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puppetmaster76 17 August 2004 19:15

Arrgh , Why the plug-ins don't work ?

I have download the plug-ins for IE but when I go to the Jukebox page, nothing append.:mad

If someone could help me before I'll become :crazy

My configuration :
Windows XP Corporate
Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2
and the Plug-ins that i've found on the page : http://mods.abime.net


BenniP 17 August 2004 19:47

Have you downloaded and installed the Reg-Fix?

Paul 17 August 2004 19:48

The only thing you can do is use Mozilla, Firefox or Opera. The regfix does not work in IE6 SP2 (just tested)

puppetmaster76 17 August 2004 20:28

Done Every Thing, But nothing appends !

Kodoichi 18 August 2004 08:52


Originally Posted by puppetmaster76
Done Every Thing

Bullshit. Did you use OTHER browser like Firefox or Opera? It WORKS with those.

puppetmaster76 18 August 2004 11:19

I'm trying OPERA. it seems that it works


But I'll still trying in IE 6.0


bobbybearing 28 February 2005 18:40

for site using module player under IE6, Alambik viewer plugin works fine ( http://www.net-viewer.com/ )
just a problem : unzip file before playing !

RCK 28 February 2005 22:23

but but, you mean listen to mods offline ?
download, unzip, and listen ?

if yes, any mods player can listen to them :p

bobbybearing 28 February 2005 22:50


Originally Posted by RCK
but but, you mean listen to mods offline ?
download, unzip, and listen ?

if yes, any mods player can listen to them :p

It works with unzipped modules online.
the problem is Here ! :banghead

If it's possible to unzip with php and launch player with the unzipped module, it's ok, but user download the unzipped version, another problem :nuts

:help :D

perhaps future version manage zip ?

Alambik script is :

      screen.resolution.set (1,1)

        music.play ("name_module.MOD")

        text.display ("Press a key to exit.",CENTER,350)

        keyboard.wait ()

        script.stop ()

a php script can creat this script after unzip with the name of temp file "unzip.mod" for example

RCK 01 March 2005 19:46

hum oki, I will test it :)

bobbybearing 10 December 2005 22:19

else you can use the Music Player based on NativeFmod, Java convertion of Fmod : http://jerome.jouvie.free.fr/

perhaps it's possible to create a plugin using NativeFmod, for IE, Firefox...

RCK 07 January 2006 18:43

interesting !

jmmijo 07 January 2006 19:26

Well I just tried to use the modplugin with Maxthon which uses the IE core and no-go there as well, with or without the reg-fix.

I even tried the latest Firefox, however, Netscap v7.1 worked just fine after installing the modplugin ;)

I guess I'll be a browser whore on this machine and have at least 4 installed web browsers :crazy

bobbybearing 04 April 2006 02:07

what about a Linux conversion of Modplug plugin by using libmodplug (from modplug xmms plugin ) ?
if someone could make this conversion...:help :bowdown

bobbybearing 28 June 2006 14:45


When Dreams come true

thanx to Mandrixx for this excellent work!

RCK 29 June 2006 20:49

Nice !
Java only, but nice :p

btw, mods.abime.net is working fine with Firefox, I will update the site soon :)

SkippyAR 09 May 2008 12:20

Was this issue with MODPlug Plugin and WinXP (SP2) IE6 ever resolved?

I can't get the Juke Box to work @ http://mods.abime.net/

(Sniff) <-- Upset

Tried a couple of the registry fixes/patches to no avail.

Does anyone have any tips?


SkippyAR 09 May 2008 20:08

Works with Mozilla FireFox 2 on WinXP (SP2)


Can I get this plugin for Aweb and use the Amiga's native Audio Hardware?


Predseda 31 August 2016 09:22

http://mods.abime.net/ isn't working anymore.

Is there any way to play mods in a website today?

Akira 31 August 2016 15:46


Originally Posted by Predseda (Post 1108749)
Is there any way to play mods in a website today?

There's plenty, like this:


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