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mineisthemost 02 December 2002 20:52

adf's won't load - am i stupid?
New to Amiga emulation, i have winuae (latest version) with aiab (latest). have wb3.1 and kick.rom and all other necessary bits and pieces (i think) - downloaded a couple of adf games, extracted into ram file (on wb desktop) - dbl. clicked and nothing! i know i am doing something simple wrong but having read tutorials, i can't get it. any advice greatly appreciated as i am sat here drooling at the prospect of reacquaniting myself with the classics. Let me say this, I love my Amiga - but Amstrad emulation is much simpler!


Paul 02 December 2002 20:57

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Load winuae.
Load config.
Goto floppies tab
Click ... next to eject
Insert adf
click ok.

Also press F12 to get back to gui if you need to change adfs or exit.

mineisthemost 02 December 2002 21:10

i had tried that - i get a disk icon appearing on wb desktop 'df0:ndos'. the afd's are files on my pc hard drive, extracted into the ram file. i keep reading about transferring to floppies and also hd installers - is this where i am going wrong? the error message from wb3.1 in aiab (from dbl click in ram file for load adf's) reads: 'Scalos Request' - Unable to open your tool 'xxx.adf' - come on guys, i know you can pull this amateur through!

RetroMan 02 December 2002 21:15

NDOS Disks (adf´s) cannot be accessed from Workbench ! You must put that adf to df0: and boot from it :) you won´t need any emulated HD for that :D

mineisthemost 02 December 2002 21:38

still not happening!!!! it's me! i'm goddamn brainless!!!!!!!! retroman, i loaded the adf from the df0 (f12 - floppies) but nothing! i feel so stupid and i have done loads with other emulators! it's just this Amiga! aarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!

RetroMan 02 December 2002 21:58

Ok, do the following steps :

1.) remove the HD from WinUAE Config
2.) Get a Kickstart 1.3
3.) do a standart A500 Config like this :

- CPU 68000
- 512KB Chip Mem
- 512KB Slow/Bogo Mem
- Kick 1.3
- Chipset Full ECS

4.) insert the adf you want to start
5.) start WinUAE with the above config
6.) report here :D

Djay 02 December 2002 23:03


mineisthemost 02 December 2002 23:31

thanks fellas!
we got there in the end! i took on board everyones advice and discovered that it worked better without using the aiab and the workbench together and now the games seem to be running - except kick off 2, which is my all time favourite so any help for that appreciated!

good board this - i'm signing up! Amiga Forever!

RetroMan 03 December 2002 01:44

Re: thanks fellas!

Originally posted by mineisthemost
good board this - i'm signing up! Amiga Forever!
good choice :great

LordBug 03 December 2002 02:15


except kick off 2
Which one?

Kick Off 2 - works for me
Kick Off 2:Return to Europe - works for me
Kick Off 2:The Final Whistle - works for me
Kick Off2:Giants of Europe - does not work for me

jmmijo 03 December 2002 02:54

Re: Re: thanks fellas!

Originally posted by RetroMan
good choice :great
Yes and I concur :)

front243 03 December 2002 11:29

I recommend you find (google) Kick13.rom (for A500 emulation) and kick30.rom (for A1200) and use these configurations:



This is a good site to start learning about Amiga:


mineisthemost 03 December 2002 21:05

all good
a big cheesy grin because it's all good now boys and girls. i had a few different kick off 2's but the best one is the extended version which i downloaded from here:


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