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emufan 30 January 2013 19:40

lightwave plugins, macros and tools
we are looking for Lightwave, VideoToaster software - plugins, macros, tutorial videos and manuals:
[ if you know about any products for lw/vt not listed here, let us know ]

[missing addons]:
LWMath.P - LW5 plugin by Newtek - with 'MathFilter'
Prem's - Relativity (amiga version?)
Prem's - Surface Effector [Example Tutorial] ( _missing_ plugin on "Bird CD" disks - zoned )
Puppet Master
Worley Labs - Gaffer (amiga version ?)
(Morph) Gizmo (amiga version?)
Dynamic Realities - Lock and Key
Dynamic Realities - Particle Storm (amiga version?)
Scene Machine
Path Finder
Shaderman (set of procedural textures)
Lightwave Lab vols. 1 & 2 on character animation by Susan Ishida ( tutorial videos )
Cybernetica - Newton's Law ( some folks formed "Dynamic Realities" and made Impact! from it)
Joe Tracy's - Flyer Mastery Guide (cd-images)
OAO Media - Macroform 2.0
Plug-in Power - Macroform, Particle Storm & WaveFilter by Rex Olson; Brad Peebler (video tutorial)
VertiLectric ( demo available)
LightSocket 1.2 ( demo on aminet )
Freeform 3D 1.9 ( demo on aminet )
Power Module (WipeStudio addon - WipeStudio ask for it's serial number)
Club Toaster 17-34+ (CDs)
FLY FX update: flyfx13.lha
Bill Frawley - The Best Of Lightwave Pro Compilation Book
Enhancer Macros - LWE - Volume 1: Enhanced Editing
Enhancer Macros - LWE - Volume 2: Nonlinear Object Factory
Enhancer Macros - LWE - Volume 3: Morphing Tools
ANIMAGE LightWave Macros Pro I
Coverdisks from Lightwave/Videotoaster magazines
Merlin's Software - Decision Maker 2.0 / Control Tower 2.0

[what was found]:
Lightwave 5.0r ( zoned ) - [latest known version - 5.20a is fake]
Lightwave 5.0r CD Setup [Scenes/Objects/Fonts/Scripts/Plugins] "ready to go" (zoned)
Modeler 5.0f ( zoned) - [latest version]
Lightwave SDK [incl. html documents] (zoned)
Lightwave 4.0 ISO
Dynamic Motion Module 1.06 (zoned)
Visual FX (Lightwave and ImageFX sets)
Sparks 2.16 (zoned)
WaveFilter Net+ - WFNetPlus_Amiga.zip ( online and zoned )
Wavefilter 1.0 ( zoned )
Dynamic Realities - Impact 1.0 (successor of Newton's Law) ( zoned )
Hollywood FX 1.32 ( zoned )
Wavemaker 2.0 ( tosec )
Fiber Factory 1.01 ( zoned )
LightWave Particle Animator LWPA (aminet)
Motionmaster Vol I & II ( zoned )
Face Camera 1.0 ( Imaginative Systems ) (zoned)
CyberGFXRenderer 1.2 ( Imaginative Systems ) (zoned)
Particle Fountain 1.0 ( zoned )
Dust 2.47 incl.keyfile ( zoned ) version 2.48 on aminet
ExtractX by Daniel Ritchie [help to create lip-syncs] ( zoned )
Interchange Plus 3.0 ( zoned )
Steve Worley - Forge 1.0 [and some texture disks] ( zoned )
Steve Worley - Essence I & II v3.0 [for use with Forge 1.0] ( zoned )
Wavewriter Pro 1.9.7 [disk 2 is bad - just fonts on it ] ( zoned )
Lightwave 1.05 [does work w/o toaster ] ( zoned )
12to24, AllKeyer, FixLWS by Joe Angell tmproductions.com ( online )
Humanoid v1.0 [ objects & scenes - 9 disk set] ( zoned )
The LightWave 3D Book: Tips, Techniques ( zoned LWPRO_CD.zip )
Jurassic Collection [ objects & scenes ] ( zoned )
Lightview 1.07 [object viewer with different shading modes] ( zoned )
Level of Detail Object Replacement Plugin ( zoned )
Vertex 2.0 [3D editor, supporting LW, Sculpt, Caligari, EPS import and more] ( zoned )
ScapeMaker 3.02 ( zoned )
The Black Lotus - Lightwave Converter (aminet)
Font Flyer v1.4 incl. Particle_Gen ( zoned )

DEMScape - Modeler PlugIn for DEM/STM maps
DEMShade - Modeler Plugin
Bman-RGBShift - LW Plugin
Bman-Fresnel Shader - LW PlugIn
Bman-Blinking Shader - LW Plugin
Bman-Gooze - LW Displacement Plugin
Bman-AlphaClip - LW Plugin
Bman-InfraredVision - LW Plugin
Bman-Mandel - LW Plugin
Bman-Gradient - LW Plugin
Kevman VidLines - LW Plugin
Kevman Lampy - LW PlugIn
Kevman ImProc - LW PlugIn
Kevman Vmixer - LW PlugIn
Kevman Vhud - LW PlugIn
Fader Shader - LW Plugin - animates surface attributes
Fader2 Shader - extended version (WIP)
BlotchGUI - LW Plugin - uses LW56 sdk functions for easy GUI creation.
ObjectTest - LW Generic Plugin - info about Objects in current scene
Fori's Power View - Modeler Plugin - shaded Object preview
Distance & Angle Between Points - Modeler Plugin

- Lightwave 3D Plugin Collection v0.1 - [Aminet]

GLYPH's Lightwave 3D page - Graham Fyffe - Modeler Macros
Enhancer Macros - LWE - Volume 4: Creative Lab
PowerMacros 3.5
PlugIns and Go
Batch Factory 1 +2(AdPro, ImageFX, Lightwave/Modeler & more )
Parts & Labor I
OAO Media - Macroform 1.0 ( incl. fix for LW5: BC_LWMFF.LZX )
GonzaloMacros v1.2 [ AmigaFormat 10-19970123 ]

[Misc platform tools - compatible with Lightwave for Amiga]
- DanceForms | LifeForms - Motion Capture - exported scenes work with LW5

Crouton Tools 4000
Set of new Wipes
Toolkit 4000
T-REXX 2.1.4
ProWipes 3.0
WipeStudio [incl. reg files in HF-WSR.LHA]
ControlTower 1.0 + 1.5
Composite Studio Pro 2 [reg files in HF-WSR.LHA]
Prowave Flyer Tools
ProMix Tools 1.2
RenderFX 2.0a
Toaster Vision
VideoToaster 1.0
VideoToaster 2.0
VideoToaster 3.5
VideoToaster 4000
VideoToaster 4.3 [install disk for use with iso of 4.3]
Montage 1.02 [VideoToaster version]
Montage PostscriptModule [for Montage and Montage24]
Composite Studio 1.1
Quick Brush 4000 [Composite Studio 1.x has installer on its disk #1]
ShowMaker 1.0 [Scala alike program with VideoToaster support]
Prowave Flyer Freebies [Audio Black Box,Joinclips,ConvertWipe,Colortest,RenderFX Demo]
Amilink v2.691 [AmiLinkVT Video Editor AB-Roll Edition For: VLAN ]
Transporter v1.1 [Single Frame Controller Software]
VideoToaster Software -Switcher- now working without Hardware (HowTo Install) - latest Aminet release
Club Toaster 1-16
Millennium (3 CD) - [read here]
Scary FX by DiscreetFX
VideoGems by MegageM
Fly-FX Vol 1-3
ShortCuts,CoPilot Video/Audio - OZware

[misc tools]:
Kray 1.4 (old downloads) (aminet)[global illumination - stand alone renderer, can use LW objects] [Kray today]

- Video Toaster 4000 Manual [ online - DiscreetFX ]
- Video Toaster 2.0 Manual [ online - bombjack ]
- WaveGuide by JaxAnim [tutorial/manual PDF ] ( zoned ) ( online [website is down] )
- Lightwave Power Guide by Dan Ablan [ cd image only ] ( zoned )
- Sparks Manual - Partical Animation Software [ online - bombjack ]
- Fly-FX Manual
- Millenium Manual
- Joe Tracy's - Flyer Mastery Guide 2.0
- Composite Studio Professional 2
- Crouton Tools 1.1
- Toaster Toolkit 4000

[tutorials, magazines, resources]:
- The Art of LightWave Plug-ins - Bman's website
- obligement.free.fr - many Tutorials - search for lightwave.
- New Tekniques at bombjack
- Lightwave Pro at bombjack
- Lightwavin at bombjack
- Video Toaster User at bombjack
- FlightWave Online Magazine
- Amiga Video Toaster Flyer FAQ (archive.org - now almost useless - anyone with a website backup?)
- Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer FAQ's at Newtek.com Forums
- BSG Colonial ViperMk2 for Lightwave 5 - by Muadib [Aminet]
- Videos: Amiga Video Magazine, AmigaWorld, LightSpeed and more

[Commercial software]
The Amiga Lounge on EAB - [R.I.P]
Aussie - OZware (still sold - read here) [Co-Pilot A/V,Fast Frames,Hot Disk,Multicam,Note Maker,Short Cuts,The OZ Set]
DiscreetFX's Millennium Addon Package ( $50 US )
MegageM Products for NewTek's Amiga-based Video Toaster (out of business?)

[misc resources]
some plugins and links on Imaginative Sytems website
Some VideoToaster related information about some addons.
Amiga Plugins for Lightwave
Some old Lightwave Links

EAB FTP Server: "~Uploads" subfolder: "amigagenie" "videofx", "emu" and "pgovotsos"


thanks for looking.

klx300r 31 January 2013 06:49

@ emufan

if you find these please let us know as I've been wanting to get back into Lightwave on my miggy for a while

diablothe2nd 31 January 2013 10:53

^ me too

i'd like every plugin ever released cos i love 3d on the miggy :)

emufan 31 January 2013 14:11

after all these years, its hard to find any information on the web. with some luck
there will be something on those BBS archives - and there was.
Bird collection has a "surface effector 1.11" 2 disks - one empty , the otehr one contains example files only :bash

Relativity maybe never done for amiga: Prem's website. SurfEff was available for amiga

videofx 02 February 2013 05:44

I'm looking also and can use everything! I am just getting back into miggy and lightwave.

Any help is appreciated!


emufan 02 February 2013 11:30

what i found these days i uploaded into the zone - was editing first posting. take a look.

videofx 02 February 2013 17:58

Thanks I checked. I will let you know as I find more stuff

amigagenie 02 February 2013 19:51

emufan I have 2 of the visualfx cds and the companion floppys. As soon as I figure out how to upload the cds I'll post them.

my miggys aren't able to get on net, so I have to manually transfer the stuff.

videofx 02 February 2013 20:13

I just bought the Dynamic Motion Module complete if anyone is interested. Looking forward to your upload!

emufan 03 February 2013 23:36


Originally Posted by amigagenie (Post 865505)
emufan I have 2 of the visualfx cds and the companion floppys. As soon as I figure out how to upload the cds I'll post them.

my miggys aren't able to get on net, so I have to manually transfer the stuff.

thats cool.t.i.a
about the cd-images. you can make an iso image with any cd-burner application on your windows system. nero or something like this.
you can upload things as described here
Create a dms archive with dms and dmsgui and transfer the dms using crossdos/pc-disk to your networking machine.

amigagenie 04 February 2013 06:50

t.i.a. what is that?

videofx 04 February 2013 10:14

t.i.a.= Thankks in advance

I just picked up Millenium :)

amigagenie 04 February 2013 18:10

rofl. My bad lol Did your Millennium come with the manual?

emufan 04 February 2013 18:42

"t.i.a": i forgot to place a "space" into that line. otherwise more readable on 1st sight ;)

pyromania is part of discreetfx - I'm not sure if they abandoned amiga part of their software - maybe same status as Aussie.
worth to contact him and ask about some products you are looking for - we should not run into trouble, since he is a moderator here too :D

amigagenie 05 February 2013 00:49

visualfx cds uploaded to my folder. floppies to be uped later this evening.Then I'll get Kara uploaded. Time permitting. lol

emufan I wasn't sure what you were refering too. Millennum manual or visualfx cds.

videofx what OS you running? and did you call Ed?

emufan 05 February 2013 18:46

thanks for VisualFX. i found a 56 and a 15MB image in the folder. the short was bad upload?
the cd-image has a demo version only. i'm using imagefx4 with it and it works. some effects in demo not available, but anyway, nice to have :)

millenium is done by discreetfx. user pyromania wrote this software. so i'm not sure if he is still selling this software.

i'm using a winuae-emulated a4000 with wb/kick 3.1 with all the software i found.
not sure about "Ed" - was it part of imagefx?

amigagenie 05 February 2013 20:06

I am working on the floppies needed for visual fx no the cd images are correct. lol the last part of my post was for Bill "videofx"
Are we talking about the same Millennium? My Millennium comes on 3 cds and copyright 1999 Nova Designs?

amigagenie 05 February 2013 21:37

visual fx install disk 3 and 4 in my folder dms'd

videofx 05 February 2013 21:40

Millenium we are takin about is by DiscreetFX

amigagenie 05 February 2013 21:56

Nevermind Its the same program. Millennium is the correct spelling lol. was A Nova Design program when it was released.
I will call discreetFx and see what they want for the manual.

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