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TjLaZer 05 August 2018 21:25

Classic WB 68k v28 update pack?
I have an older Classic WB install that was tweaked a bit over the years that I want to update to the latest v28 as I want to use Peter K's icon.lib. But I can't seem to find an "update" pack. I don't want to copy over a new install and potentially messing up all the work I've done. Is there an update pack avail to bring it up to v28 or a guide on what files to copy over? Is it just a matter of keeping all the files in S: alone? I know I can do through all the scripts one by one and check for the changes but that would be very time consuming. Another way would be to just start over with the new v28 but that would also be some work. Any help is appreciated!

AMIGASYSTEM 06 August 2018 00:35

ClassicWB 68k does not use Scalos you can normally install Peter's Icon.library

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