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turrican3 10 April 2008 16:28

looking for demo musik
i'm looking for demo with great musik, if there is demo with well known musics it should be great! Do you know one ?
ps i remember a demo on my atari st with vampires (from a movie) and great musics (hit), if someone remember the name of this demo.

Frog 10 April 2008 19:40

an ST game with vampire (from a movie) is Fright Night.

turrican3 10 April 2008 20:11

yes, that's it.:bowdown
It doesn't exist for amiga ? Or same kind of demo ?
In my memory the quality of the music was great for this demo on atari st.

s2325 10 April 2008 20:33

http://hol.abime.net/628 (adf on planetemu.net) soundtrack: http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/2927

turrican3 10 April 2008 21:06

thank you s2325, but it wasn't a game, it was a demo a digitalized picture with a guy with a buned cross on his head with a great music but i don't remember the music.

turrican3 30 May 2008 14:21

like i see it surely wasn't available for the amiga but then could you advice me great amiga music disk with well lnown songs ?

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