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spanner 30 June 2012 18:54

ClassicWB Green Amiga Alien Edition - Will it work on Workbench 3.1
I want to put this on my Amiga 1200 and I want to install 1.3 theme

Can I install it with OS 2.1 the copy the fles from 3.1 over the top or will that break something in GAAE..??

So I want it to look like this but on workbench 3.1..


Any comments or suggestions are welcome..

Bloodwych 30 June 2012 19:39

The LITE version is WB 3.0/1 and has the 1.3 theme:


It's easier to use that and copy across files from the GAAE for anything missing.

spanner 01 July 2012 16:09


Originally Posted by Bloodwych (Post 826629)
The LITE version is WB 3.0/1 and has the 1.3 theme:


It's easier to use that and copy across files from the GAAE for anything missing.

Yes I just realised that but I have already copied it to my hdd and its running ok on my A1200(I have almost all my memory available..;) ) but I think some of the programs are not working disksav for one software error.(I just copy progams from lite to GAAE to get them to work)

it don't have the bar at the bottom how do I..

1. copy that to the lite version what files need copying over.

2. how do you add icons to the workbench screen like the games,run and files icons..

3. You could make a version of GAAE for 3.1 or when I am finished with this I could share this version.(i wouldn't inclued copyright stuff like the AmigaOS files but how do you do that setup of yours,its using AROS right that's all I know..)

4. OH one more thing... The GAAE workbench is gray not blue on 3.1,its blue on 2.1 but for some reason it gray,how do I change it..??

Just added Tiny Launcher and to the Run box WHDLoad popup box.

spanner 05 July 2012 19:20

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Oh one thing for some reason when you try to install the lite version on winuae on win7(on my laptop) and try to upgrade it to 3.1 and put in the extra disk it comes up with a error (wroung checksum on block 1694) but I know the ADF file is ok cos it works with all of the other classicwb's anyone know why..??

pic in a min for you..here you go..

Retrofan 05 July 2012 20:08

Spanner watching your video I think you should make the installation again, this time with CWB Lite. Open this link and see the 1.3 theme http://classicwb.abime.net/classicweb/lite.htm . Btw your pointer is wrong too.

spanner 05 July 2012 22:34

I have but I need help get AmiDock to work from GAAE..
I copied the files from System/dock and from startup folders and now when you restart the Amiga its looking for a Dock file or something..it says"Please insert DOCK in any drive"

johnim 05 July 2012 22:46

hi mate thats just an assign needed to the folder where the dock stuff is

spanner 05 July 2012 22:50

How do I add a assign ..?

spanner 05 July 2012 23:05

I see you can do it with dopus but when you restart it don't keep the assign folder..?

Retrofan 05 July 2012 23:17

Surely it can be done other way, but you can put the command in the startup-sequence. Oh no, better, there is a Assign-startup in s that you can edit too, and that in fact you should edit to change where you've got your games and others.

johnim 05 July 2012 23:54

hi look at these and edit



just make a new assign like this underneath

Retrofan 06 July 2012 01:01

Hey, I'm making right now the same than you, but I'm starting from the Lite version; I want to add the dock.

First I've copied the Dock of the WBstartup, and later the Dock in System: System.

You can assign it just as it's made in the GAAE version:
In user-startup (ed s:user-startup) you have to add:
Assign >NIL: Dock: SYS:System/Dock/Files

But later you'll have to copy all the programs Dock has there in it's drawers:

To start, System:Programs/Games from the GAAE version.
For Shell to copy the directory Command in System
For DirOpus I've copied the one of GAAL and then copied again the lib dopus.library of Dopus libs in System libs (don't know why it wasn't working before).
For JIV I've copied it from the GAAL in System:C:

And that's all I think, the Dock works nice and I'm using kicktarts 3.0 and I've got the 1.3 theme; just like your image of the first post ;)

Retrofan 06 July 2012 20:03

I hope you've got it working after our PM's.

I'll tell you what I've done: I've done another partition, marked as bootable, called "Work" in my Cf, with 400mb, but you can make it just with more than 43 or 46mb that is what it uses, and I've copied there the CWBLite with the 1.3 theme.

I thought I would need to change something in the startup-sequence for it to work, but not.

So if I want to boot with this second "OS", I just have to press both buttons of the mice and select the partition to boot, in my case DH4.

The only "problem" is that you'll have botting with whatever partition some icons of the other, but if you can arrange it, it will be fine.

Another thing: I only can use 4mb of my Hawk ramboard, just like you, and using CWBLite I've could run games I coudn't before (like AlienBreed Aga) with CWBAdvSP, just because I've got more free ram I think. Well, surely I could with CWBAdvSP using 4 colors, but it's better to use them with this.

Edit: Thomas has remind me a recent thread: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=64856

I think I will try it, to avoid repeated icons.

Edit: I coudn't make the link to work right, but what I'm doing now is selecting before booting the partition I want to be disabled too.
Edit: No, now I boot directly to DH0 without any other icon, and only use the early menu to boot from the second and hide the first: http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=827879&postcount=18

spanner 06 July 2012 22:01

Thanks..sorted(Retofan) Dam man have had so many pros with my A1200,

Green wire came off the 3 lights dam thing wouln't solder properly but then maged to it then the lights stoped work had it solder again,hdd making a alarm sound when the ide is bent woung way and then the connection to the vga board woun't solder proerly...it must be the solder iam using..;)

What is this Friday the 13th..;)

prowler 07 July 2012 00:00


Originally Posted by spanner (Post 827632)
What is this Friday the 13th..;)

No, it's next Friday. :crazy I'd leave your soldering iron in the cupboard then if I were you. ;)

spanner 07 July 2012 00:27

How do you keep icons on the workbench in the same place cos the My Files folder keep going to the top left...:(..??

johnim 07 July 2012 00:30

right click and snapshot them

Retrofan 07 July 2012 01:24

Perhaps you have to move some of them, perhaps more separated, and ram is difficult to change of position (you can't with snapshot).

spanner 07 July 2012 01:37

I tried snapdshot and when I restart it back at the top left,does do it with you version Fernando(I got it from you.. )..?

Retrofan 07 July 2012 01:47

If you're trying to move the dock, then you have to left click on the left of it and in the options select Dock - Placement where do you want it to be (bottom left, bottom right...) and later save.

Edit: I see what you say. You have to move all the icons a little, because if not "My files" will change position. Move all of them a little: Run, Files, Games, Demos, Temp, Icons and Shell to make room for MyFiles and snapshot them all. I don't know why, but Myfiles takes more room that it seems.

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