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spannernick 11 July 2017 23:39

WHDLoad Games Music slows down on A600 works fine on A1200..?
This happens with Turrican 3 the music slows down when the title animation is on screen and Alien Breed too music slows down on titles.

This is on a A600 and on a A1200 works fine...?

Nibbler 12 July 2017 00:57

Try usig the tooltype CACHE

Greetings, Nibbler

Toni Wilen 12 July 2017 10:36

PAL/NTSC difference?

(68000 does not have any caches so CACHE option shouldn't help :))

Nibbler 12 July 2017 11:35

Most slaves where written on the A1200 (or another 68020 machine) and wont run properly without Cache. ( and some HATE caches )

He did not say what processor he uses. (even in the A600 could be a 6820 or better)

But who am i to tell you that Mr. Toni.
Maybe this is not the right place but i wanted to say THANK YOU :bowdown

Huge thanks for the PFS AIO, WinUAE and all the support we are getting fom you.


Toni Wilen 12 July 2017 12:30

Signature lists A600 without accelerator :)

Random slowdown or constant 50% or only 10%-20% slowdown?

alexh 12 July 2017 13:52

This was discovered years ago by me and patched by psygore. Update to v1.5 of the slave

spannernick 17 July 2017 03:12

Ok thanks,so I should update the 2 games Alien breed SE 92 and Turrican 3 can't remember where I download them from...?

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Retroplay 17 July 2017 03:48

Grab them from the ftp

alexh 17 July 2017 20:13


Originally Posted by spannernick (Post 1171758)
Alien breed SE

No-one reported this slave as having slowdown on 68000 and so it hasn't been updated. If it really is then report it.


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