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andersbm 26 September 2013 07:38

ClassicWB (FULL) error: "ToolsDaemon could'nt find Workbench window!"
Hi all.

I have just (almost) succesfully installed ClassicWB Full but I have a problem!

When booting my Amiga I get this error:

ToolsDaemon 2.1a:
Could'nt find Workbench window!

My only button option is "Abort". When clicked the Amiga goes to the "standard black/red screen of death" and writes:

"Software failure. Press left mouse button to continue. Error: 8100 0005 Task:401F2660".

When left mouse button is pressed the Amiga reboots and the whole cycle repeats again and again.

Can someone please help or guide me to some helpful instructions?

All best
Anders, Copenhagen.

Bloodwych 05 October 2013 17:09

ClassicWB FULL runs Scalos not Workbench windows, so TooldDaemon is likely not compatible.

Scalos has its own similar functionality already built in.

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