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theelf_ 20 July 2013 20:40

Ideas for new version of Winfellow
Hi! I have 3 ideas for a next version of Winfellow, in the video side

1) Centering screen when use 640x480

For example, many games are 320x256, then is best to just lost 8px on top and 8px on bottom, than 16px on bottom!

2) The new 2x in video is amazing, but for some games, that use 320x200 maybe is better...

For example, for a standard 1280x1024 screen

320x256 = 1280x1024 perfect
320x200 = 1280x800 Ok, but looks panoramic

In case of 320x200 games, a 2x3 must be better, double in width, triple in height, then:

320x200 = 1280x1000 > fits perfect in a 1280x1024

For now, the best option for 320x200 games, is 640x400, and let the screen stretch the image...

3) 50% scanlines...

100% scanlines are ok, but are too dark, 50% ones, look more real in TFT screens, and closer to the old CRT


carfesh 21 July 2013 10:34

The image normally is already being centered. You probably have used titles that aren't centered within the full overscan area, making them appear in the wrong position.

For more advanced positioning and clipping options, you might want to look at Amiga Forever. You can position the visible area freely when you edit the clipping. There's even a live preview, sadly right now that just works with WinUAE. WinUAE is also capable of automatic clipping of the visible area, which for me isn't an option due to a huge drag it puts on the CPU.

theelf_ 21 July 2013 12:47

Hi, oh good to know, can you please, tell me with game is centered, to test? sadly the ones I test, not being centered

My machine is a Athlon XP 1ghz, then all test are made on this computer, sadly now, I don't have a less powerful computer, like PIII 500 or something like that

Like you say WinUAE centered the image, that's why I need to use for games like Pinball Fantasies

Pinball Fantasies works great on winfellow, but clips all 16px on the bottom area, is not much, but sometimes in the high-speed action :) is difficult to see the flippers...

I donĀ“t know how much CPU power is need to clip and centered in 640x480, but at least in the Athlon 1ghz works great

I will build a P3 500 to test, im curious now


carfesh 21 July 2013 14:06

For me personally 640x512 seems to be a better resolution to play Pinball Fantasies; there's a few pixels missing, that's one title that can really better be clipped in Amiga Forever, where this is configurable pixle-exact.

BTW: without Amiga Forever, try to disable num-lock, and press Pos1 + the numpad cursor keys to move the image around freely inside the visible area :great

EmuChicken 27 July 2013 05:07

Also, if your Video Mode is set to NTSC, it may give you a clipped bottom. :(

carfesh 27 July 2013 10:26


Also, if your Video Mode is set to NTSC, it may give you a clipped bottom.
Could you give an example of what you mean? First, what do you mean by the video mode being set to NTSC (right now, WinFellow doesn't have NTSC support, so I guess you mean you run an NTSC game)?

Then, what exactly is being clipped? Do you see a change in comparison to older versions?

Could you maybe post the name of the game, and any special resolution or display settings you use?

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