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andreas 16 May 2002 22:20

Ok, this thread is for problems with WinUAE running games the right way. All reports of sprite issues, loading problems and crashes of all kinds belong in here.

Let's start with these two:

S. T. A. G. (EAS)

Both work in WinFellow, but not in WinUAE.
S.T.A.G. loads up to Track #13, then freezes.
Shinobi loads up to intro screen, then gurus after game start.
In the zone.

Toni Wilen 17 May 2002 20:20

S.T.A.G. is fixed. (bug in floppy DSKREADY emulation. Another game with broken loader that only works accidentally..)

Next debugging project: Shinobi...

Toni Wilen 17 May 2002 21:40

Shinobi fixed, exception 3's stack frame was incorrect. (first status word is still wrong because it is more complex to fix but fortunately I haven't seen it used, yet...)

Next? :)

andreas 18 May 2002 02:08

Can't get enough o' that, eh? :D:cheese

OK, if you insist ... yes there are indeed more to go.
Well, alternatively, I could just spam this thread by dumping a list here, but I think it's better to name 2 or 3 at a time because on big lists, there are always ones that haven't been crossed out, causing you unnecessary double work...:)

*) Inferior (stops @ track 53)
*) Liverpool (stops @ track 63 when trying to go into practice mode (->START PRACTICE)
*) Decton
Sprite appears correctly but you can't play!
Problem seems to be that the collision code is a bit TOO accurate now. Try to go up with the ship. You cannot because you crash at a sort of "imaginary ceiling".

That's all for today :cheese

Toni Wilen 18 May 2002 10:06

Inferior: fixed. Another broken loader, but without bad loaders disk emulation can never be made perfect :)

Liverpool: does something strange with audio registers and waits for audio dma finished-bit that never gets set.

Decton: looks like crap game that works correctly if you keep joystick up and quickly tap firebutton..

Toni Wilen 18 May 2002 12:52

I just tested on my real A500. Result: it works 100% identically..

This game is total crap.

andreas 18 May 2002 14:00

Maybe you're right ... let's lay that aside :)
(me is a poet,aiiight? :p)
Next ones with problems:

*) Ball Raider 2
(Control with mouse. Paddle isn't visible. I think it's neither caused by your sprite code nor a WinUAE bug, but by a crappy crack)

*) Barney & Freddy Mouse
(Barney "never loses his electric shield" ... Game is supposed to work like this: Barney is surrounded by an electric shield, which disappears after a short while. If the electric shield doesn't disappear, you cannot move Barney at all. Pressing the fire button a longer time results in death of Barney, which is not supposed to work like this :p)

*) Dragon Fighter
Yes you fixed that one once. :) I didn't put it in the zone because you already have it.
Now it's playable and doesn't jump into the Game Over routine anymore. Well done! :great
You lose energy when you touch the poisoned sea below.
You do NOT lose any energy when you touch other dragons or the venomous bubbles, but you're supposed to :D

Toni Wilen 18 May 2002 21:47

Ball Raider 2: Missing paddle is sprite emulation bug.

Barney & Freddy Mouse: emulation bug too. (on my real A500 shield disappears and Barney stays alive if I press firebutton)

Dragon Fighter: I don't understand :(

andreas 18 May 2002 23:35

Dragon Fighter issue
1 Attachment(s)
OK, I see that I wasn't clear. The attached screenshot should explain it better. I mean the bubbles where you can see a sort of explosion in this snapshot. These should make you lose energy (at least they do on the real thing, IIRC) but they don't.

Walker 18 May 2002 23:52

Fixing all these games is great stuff, but I really think it deserves a separate thread. Cody's list consists of games that we (the HOL team) don't have any proper screenshots from. We really don't care if the screenshots are taken from WinUAE or WinFellow, or if it's an ADF or a WHDLoad image.

Ian 19 May 2002 00:01

Agreed, and split:)

If you can think of a better name let me know:)

Ian 19 May 2002 00:55

Dragon Fighter (19xx)(Idea)[cr DMNA][b](Disk 1 of 2)

Well this version has exactly the opposite, no energy is lost from the sea, but it is from the bubbles.

Seems more likely a dodgy crack than an emulator problem, if you want this version to test with say the word and I'll upload it:)

andreas 19 May 2002 01:26

Ian: this version works perfectly!

There are a LOT of different versions, just cracked by the same group.
The version I gave to Toni does NOT have an intro (!), i. e. there are no credits displayed (programmer, graphic artist etc.). That wasn't purpose, but I owned that version since the pre-TOSEC era.
Seems I caught a beta or preview version there. I've already posted this into That TOSEC Thread (tm). :)

With the Collision level setting set to Full, the sea DOES diminish your energy when you touch it. No problems anymore. Dragon Fighter case closed. :)

Ian 19 May 2002 14:35


Both versions I have are missing the in game GFX, possibly an emulation bug as both version are cracked by different people and have exactly the same problem.

Both versions in the zone:)

andreas 19 May 2002 15:58

1 Attachment(s)
No emulation bug, but a configuration bug :D:D

Amigaboy solved it long ago. Search option can come in handy sometimes :cheese

Check the immediate blits box in Chipset settings.
And walla ... :cool

Ian 19 May 2002 16:10

So it does

Toni Wilen 19 May 2002 16:36


No emulation bug, but a configuration bug
No, it is emulation problem. Yet another game that requires better blitter speed emulation.

Ian 19 May 2002 17:22

When you've got a little spare time Toni, this game might have some sprite and sound related issues:)

Joe Blade

I've put it in the zone for you, the problems, well when you shot the gun you'd expect to see bullets and there is none also the sound isn't insync with the gameplay.

I realise all this might be down to poor coding and not WinUAE:)

andreas 19 May 2002 17:35


No, it is emulation problem. Yet another game that requires better blitter speed emulation.
I don't get this. Point me to problems you encountered with this game, please. :p
It was working perfectly for me using above config (unlike lots of other games :D:))

Ian 19 May 2002 17:39

I think the very fact you have to select immediate blits means it's an emu problem for Toni.

I an ideal world that option wouldn't be there, it's an option for fixing certain games that aren't emulated properly I think.

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