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spudje 05 April 2018 08:32

Awesome list of upcoming games Earok!!! Also that final Highway Sprint is something I look forward to!

malko 05 April 2018 09:02


Originally Posted by earok (Post 1232310)
Yes we had the crazy idea of "What if the New Zealand Story was actually made by New Zealanders?" [...]

Coooooool :great

drwhy 08 April 2018 13:14

thank you, nice job !

earok 09 April 2018 11:31

Thanks guys, I appreciate it :great

I'm going to upload an experimental 1.1 patch by the weekend, just with:
1. Keyboard and Mouse issues fixed.. seems to be OK at this end but I'm not sure it's fixed for everyone.
2. Timing fixes for some events on the second level, I'll take another look at the rest of the levels to see if anything else needs to be adjusted.

I can't think of a potential fix for the occasional (and only for some people) crashing issues but I've added a few more Vertical Waits here and there that might help. Anything else that maybe I should look at?

Carlos Ace 14 April 2018 23:51


Originally Posted by earok (Post 1231454)
Eep, I keep missing updates! Thanks a whole bunch guys!

I've teased the idea of looking at other FMV ports in the past but Tsak's right.. between the lighthearted-and-funny Timegal and the intense/gritty Road Avenger, the ones we've ported are amongst the best out there (IMO) and the more well known ones out there are either still trademarked or sold. And of course, our release slate is full for at least the end of the year. Though it's entirely conceivable that we'll dust off Timegal with the updated Road Avenger engine for an AGA edition.

I've had intermittent reports of some difficulty playing an HDD version (perhaps just the AGA edition?), such as like Glenn reported, though I don't have any such way of replicating issues at my end (only having a bare bones CD32, which it has no problems on). It's fortunate that everyone who has reported the issue has had an alternative way of playing the game (from CD or another AGA machine than the one it was playing up on) but if I can come up with a solution I'll post a patch.

Also - Floppy Drive version is on the way!



Amiten 15 April 2018 00:14


Here our Review of RA with his creator :great


please subscribe for keep doing

earok 16 April 2018 05:32


Originally Posted by Amiten (Post 1234737)

Here our Review of RA with his creator :great


please subscribe for keep doing

Thanks Amiten, it was a pleasure to join you and Ms Mad Lemon on the show :great

Had a web interview the other day, though it's more broad than purely Road Avenger. Posted the first screenshot of "secret project" too.


earok 20 April 2018 13:36

A very kind benefactor provided me with a TerribleFire card, so I'm able to run the AGA-HDD edition on my real CD32.

When testing on Workbench it crashed almost straight away, similar to other reports. But when I tested it with "no startup sequence", it seems rock solid so far.

If anyone has crashes when running the AGA-HDD edition, can you please try running it with "no startup sequence"? Cheers.

Edit: One of my testers confirmed that, although the AGA-HDD edition crashed for him repeatedly when started from workbench, starting from the CLI in no-startup-sequence mode worked just fine.

Sinphaltimus 22 April 2018 20:24

1 Attachment(s)
Finally made it past the first stage - but not for long. Hand fatigue as me taking a brake. <---See what I did there? LOL

earok 05 June 2018 10:58

It's been a long time coming, but the 1.1 patch is in the zone. If all's good, I'll post the patch to the site and update all of the builds.

It includes updates for both the AGA and OCS editions, simply unzip it into the folder where you've got it installed and it should be all good.

* Fix: Can no longer interfere with Workbench from inside the game using keyboard or mouse
* Fix: Timings on level 2 with certain turbo events were a little too far off
* Other misc tweaks
* Note added to readme that the game works best on no-startup-sequence if you experience crashes.

DanyPPC 05 June 2018 17:50

Well done, Earok ! ;)

DamienD 05 June 2018 19:59

Thanks earok :)

To be honest though, I finished the original release and didn't experience any issue but always good to get an update.

thairacerjp 06 June 2018 08:14

thanks for your benefactor ^^ and nice support for this awesome game :) , i still dream about wingnuts game one day :bowdown , i have check the files of the dos game and there is a big "NUTS.DAT" file that i cannot open...... :banghead

earok 06 June 2018 12:21

Cheers guys :great

I ended up doing a 1.2 patch with a couple of things I had missed. Like the last one, it's a drop in so it can be just put over the 1.0 or 1.1 installs.

* CD32 pad is set if default IF detected, no matter what platform (previously it assumed you'd have one connected if you were playing on a CD32, and not if you were playing on any other Amiga. Now you can have a CD32 pad on an A500 and it'll detect it, and likewise a regular joystick on a CD32 and it'll detect that too)
* If there's not enough memory it should (may not always) quit cleanly rather than crash

earok 20 July 2018 23:47

I've published 1.2 updates, though they're not yet on the site you can download them here.

Broadly speaking, they address four issues:
- Automatic detection of CD32 pad
- Prevents keyboard/mouse interfering with workbench
- Timing tweaks on level 2
- Cleanly quit on crash (hopefully!)

If I've stuffed anything up in the republished versions, please let me know and I'll publish again!

OCS and CD32 ISO:

AGA (4x Speed CD-ROM) ISO:

OCS Workbench LHA:

AGA Workbench LHA:

NeoHippie2016 21 July 2018 11:45

It isn't possible, to download the OCS HD Version!... Ups, sorry, it is possible. My fault!... Thank you for the Update, earok!

Anachronist 27 July 2018 23:36

Kickass! Just in time for my custom CD32 controller coming in XD

Prosonic 05 August 2018 06:55

thanks man :)

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