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Crown 10 March 2019 16:55

Belgian Amiga Computer Club (La Charlemagnerie) - Lots of ISO files from BBS'es
Hi guys,

Thanks to GothDevil from the AmigaImpact forum, I was able to get my hands on many cds from a Belgian Amiga Computer Club (La Charlemagnerie).

I have imaged all CDs that did not seem to be available anywhere else and uploaded them to EAB's FTP: ftp://grandis.nu/~Uploads/Crown/

A few things worth noting:
- They are files that were downloaded each month from the major BBS'es and compiled on monthly CDs;
- Whenever the CD name was very different from what was labelled on them I added both names via the usage of "aka";
- They were mostly dated from 1995 to 1999 so no old files to be found;
- Whenever a CD was faulty I did a zip file instead with ALL files that were readable on the CD (it happened 3 times);
- The content was kept as is and I did not do these compilations in the first place so I am not responsible for anything you'll find there.

Enjoy and thanks again to GothDevil!

chip 10 March 2019 16:57


Viceroy 10 March 2019 16:57

Great thanks ;-)

Crown 10 March 2019 16:59

Chip, I knew you'd be happy. :)

Enjoy my friend!

Korodny 10 March 2019 17:05

Wow, that's awesome, thanks!

Could we maybe split up the whole collection among various users and produce file listings for all of those? I don't feel like downloading 70 ISO images myself...

Crown 10 March 2019 17:16

My pleasure Korodny,

I get your point, it was a pain uploading so... :)

Btw, almost ALL CDs have .txt listings

Sandancer 10 March 2019 17:23

Awesome Crown thank you sooooo much, I love getting all these BBS stuff, but do you know of any Util (PC or Amiga) that catolgues files that have no listing on them.

lesta_smsc 10 March 2019 19:53

Always nice to have these collections. It is incredible that there are so many applications be it demos/software that was never mainstream yet provided on BBS/PD disks! Thank you!

Crown 10 March 2019 20:08

Lesta SMSC: You are right, BBS's, and traders in general, have done a lot for preserving demos and software. :)

Crown 10 March 2019 21:08

@Sandancer, my pleasure dude. :)

Yes, a friend of mine released a tool a few years ago for PC: http://amp.dascene.net/downcount.php?idx=6

But most of the ISO files I uploaded do have listings available

k0x 10 March 2019 21:47

Thank you thank you thank you.

Its like time travel ;)

Viceroy 10 March 2019 21:59

Something like this always makes the EAB happy ;-)

Crown 10 March 2019 22:19

AHha, I had myself a great time when the BS1 disks were resurrected. :)

Thanks for the kind words Kox & Viceroy!

Sandancer 10 March 2019 22:27

thank you for that, will make it a bit more easier with the cd's that aint got listings.

icycool 12 March 2019 21:50

Thanks for the nice upload crown, I suspect there might be lots of new french stuff in here! :great

DamienD 12 March 2019 23:01

Thank Crown :great

...thread moved here i.e. the Misc > Collections section.

Also updated the thread title ;)

Finally, I guess I should move the files from ~Uploads/Crown --> Commodore_Amiga/Collection/BBS/Belgian Amiga Computer Club?

Crown 13 March 2019 21:45

@DamienD: thanks for your help. Sure, go ahead. :)

@IcyCool: thanks buddy, it seems that many files come from the Nothern Palace, a Danish BBS

DamienD 13 March 2019 21:53


Originally Posted by Crown (Post 1310846)
@DamienD: thanks for your help. Sure, go ahead. :)

Ok, done ;)

sneeker 13 March 2019 23:26

Thanks for these, Will be downloading after a few more posts, was downloading on just the free user and didnt realise I could register

Crashdisk 18 March 2019 17:45

Thank you for sharing! Good use in progress ^^

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