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prb28 11 May 2018 12:14

Amiga Assembly extension for Visual Studio Code
I've just started a new project of an extension for Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code Extension

The initial features are editor highlighting (existed already but not totally accurate) and code formatting.
It's a work in progress... I want to add some hover for documentation on asm and Amiga registers.

I'm new to Amiga assembly language so if you have some remarks or requests, or if you want to contribute, you're welcome !

Just in a few lines, why ... (you can skip this part ;-))
Well, after 25 years in my basement, my Amiga 500 is clean and running.
Back in the days, i wanted to create a copperlist, but 2mn of reboot after a messy code was too much.
Now I have FS-UAE with a save state (0.5 sec for restore), vscode and all the tutorials from Photo (thanks a lot !).
But in episode 13, it begins by a code cleaning - and after 20 years of being a software developer, I told myself, my code is really a mess !
I did not want to format it by hand...
So I created this extension, maybe it can be useful to someone else.
It will be for me to end the episode 13 !

kamelito 11 May 2018 12:25

there is the one below but it is not working with the latest VS

plasmab 11 May 2018 20:42

Anything wrong with this one?


Works well for me.

prb28 11 May 2018 21:04

I was using this one, it works pretty well, but there is no code formatting.
And if you want to align your instructions and comments, it may be painful.

prb28 09 August 2018 12:17

There is preview of the 0.7 version with:
  • build and launch of fs-uae
  • line debugger
  • Memory dump
  • disasembler

The example workspace:

The prebuilt binaries for osx/debian64/windows64:

plasmab 09 August 2018 14:21

Excellent work!

prb28 10 August 2018 01:28

Thanks !

The FS-UAE gdb remote protocol adapter is mainly a work from Daniel Collin:

plasmab 23 August 2018 17:59

Any chance the marketplace can be updated with 0.7?

got this going with stock fs-uae but no debugging? is there a windows build of the fs-uae you use?

EDIT: found the prebuilt binaries but couldnt get debugging to work. odd.

prb28 23 August 2018 20:47

For now, I've no prevision date for the 0.7 release to the market place.
I will like it to be "enough" to fill the basic needs of a developer (need some feedback or use it more to see what's missing).

Maybe, it should be synchronized with an official version of fs-uae with the remote debugging option (it is not only on my hands).

So, now, I'm finishing the stack trace (call trace) in the debugger by backporting some code from winua 4.0.

Now, for your issue on windows, you may have the wrong version of the extension (fs-uae and the extension must be in sync) or a bad path in the .vscode/settings.json and .vscode/launch.json files.

Please try this :
I hope this will do the trick !

plasmab 23 August 2018 21:32

Not sure what I did but i got it going. Excellent work!!!!

I really really wish FS-UAE didnt capture the mouse though.. it makes me want to throw my keyboard through the monitor.

prb28 23 August 2018 22:10

Great ! (thanks)

For the mouse... I'm used to it but maybe with the option : automatic_input_grab=0, it will be better.
I didn't try but you can add it to the .vscode/launch.json.

plasmab 23 August 2018 23:25

Good shout. Love this work. Wish that hatari had gdb support then we could reuse this for Atari dev too.

prb28 02 September 2018 13:25

80% of my code could work for an Atari editor/debugger ... just some work to do.
But It my early days I was an amiga guy ;-).

plasmab 02 September 2018 13:40


Originally Posted by prb28 (Post 1266231)
80% of my code could work for an Atari editor/debugger ... just some work to do.
But It my early days I was an amiga guy ;-).

It would work perfectly if the Atari emulators used GDB type debugging. But Hatari has its own entirely different format.

prb28 02 September 2018 13:45

Of course, the implementation of the gdb remote protocol on the Hatari emulator is needed, but if it already has a debugger, "only" (maybe not easy) the communication part has to be done.

plasmab 02 September 2018 13:48


Originally Posted by prb28 (Post 1266238)
Of course, the implementation of the gdb remote protocol on the Hatari emulator is needed, but if it already has a debugger, "only" (maybe not easy) the communication part has to be done.

Indeed. Would be great at some point. Great work.

abelanet 29 September 2018 23:37

Not working for me on Windows 10. I installed the extension 0.8 to VC. Download the tools but when it comes to configure the tools and FS-UAE in VC things has change. Would be cool if there is a video that shows how this is done.

Anyway form the little I saw when it works fully this will be a great. Looking forward to use it.

prb28 30 September 2018 13:01

@abelanet , more than a video (I'm not really good at it ;)) : just use this link for windows 10 64b : https://github.com/prb28/vscode-amig...indows_x64.zip

After :
  • unzip
  • open the folder in vscode
  • if not already done: install the extension 0.8 and reload the window
  • set a breakpoint in the gencop.s file
  • go to the debug window and select debug in the dropdown field
  • click on the green arrow to start

Hope this helps.

plasmab 30 September 2018 13:23

I’ve not had any issues with 0.8 on Win10

Steve 30 September 2018 16:41

Just installed it to have a play with and it's great. Why does it say vasm needs to be configured though? How do you configure it?

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