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Dastardly 12 June 2002 14:39

Dead chat room
Doesnt anyone ever use the chat room?
Ive been there a couple of times now and its always been deserted :(

Drake1009 12 June 2002 18:37

Things to do. People to see. Channel name to remember. Well maybe the people to see is a bit of a lie.

Akira 12 June 2002 19:56

Everytime I've been there I had to talk to thebot, for no one else was there :P

CodyJarrett 12 June 2002 21:13

Perhaps we need another IRC meeting like we did last Xmas...

RetroMan 12 June 2002 21:35

Maybe we should make this a permanent feature (one time a week perhaps ?) :D

Ian 12 June 2002 22:54

Once a week is a bit much IMO, but once a month or bi-monthly would be a good idea:)

RetroMan 12 June 2002 23:27


Yup :) I wanted to add monthly to my post too, but I just forgotten :p

RCK 13 June 2002 00:23

There will be one new session soon, maybe with surprises :D

Shatterhand 13 June 2002 06:22

Tell me Tell me

I never remember what's the server for #eab (or is it #abime ?)

If you tell me, I'll always be there when I am online (Because I am always at IRC while I am online, it's no bother to connect in one more server..)

Ian 13 June 2002 12:21


Originally posted by Shatterhand
(or is it #abime ?)

RCK 13 June 2002 13:20

it is #abime.net

Our official IRC Channel
IRC chat

Shatterhand 14 June 2002 06:19

I am not at #abime.net on Ircnet.net and there's no one but the bot there :(

Akira 14 June 2002 06:44


Originally posted by Shatterhand
I am not at #abime.net on Ircnet.net and there's no one but the bot there :(
If you ARE NOT, how is it that you actually ARE?


Shatterhand 15 June 2002 07:25

lol :) :)

Aff, what the hell have I written there?? :) :)

Akira 16 June 2002 04:25

Well I don't know, but I know that a lot of phillosophers would like to discuse your phrase for years on end! :D

Shatterhand 16 June 2002 05:24

lol :) :)

Here I am (Or I am not??? :confused :) ) at #abime.net again, and just Sane is there..

he was the only one there yesterday too, but it seems like he's always to busy to chat :)

Hey guys, get on irc, goddamit!

RCK 16 June 2002 19:44

my irc station is back :)
I'll be there all the evening (gmt+1)

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