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Probability 07 February 2016 21:39

Not Sure How to Start this Emulator?
I'm very new to the emulator Winfellow. I have Build 3. I've been trying to play Shadow of The Beast, but have been unsuccessful. I have both .adf files for the game and am using Kickstart 1.3. Whenever I try to play it comes up with a gray screen. Sometimes music plays but the start screen looks distorted slightly and whenever I click the mouse the game freezes up. I probably sound very naive at this point, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

PS: I don't have a rom.key, I'm not sure if that file is necessary perhaps?

Zeph 07 February 2016 22:03

Personally I wouldn't even bother, it's nowhere near as complete as the UAE variants.

S0ulA55a551n 08 February 2016 01:41

he only point in using winfellow is its faster on older hardware, but otherwise as zeph said just use fs-uae or winuae

carfesh 08 February 2016 04:45

What exactly do you mean when you say you have build 3? Version 0.5.3?

I've tried it just now, Shadow of the Beast loads fine using Kickstart 1.3 and 512 kB chip mem/slow mem. Are you sure your floppy image is ok?

However, Shadow of the Beast is a title that currently does not look very well in WinFellow. It is on our todo list, and we are making progress to that end. For the time being, and for that particular game, the advice to use WinUAE is actually quite valid.

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