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the wolf 10 July 2003 01:07

Cheats galore!
Don't know if it can be useful for you ar not, but...
I've uploaded in The Zone a BIG (and I mean really BIG) doc with more than 1000 tips, cheat, level codes and so on, for Amiga games... If it could be of any help...

Codetapper 10 July 2003 08:53

The problem with cheats...
Firstly thanks for the upload - I have just looked at it and it's an old cheat list Sweet Cheater v5.5. The last official release was v5.7 but it's now up to v5.9 on my hard drive at home!

Anyway please bear this in mind regarding all cheats on the net:

Most of the cheats that went around the BBS days on the Amiga all came from one big text file version which was full of mistakes and non working cheats. A lot of cheat sites used this as their basis which is why so many of them have the same mistakes in them.

HOL uses Sweet Cheater as it's basis and I have spent a lot of time going through and removing cheats that did not work, cheats for games not even released on the Amiga etc. The majority of them have been tested and do work.

I am not keen to put in any new cheats unless they have been verified by somebody trustworthy.

A good test is to quickly look for the game "Warhawk" in these cheat lists. The game was only released on the C64. If a cheat list contains this title then I know the collector has just ripped cheats from other sources without any verification. Another classic is games like Superfrog which has 6 digit numbers as level codes and some cheat lists have 7 digits for some levels! (including older versions of Sweet Cheater!)

Incidentally when the full version is put online it will say which cheats are verified and who discovered the cheat if it is known.

the wolf 10 July 2003 14:10

Tnx for the info, I never know the list was released till 5.9.
As the author says in the beninning, i thought c5.5 was the latest, so I've never searched furthermore.
To be honest, I prefer to play games without cheating at all, but in any case, there is often a trainer to complete games...
I'll keep in mind the only source trustworthy is HOL...
Long life to HOL! :)

Codetapper 14 July 2003 05:21

Majority of Sweet Cheater cheats are now online!
Most of the Perl script which renames the cheats into the HOL names is now complete and there are about 750 cheats online.

There are another 300 or so which I must manually look up and then the HOL database will contain all the cheats.

I have removed a lot of useless ones which you can find in inferior cheat sites (Super Sprint, Warzone, Ziriax).

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