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CodyJarrett 20 December 2001 12:36

Cody's WHDLoad News
If you want to play the games that I supply to the WHDLoad patchers, then this is the thread!

I'll link to the installs here and upload the games themselves in the Zone...

Game: Alfred Chicken

Install Author: Codetapper

Released: 14 Dec 2001


- Full load from HD
- Keyboard routine fixed
- Decruncher relocated to fast memory
- Blitter waits added (x299)
- Snoop and copperlist bugs fixed (x3)
- Access fault fixed
- Instructions included
- Trainer added (set CUSTOM1=1 for infinite lives, Help to toggle on/off)
- RomIcon, NewIcon and GlowIcon (created by Frank!) and 2 Exoticons
(taken from http://exotica.fix.no)
- Quit option (default key is 'F10')

MethodGit 20 December 2001 14:43

You provided that game?

Guess I should've read the whole readme properly. :p

Thanks for helping in their progress, Cody. :)

Speaking of offering originals though, I am thinking about going to the WHDLoad Groups page and asking if it's possible for one of the team to work on an install for KGB - I still have a copy of the original that someone on here uploaded a while back. But the thing is, I've forgotten who sent it in the first place. Was it you? Or was it someone else?

I'm asking this because when I show them the original, I want to remind them that I got the game from whoever sent it, and that they should be credited.

CodyJarrett 20 December 2001 14:46

Yeah, I try to provide as much as possible. It's great to have an original game on a disk one weekend and be able to run it completely from hard disk with WHDLoad the next weekend (Codetapper works fast! ;)

I didn't supply the original of KGB...

CodyJarrett 20 December 2001 15:05

Here's another one - the required file is in the Zone. Place it in the same directory as the .slave, once it's been unzipped (it's already RNC packed, but I zipped it up anyway! ;)

Game: Switchblade

Install Author: Codetapper

Released: 15 Dec 2001


- Full load from HD
- Loads and saves high scores
- Protection removed
- Stack frame fix
- Keyboard routine fixed
- Blitter waits added (x25)
- Instructions included
- Trainer added (set CUSTOM1=1 to enable level selector with keys 1-5)
- Switchblade file can be compressed to save space (FImp, Propack etc)
- RomIcon, NewIcon and GlowIcon (created by me! [Codetapper])
- Quit option (default key is 'F10')

CodyJarrett 21 December 2001 19:17

As usual, get the original ADF at the Zone...

Game: Krypton Egg

Install Author: Psygore

Released: 21 Dec 2001


- Nice Glow/NewIcons included
- SSP/USP moved to fast memory
- Disk protection removed
- OS access patched
- Empty DBF loop fixed
- Hiscores are saved on HD
- Quit with '*' on keypad (PrtSc)

andreas 22 December 2001 00:06


Cody, that was a masterpiece! :)

The original Krypton egg ADF even works on WinUAE!
Yes ... if you use WinUAE 0.8.17, the trick is to watch it "rest" on Track 01, it takes about 10 seconds or more until it will continue loading the game. WinUAE 0.8.14 loads it in one go, on condition that you disable all external drives.
I hate these fucked-up, hacked-to-bits versions - playing Krypton Egg will mean playing your version from now on. Thanks! :bounce

CodyJarrett 20 April 2002 09:37

Yes, it's back! Get the data files in the Zone...

Game: The Executioner

Install Author: Codetapper

Released: 11 Apr 2002


- Full load from HD
- Loads and saves games
- Access faults fixed (x8)
- Decruncher relocated to fast memory (x2)
- Keyboard checks added (so now you can quit at any time!)
- Skip intro by holding down the left button or setting CUSTOM1=1 tooltype
- RomIcon, NewIcon and GlowIcon (created by me!) and another GlowIcon (done
by Chris Vella!)
- Quit option (default key is 'F10')

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