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Neil79 22 October 2018 16:08

My Story - Autism, bullying and the love of retro gaming!


I've been meaning to do this now for a very very long time, but have always felt doing something like this might bore many of you and even turn some of you away. But considering how many years Indie Retro News has been going, and how many great friends I've made along the way now is the time I feel to tell a small part of my story. A story that wont be pages and pages in length, but will be just enough for you to understand doing all of this wasn't an easy road.

I hope I can share this with you all, and I'm sure many have suffered as I did growing up.

Gordon 22 October 2018 16:13

Thanks for sharing your story. And even more thanks for creating Indie Retro News! So many of us love it!

malko 22 October 2018 16:35

It's never easy to confide in others unless we feel confident enough. Confident of who we are and how strong we are.
So congratulations and thanks for Indie Retro News ! :great

Neil79 22 October 2018 16:39

Thank you both of you, kind of you to say

amiman99 22 October 2018 19:13

Hi, Thanks for sharing your story.
You mentioned in your story "...Memories of being punched in my arm over and over again...".
Ahh..I remember being punched in the arm every freaking day by some bully. Some day, I just wrapped bunch of thumb tacks with the tape around my arm and under a shirt and waited to see what happens. Then the same day, that bully hit me in that arm, got hurt and started bleeding, he just looked at me with disbelief.
Since then, he never punched me again.

I feel your pain, kids can be so cruel.
I think if you know who you are, then it doesn't matter what people think.

Anubis 22 October 2018 19:52

This was very interesting read. I would never guess any of this based on your posting here, and as for IRN, please continue doing it as it makes you happy as well all of us, readers.

It is interesting how some diagnosis can get you in point in your life when you say - oh, now that all make sense.

Thank you for sharing your story! :great

Tsak 22 October 2018 21:39

Who would have guessed... Thanks for sharing your story Neil! And for being a true pillar in the community! :agree

richfr 22 October 2018 21:51

Glad you found your place in life and are happy :) must have taken a lot to share this.
I am very new to the community and look forward to reading Indie Retro News.

jotd 22 October 2018 22:03

that's really an awesome read. You don't need to be an autist to get bullied, or not being picked to play soccer... Now I grew up to 1m88 & 90 kgs, guess that noone tries that stunt anymore :)

(even if I don't recommend to pick me for soccer, I still suck)

I always thought that it was better to be bullied than to be a bully. I got tempted by bullying once or twice in my life. I just threatened the guy, not punching or such but still I was really ashamed afterwards (even if there weren't consequences on me or public shaming or punishment...). That's just too easy. I guess all bullies feel shame at some point (well, the smartest ones...)

And retrocomputing rules!

Neil79 22 October 2018 22:58

Thank you everyone :)

Marchie 22 October 2018 23:55

Thanks for sharing your story, it was an interesting read and a brave thing to do. Indie retro news is a great site too (doubly so when it covers Amiga stuff! ;) ) .

Keep up the good work Neil!

gimbal 23 October 2018 00:22


Originally Posted by jotd (Post 1279411)
that's really an awesome read. You don't need to be an autist to get bullied, or not being picked to play soccer... Now I grew up to 1m88 & 90 kgs, guess that noone tries that stunt anymore :)

Not at all, I had a rough time in school as well. Caused by both students and uncaring teachers.

Granted I was a typical anti-social computer nerd whom on top of that refused to grow up so I was very easily picked on, but still.

When you do dry up eventually it makes you a better person I guess. But nobody should have a sucky time in school, that place should be a safe haven until you are let loose to fend for yourself on the job market.

jotd 23 October 2018 13:27

I didn't really had a rough time, and wasn't an anti-social type (I'm not) or nerd, but I was younger than others in my class, and got abuse from one or 2 stupid brainless guys from another class. That didn't last very long, fortunately, and the abuse wasn't constant, because those weren't in my class.

Still, if I meet those guys today...well they're probably in jail or dead :)

zipper 23 October 2018 13:39

I feel sympathy as I do have similar experiences but not as grave. My dad was a similar type person and my son has got the symptoms, too. Luckily bullying stopped after early teens so blending into society managed but I'm never a social person prospering well by myself.

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