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keropi 15 February 2008 14:48

PicassoIV and native SD/FF screenmodes stored in it "ROM"
Ok, I tried today my 2nd PicassoIV ... it has some weird problem I think.
I tried it on a freshly arrived A4000D that I got for a friend. I put it, waited a while and it displayed excellent the 3.1 KS screen....
early start-up menu, pIV menu, 3.1wb disk etc cause the monitor to power-off... I tried 2 different 17" CRT ones that worked OK with my 2 A4000 (picassoIV/Arxon sd)
so I connected the PIV to a zorro slot on my g-rex4000D , without the ff module inserted (connected though to PIV because the previous owner used it with an A2000) , and via the voodoo3 I finally displayed the PIV menu... PAL/NTSC settings where to 75hz, one required 41khz monitor and the other 47khz... :crazy
so I pressed reset to defaults, they changed back to the 50/60hz modes both 31.1khz monitor... I press USE and rebooted... but still the rom had the 75hz settings! bah
Do I need to configure it with PicassoModeTNG? only this will work?
the card is already 7.4 flashed (won't let me flash again)
and p4info tells me I have the latest bridge/sd-ff chips ($4 and $7 IIRC)
should I swap it with my "good" pIV and use PMODETNG to adjust pal/ntsc to defaults? I am looking for a simpler way that does not involve dissasembling again my 2nd A4000D :laughing:laughing:laughing
any ideas?
alexh? :spin

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