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Giana 19 March 2003 15:10

Help with boot problem
Hi all,
I have a strange problem : when I boot, I have a failure and a message saying : failed program : C:Version (80000004 I think I remember). After 4 or 5 reboot, sometimes it boots well, sometimes not.
Sometimes it involves C:Mount
When I boot with my 3.1 disk, no problem, so I tried to replace this programs with the original from floppy : no way, still a failure.
My config : PPC160 BVision Internal 4g hd, 64 Ram
But tgis failure happened with a basic blizzard 60040 too.
Please, help me !!!!

blackcornflake 19 March 2003 19:50

My first thought: the crashes during Startup-Sequence may be caused by a problem with hardware, rather than with software.

Is your A1200 in its original case or in a tower case?

Giana 19 March 2003 21:02

It's in original case.
The same program crashes : C:Version
But boots well when I use my wb31 floppy...

BippyM 19 March 2003 21:35

replace all the files on your HD with those from WB3.1, as there could be a knackered library/device

if it still fails a re-install may be in order :(

blackcornflake 19 March 2003 21:52

Not necessarily...

This could be a PSU issue. The system is quite heavily expanded, and the A1200 power supply may be struggling at boot time when the hard drive (as opposed to the floppy drive) is accessed. The 040 is a hungry chip, so even the Blizzard 68k card in place of the BlizzardPPC might still be too much. Perhaps try booting from HD with no accelerator connected.

Process of elimination. :)

Giana 19 March 2003 21:57

Hum ... good idea
but I have a strong psu with dual alimentation (motherboard and PPC card). Made on my own.

Giana 19 March 2003 22:31

Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I thinks it's a software problem. Like the need of a patch, something like that ...
By the way, I use SFS.

Severin 20 March 2003 00:50

hmmm, sounds hardware to me, try giving your roms a press or even better remove them, clean the 'legs' on a piece of paper (A4 printer paper is best) and replace them. If that doesn't help comment out version in s:s-s if something else fails it could be a ram problem, if you have 2 or more simms on your accelerator, swap them over and see what happens...

Echo 20 March 2003 03:01

Hmm, sounds very familiar to my boot problem. Software failure now and again for no reason.

I use SFS too. *strokes chin*

Giana 20 March 2003 21:44

Ok, thanks
I'm going to clean rom and swap ram (2).
but this is going to turn me maaaad !!

Severin 21 March 2003 14:42

I've just remembered where I'd seen this problem before and what caused it :)

Check your 68040.library, you need the one that came with the blizzard not the one from the system disks...

Echo 21 March 2003 14:51

But this is happening to me Sev, and I most definately do not have a 68040 :D

I've cloned my Sys: partition to a new FFS partition, swapped the relevant drive numbers / boot priorities and am going to test for a few days, just in case SFS is the cause.

Echo 21 March 2003 23:25

Confirmed: SFS is the cause. The FFS partition is booting flawlessly, when I change to my SFS one it crashes almost every other boot.

Giana: I suggest you leave your Workbench partition as FFS but use SFS for data/work stuff as it's immune to checksum errors.

Severin 22 March 2003 00:49

hmmm, this is weird, I've been booting from sfs for nearly 2 years now without any problems :)

Maybe it's an SFS/1200 problem :(

Giana 23 March 2003 21:21

SFS, main cause of this program failure ????
Hum ... sounds really strange ...
Okay, I'm gonnay swap to FFS. But I need more testing coz this is really suprising me !!! I thought SFS was more reliable, faster, more compact ... And I used SFS (to sys partition) for about 1 year without crashes (the last thing I've done is installing WarpUP and Warp3D but it seemed to work well.
Could WarpUP and 3D be a cause ?
By the way, what does is the startup sequence doing with the program "Version" ?

Akira 23 March 2003 22:21

I also think it's strange that SFS is teh fault, even more now that you said you had used it in your system partition for over a year without problems. It MIGHT have to do with the Warp stuff...

I think Version is used to set an environment, you could comment it out and see what happens.

Severin 23 March 2003 23:51

yep, it's just used to set your workbench and kickstart env vars. boot up and copy them from env: to envarc: and you won't need it anymore (unless you update your os)

Echo 24 March 2003 00:47

It could well be a coincidence, but SFS is definately the cause of the boot software failures on my hardware. I've tried it several times on each partition, FFS cold boots every time, where the SFS one leaves me with software failure 8000 0004.

Can someone please test another niggle I have with this filesystem?

When I copy some games from 1 SFS partition to another, they don't work anymore. Frontier and Dune 2 are two such examples. The file is physically there, but I get "Unable to open your tool [name]".

Now when I extract from a zip file off a zip disk to an SFS partition, it's fine. Cloning thereafter to other SFS partitions is when it happens.

I remember seeing a very similar problem many years ago on a mate's A1200, but I think he was using OFS. Copying files within the hard drive rendered games unusable. Must be scrambling the data somehow.

What is the recommended maxtransfer value for SFS? In case that has a bearing on my problem.

Ta :)

Akira 24 March 2003 01:13


Originally posted by Echo
It could well be a coincidence, but SFS is definately the cause of the boot software failures on my hardware. I've tried it several times on each partition, FFS cold boots every time, where the SFS one leaves me with software failure 8000 0004.

HEY! 8000 004 at which task? Because this is the error I'm getting in MaxUAE when I mount a directory as a volume :P

About the "Unable to open your tool" whatever, it might be that the icon or file got its atributes mixed up and now it thinks it is of anotehr filetype (project maybe)

Severin 24 March 2003 14:34

I use a mask of 0x7FFFFFFE and transfer of 0x0001FE00 for IDE devices

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