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oldpx 11 September 2002 15:48

Who are developing games for Amiga platform at the moment?
I haven't heard about new Amiga games for some time. I remember the time Trapped 2, Final Odyssey, Napalm etc. were new but then I sold my 12oo and became a WinUAE user. After returning to Amiga hardware-wise I feel myself a lot more closer to this platform.

Now only Clickboom seems to be developing games and they have this 3CD game, Nightlong. Are there any other companies or individual developes left? Vulcan was doing well but they are not making Amiga games any longer. Are there any good games under development? I don't mean crappy pc conversions like shogo.

Are there any Amiga game review sites that examine new games?

Fred the Fop 11 September 2002 17:44

This site has moribund and inaccurate information, but give it a try anyway, Burseg.


oldpx 11 September 2002 17:46

I got a pm about that site now, as I replied that pm, I knew about this site but it looks so ugly that I thought no one would be updating it for some years :D Thanks.

blackcornflake 11 September 2002 17:46

Companies I can think of are...

Hyperion: have been fairly prolific in the last two years, and still have projects in development. They are involved in Warp3D and the new AmigaOS. They specialise in PC game conversions, though, so...

Apex Designs, producers of Payback, may also be considered active.

Pagan Games handled the conversion of Earth 2140 to Amiga, and have an interesting-looking RPG in development.

Digital Dreams produced Wasted Dreams and Codename: Hellsquad. Their website mentions WD2, but has not seen an update for a long time.

Titan Computer develop and publish games for the Amiga.

A site which covers new releases (with accent on 3D) is Amiga Extreme. Not a lot of news lately, bar Payback stuff. One news item regards Maim & Mangle, an original Amiga 3D space thingy. Currently being developed by World Foundry.

oldpx 11 September 2002 17:53

Hmm after all some interesting things are happening. Things keep getting worse though.

kriz 11 September 2002 17:57

yeah, its hard to survive making amiga games now .... people make games for the amiga because they love it, not because of the money ... (its a great idea, but its hard to survive doing it...) but mad props to the teams who are still coding games for the amy ..

btw. you forgot Clickboom , they are the makers of Napalm and others. they got a game called 666 in the making ...

blackcornflake 11 September 2002 18:35

The list of developers would have been longer a year ago, true. Recent casualties include Digital Images (WipeOut2097) and ClearWater Interactive (Bubble Heroes). An interesting interview with ClearWater is here: http://www.amigafuture.de/englisch/e...terviewcwi.php

No wonder they gave up on Amiga games. Bubble Heroes sold in the hundreds worldwide. A real shame, as it is a cool game.

@kriz: we didn't forget clickBoom. ;) Burseg mentioned them at the start of the thread, and asked for info on other active companies...

Akira 11 September 2002 18:53

I thought Clickboom were DEAD, that's why they had a sale of all their remainig games stock.

Anyway, they quite suck. Only half-decent game they made is F-Zero [edit: F-Zero? HAHAH I meant tZero!! too much GBA :D](and I think it got overhyped, just tried out the demo for a bit)

That reminds me... there was a Turrican look-a-like kind of game... What was its name? Is there a demoversion I could try?

BTW I cannot dload the Hellsquad or WastedDream demos from the official site. They don't seem to be at Aminet either.

Any other links?

Bobic 11 September 2002 19:46

Please, don't forget the most active games company on the Amiga computer at the moment: e.p.i.c. interactive (http://www.epic-interactive.de).
In the last 15 months they have brought games like Feeble Files, Software Tycoon, Earth 2140 or Simon the Sorcerer 2 to the Amiga.

oldpx 11 September 2002 20:41

I'm losing my faith on clickboom after their crappy Defender of the Crown remake on the pc.

Akira 11 September 2002 20:55

Clickboom hasn't done a single quality title IMO. As I said, I had high hopes for t-zero but it doens't seem to be THAT hot.

blackcornflake 11 September 2002 23:25

One more developer that has quit because of poor sales of a good, recent game: Sland Media, authors of Exodus: The Last War (RTS). :sad


Originally posted by Akira
That reminds me... there was a Turrican look-a-like kind of game... What was its name? Is there a demoversion I could try?
I'm guessing... Desolate, Vulcan Software? If that is the right game name, I don't think it was ever released. I don't know of a demo, either.


Originally posted by Akira
BTW I cannot dload the Hellsquad or WastedDream demos from the official site. They don't seem to be at Aminet either.

Any other links?

I can't find either online myself. I do, however, have both demos on magazine cover CDs. Mod guidance on possible Zone upload, please.

Twistin'Ghost 12 September 2002 00:41

And as I am traversing the data for HOL input, I had entries in my database for games that were in development (info gleaned from their web sites) and some of these games never got completed, either. A very sad time for Amiga games...

blackcornflake 12 September 2002 01:08

Not a mystery why though. Same story over and over - enthusiastic developer, good game, poor sales, no more releases. The hardware is up to it, but the game buying public isn't.

Here is another ray of light... Emerald Imaging, developers of a Myst-like adventure, Aqua.

Can I say to anybody even vaguely interested, buy it.

Twistin'Ghost 12 September 2002 01:23

Well, it looks like a PC game. Yet Another 3D Game in a market overcrowded with 3D games. Aiming one at a miniscule market is a bad business decision, IMHO. Is that the only thing developers can think of to do with additional processing power? Render 3D? Imagination has packed its bags and scarcely showed its mug since the mid 90's. Ironically at the same time PC gaming made a major presence on this doomed planet of ours. Coincidence?

Fred the Fop 12 September 2002 01:34

You need to have your words seen on more than just this page, my freind :)
Truer words rarely spoken. I don't think I'll be your enemy anymore, Twist.

blackcornflake 12 September 2002 01:41

Good point, Twist, but I think it has more to do with the games industry becoming really big business, like music. And as in music, when big firms with big bucks get involved, the last item on their mission statements is originality. Taking risks seems to lose out most times to the extension of an established franchise. In order to shift, er, units. :rolleyes

The same lack of new gaming ideas is evident no matter the hardware platform, console or computer.

Fred the Fop 12 September 2002 01:42

Oh yeah , and if I ever find the person who said "Hey! They should make "Rampart" in 3D!", I'll stuff his eye sockets with pimply golf balls.
The thought **shudder** of that classic piece of work...in....3D???

Fred the Fop 12 September 2002 01:46

Well, you see, there was a review in the NY Times about James Bond and why he matters in the age of feces like "xXx" and "Die Hard". Its because the movie machines nowadays compensate for lack of imagination by overwhelming the moviegoer with fluff, SFX and bathroom humor. But there are a few who appreciate the finer wit of the superior move-maker.

Akira 12 September 2002 02:23


Originally posted by blackcornflake
Mod guidance on possible Zone upload, please.
They are demos, so it's OK to upload them :)

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