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trydowave 14 June 2014 15:55

Problem with Soccer Kid OCS
Hi. Tried 3 different disc 1s for soccer kid over at Planet Emulation and I'm not having much luck.

Each version, cracked or not, I get to the part where you have to enter the page number and after it says disc read error, press any key to continue?

Ive tried 2 different floppies and Ive reformatted and checked them both in Xcopy to make sure there working ok.

Just wondering if its dodgy floppies or if the message is part of the security?

Running on my Real A500

P.s. Got a bunch of Floppies the other day from someone and they had a copy of Soccer Kid on one Disc? (the original has 4).

Funny thing is. It has no intro and it starts not on level 1 but on a city level? Strange


UPDATE: nevermind. Seems that disc 1 is intro only and when it tried to read disc 1 in DF1 I got the problem. By disabling all the external floppy drives DF0 has no problem reading disc 2.

s2325 14 June 2014 18:11

Single disk is preview version or beta.

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