Astral Trip (1992/Lifestyle Software Arts) thx DPainter
Terrorpods (1987/Psygnosis) thx DPainter
Tex 5: Diabolico Intrigo (Diabolic Plot) (1993/Simulmondo) thx fedegaia
Tex 6: Lotta Sul Mare (1993/Simulmondo) thx Walker
Thomas The Tank Engine 2 (1993/Alternative) thx haribootje
Times Crossword Vol. 1, The (1991/CDS) thx DPainter
Times Crossword Vol. 2, The (1991/CDS) thx DPainter
Tipster, The (1994/TAM Marketing) thx DPainter
Tipster Pro (1994/Sidmouth Software) thx DPainter
Turf Form (1990/CDS) thx Warlock99
Tyran (199x/Marksoft/Pentagram) thx Doman
UFO - Enemy Unclothed (1995/Gadge Software) thx Joo
Ultimate Quiz II, The - Movies Data Disk (1995)(F1 Licenceware) thx Warlock99
Ultimate Quiz II, The - Potluck Data Disk #1 (1995)(F1 Licenceware) thx Warlock99
Ultimate Quiz II, The - Potluck Data Disk #2 (1995)(F1 Licenceware) thx Warlock99
Ultimate Quiz II, The - Sport Data Disk (1995)(F1 Licenceware) thx Warlock99
Ultimate Soccer Manager 95/96 New Season Data Disks (1995/Impressions) thx scifi
Ultimate Tour Tennis (1995/Agboola Enterprises)
Wacus The Detective (1997/LK Avalon) already found, but thx Doman
Wetten Daß (1991/PCSL) thx Warlock99
Wikinger (1988/Markt & Technik) thx RareStuffHunter
Winter Challenge (1988/Tynesoft) thx Chuckles
Wisielec (199x/Marksoft)
Wizard Warz (1987/US Gold/GO!/Canvas Software) thx CAPS Team
Zakleta Wyspa (199?/Twin Spark Soft) thx Haynor
Zargon (198?/Markt & Technik) thx Duke

Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 14:32

Oh yeah...part 3
10 Out Of 10 Dinosaurs (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 German (1993/10 Out Of 10) thx Big Byte
10 Out Of 10 Maths Algebra (1993/10 Out Of 10) thx DPainter
10 Out Of 10 Junior Essentials (1993/10 Out Of 10)
10 Out Of 10 Maths Number (1993/10 Out Of 10) thx Big Byte
All About America (1987/Unicorn)
American History Adventure (1988/Queue) thx TOSEC
Answer Back Junior Quiz (1990/Kosmos Software) thx TOSEC
Answer Back Senior Quiz (1990/Kosmos Software) thx DPainter
At The Zoo: Electric Crayon Deluxe (1989/Polarware/Merit Software)
BBC Playdays Paint (3-7) (1993/Alternative)
Cave Maze (8-13) (1993/Coombe Valley)
Compendium Six (19xx/Gensoft) six edu titles
Cosmo Struction (1991/Empire Graphics) thx Warlock99
Decimal Dungeon (1987/Unicorn)
Discover US History & Geography (19xx/Maverick)
First Letters And Words (1987/First Byte)
First Shapes (1988/First Byte)
Fraction Goblins (8-13+) (1993/Coombe Valley) thx TOSEC
French Mistress, The (1990/Kosmos Software)
Fun School 2 (For The Over 8s) (1991/Database Educational Software)
Fun School 2 (For The Under 8s) (1991/Database Educational Software)
Fun School 3 (Database) (1991/Database Educational Software)
Fun School 4 (For 5 to 7 Year Olds) CDTV (1991/Europress/Mandarin)
Fun School 4 (For The 7 to 11 Years) (1991/Europress/Mandarin)
Fun School 4 (For The Under 5s) (1991/Europress/Mandarin)
Fun School Specials - Spelling Fair (7-11 Years) (1991/Europress/Mandarin)
Game Set & Match (1991/Genisoft) thx Paul
German Master, The (1990/Kosmos Software)
Granny's Garden (1989/4-Mation) thx Belgarath
Introducing Maps (1986/MicroEd)
Kidstype (4-8's) (1991/Genisoft) thx Paul
Kinderama (1986/Unicorn)
Land Of The Unicorn (1990/Unicorn)
Linkword Languages - German (19xx/Artworx)
Linkword Languages - Russian (19xx/Artworx)
Linkword Languages - Spanish (19xx/Artworx)
Logic Works (1988/Capilano Computing)
Magic Storybook (1991/Soft Stuff)
Mastertype (19xx/Scarborough)
Match-It (19xx/The Other Guys)
Math Wizard (1988/Unicorn) thx DPainter!
Math-A-Magician (19xx/The Other Guys)
MathTalk (1987/First Byte) thx TOSEC
MathTalk Fractions (1987/First Byte)
Pepe's Garden (1991/Prisma Software) thx scifi
Playroom, The (1992/Infogrames)
Read & Rhyme (1986/Unicorn)
Reading Adventure I (1987/Queue) thx Andreas
Reading Adventure II (1987/Queue) thx Andreas
Robot Reader: Aesop's Fables (1987/Hilton-Android|Unicorn)
Robot Reader: Little Red Hen (1987/Hilton-Android|Unicorn)
Robot Reader: The Ugly Duckling (1987/Hilton-Android|Unicorn) thx bippym
Rody & Mastico (1989/Lankhor) thx Andreas
SmoothTalker (1987/First Bute)
Sooty Paint (1994/Alternative) thx scifi
Spanish Tutor, The (1990/Kosmos Software)
Spell Book (4-9) (1988/Soft Stuff) thx scifi
Spell-A-Fari (1991/Designing Minds) thx DPainter
Spellbound! (1991/Scetlander)
Speller Bee (1987/First Byte) thx scifi
Talking Coloring Book, The (1988/JMH Software)
Things To Do With Numbers (5-10) (1990/Soft Stuff)
Things To Do With Words (5-12) (1990/Soft Stuff)
What Is It, Where Is It (1991/Genisoft)
Word Master, The (19xx/Unicorn)

feel free to prove us wrong!
940 Turbo Cup (1988/Loriciel) thx Uukrul
Ambermoon AGA (1994/Thalion) thx Uukrul
Boulderdash (1988/First Star/Wicked Software) thx Cody
Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed (1992/SSI) thx Kirben
Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (198x/Sega) thx Andreas & Walker
Combat School (aka Boot Camp) (1988/Ocean) thx DrBong
Doc Croc's Outrageous Adventures (1991/Zeppelin) thx for the info blackcornflake
F-16 Fighter Attack (19xx/Digital Integration)
Game Over II (1988/Dinamic) thx Uukrul
Grand Prix (Simulator) (1991/Code Masters) is actually "Super Grand Prix"
Labyrinth (198x/Lucasfilm Games)
On Safari (1989/Infogrames) [aka Safari Guns]
Outlaw (1990/Smash16) [aka Wanted]
Soul Crystal (English) (1992/Starbyte) thx RetroMan

There it is. My labour of love. Far from complete, but now that it's here, I can edit to my whimsy. Any additions, corrections, etc. are welcome. I am open-minded and there is certainly a margin of error in all of this. Thanks in advance!

vivash 28 June 2002 14:33

I've finally dug out all of my old Amiga stuff from the loft. I haven't set it up yet, and I'm yet to work out how to get disk images... However, from your list, I've got the following (disks, not the images yet - if you still need them I'll have a go at imaging next week sometime):

> Fighter Mission (19xx/Prism) is this the same as XR35: Fighter Mission?

I've got Fighter Mission (1988/Prism) - I think it must be XR35 Fighter Mission, although this is not the title on the box or the disk. (But the blurb says "XR 35 mission is to clear...")

> Amiga Action Coverdisk 10 "R-Type II" demo

Got it...

I've got loads of other coverdisks too, I'll have to sort through them some time.

Anyway, if nobody beats me to it I'll see how to create adfs of these disks next week.

Twistin'Ghost 28 June 2002 14:46


Originally posted by vivash
I've got Fighter Mission (1988/Prism) - I think it must be XR35 Fighter Mission, although this is not the title on the box or the disk. (But the blurb says "XR 35 mission is to clear...")
Awesome. If the title screen is different, then by all means yes!

Originally posted by vivash
> Amiga Action Coverdisk 10 "R-Type II" demo

Got it...

This one's kinda tricky. I have the disk, as well. But it's copy protected (for some strange reason), so that may be a problem.

Originally posted by vivash
Anyway, if nobody beats me to it I'll see how to create adfs of these disks next week.
There's lots of threads here with help on getting started dumping adf's! Thanks again.

Drake1009 28 June 2002 15:23

The 2 missing disks of Reunion AGA. Are those specific images because I had no problems finding the missing disks and installing from them either.

CodyJarrett 28 June 2002 15:44

I've uploaded:

BiFi Adventure (1993/Art Department)
BiFi Adventure II (1994/Art Department)
Fort Apache (1991/Impressions)
Franco Baresi (1989/Anco) by Dino Dini, 1 disk, cr Aggressors
Tee Off! (1989/Energize)

fedegaia uploaded Tee Off sometime ago for us.

TG - did you include my MIA list completely in yours?

Konrad 28 June 2002 15:49

Are you just searching for originals (no cracks) ? I have "Oh No! More Lemmings", cracked by Fairlight. Tell me whether you want me to upload it or not.

Paul 28 June 2002 17:31

Uncracked full MFM Images of Better Maths and Junior Typist are in the zone.

They will not work as they are not cracked.

I made these images before I sent the original disks to Galahad.

Uukrul 28 June 2002 18:33

944 Turbo Cup

There is a WHDload install of this game, but the 944 text doesn't appear in the game, instead of that the complete name is Turbo Cup v2.0. The disk is in the zone.

Ambermoon AGA

Never released

RetroMan 28 June 2002 19:22

And I´ll up this one in a minute :)

//edit : I also got the 7-disk Version of Regent but only on real disk, will transfer later ;)

DPainter 28 June 2002 20:00


Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
There it is. My labour of love. Far from complete, but now that it's here, I can edit to my whimsy. Any additions, corrections, etc. are welcome. I am open-minded and there is certainly a margin of error in all of this. Thanks in advance!
Great job! This is going to be fun. A perfect way to end what I can only call MIA Week at EAB.

Don't forget to remove Terrorpods and Deep Space ADFs, if only to make me feel good.;)

RetroMan 28 June 2002 20:06

Oh and another note here : Soul Crystal wasn´t released in english I´m afraid ! I know the guy who has drawn the graphics for the game :)

Akira 28 June 2002 21:06


Diego Mardona's World Football Manager (19xx/?) Andy?
This got to be a joke, right? A game with Maradona? bwahaha, I must get that one! :D

I'm searching through the list. I think Ive got a few ones :D

ST8 28 June 2002 22:06

1. Tiny Mites and Facette aren't in this list ? (DEMOS/PREVIEWS or MAY NOT EXIST(as full version) /CONFIRMATIONS WELCOME)

2. Far West was also later known as Far West. (I think)

3. Schatz im Silbersee, Der - I'm not sure about an fullversion but a demoversion is here http://pluto.spaceports.com/~aew/upl...berseeDemo.zip

Akira 28 June 2002 23:44

The list I have here is pure shite, only lists aminet garbage that the local Amiga pirate dude has. I need to ask him for the REAL goods.

Thus, I haven't found a damned thing in the list. I'll keep looking. I used to have an old list of a friend of mine who used to copy Amiga games for a living back in teh days... if I find that, I know I'll spot at least 3 or 4 of the old games.

Some extra info: I am still very puzzled about Skate or Die's situation. Perhaps Buzz can tell us where he got the music for this game, since I downloaded it from eXotica (and I just uploaded it to The Zone). If the music exists, the game must exist as well! The tune uploaded is exactly the same as the intro tune on the C64 version.

There is a playable demo of Superhero, it appeared in an issue of The One, I think in early 1993. April, perhaps?

Last, I don't remember well, but I might have seen an ECS version of Thomas the Tank Engine 2 somewhere. I have to check that out though. And A-Trains Construction kit I have to check out too, I dont know if it is original, but this game was being spread at pirate shops back then.

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