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MethodGit 03 July 2001 18:39

Hey, Codetapper, about Summer Camp...
...why don't you give your copy of the game to warlock99, the webmaster of Amiga Rarities? Summer Camp is one of the games he's looking for in particular. He might need a bit of help from you, that's what I was suggesting.

Fred the Fop 03 July 2001 19:47

Oooh..I remember that game, nigga!!
Oh I remember this game..its the summer camp, and you get to take the kids in the woods and hang them from trees and shove tomatoes up little boys.........nope not it..umm forget I mentioned this one :eek

Tim Janssen 05 July 2001 17:58

Summer Camp by Thalamus?
I remember a game called Summer Camp (see attached pic) and this one only appeared on C64. It is a flick screen platform game featuring a hero called Maximus Mouse. The game is published in 1991 by Thalamus and got a sequel called Wintercamp which was also C64 only.

CodyJarrett 05 July 2001 18:07

Summer Camp
It came out on the Amiga too.

See the end of this thread for a picture:


Codetapper did a WHD install for it recently.

Twistin'Ghost 06 July 2001 09:09

Yes, both games are on the Amiga. And I believe one or both may have also been released on the AtariST, as well. But indeed, they originated on the C-64.

Tim Janssen 06 July 2001 09:45

How is THAT possible?
Back in 1991/ 1992 I bought almost every single European Amiga magazine that came out every month. I never read a review let alone a preview of these two Thalamus games.
Somehow I doubt these games were ever sold in the shops.

Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised that both Summercamp and Wintercamp have surfaced after all those years. It proves there are still enough hidden gems to be found on Amiga. :)

Twistin'Ghost 06 July 2001 10:32

I know, me too. I have no clue where these games came from. They seem to have just appeared out of nowhere, so yes, it's great to keep discovering these Amiga treasures!

Codetapper 06 July 2001 12:16

Summer Camp for download!
I've already emailed this to a few people but I guess there's no harm in people leeching it from here before it gets onto the websites...

Features of this version:

- AGA fixed (empty DBF loops in loader prevented it working on most souped up Amiga's plus standard degrading)
- Dave Lowe sound samples fixed (thanks to Don Adan/Wanted Team for ripping them from another Dave Lowe mod)
- Trainer (Help to toggle infinite lives ingame)
- Compatible image with the WHDLoad installer

I did a quick test in my emulators, my default Fellow config crashed it but it works fine in WinUAE.

If you have the original version, listen to the title music - it has lots of scratches etc. It seems Thalamus sent a faulty disk to the duplicators (track 27 I think) so this is actually an improvement over the original!

This version can be sent to the TOSEC team :)

Drake1009 06 July 2001 14:40

Great thanks Codetapper. I remembered playing this for hours on the C64. I never knew there was a sequel though.

As for it not showing in Amiga magazines, did Creatures Amiga version ever get into a magazine? I have a magazine with a review of Creatures on the C64 lying around here somwhere. In their rating system all the info on the Amiga version was "We were told there are no plans to develop this gem on the Amiga". I was plesantly surprised when I found it on the net as I didn't think it was ever released on the Amiga. Did Creatures Amiga ever get reviewed?

CodyJarrett 06 July 2001 14:52

It was reviewed by Amiga Power in issue 24, page 69 and received 20%:

Looked impressive on the C64, but just plain ordinary on the Amiga, and as a result there's nothing to hide the tedious gameplay.

Also, Amiga Format gave it 63% on page 64 of issue 45.

Twistin'Ghost 06 July 2001 14:54

First off, thanks Codetapper. What a great find (and so much better than some lame old crack - or even the original!) Oh, and I *loved* the Rob Northen interview on your site!!!

Now onto "Creatures" -

It was indeed released on the Amiga, but the Amiga version didn't arrive until 1992 or 1993 (the C64 version was 1990). Allegedly there was a "Creatures 2" that was supposed to come out in 1993, but I never saw it nor any reviews for it. Anyone else?

In addition to the scores Cody mentioned, The One gave it 69%. Hey Cody - no screenshot? :)

CodyJarrett 06 July 2001 15:00

Hey look, there it is!

Drake1009 06 July 2001 17:57

Actually I quite liked the Amiga graphics of Creatures, but yes it wasn't anything revolutionary.

I've never managed to get far in the Amiga version either unless I used the trainer.

MethodGit 06 July 2001 20:28

Wahey! :D Thanks for making sure that a 100% RARE game becomes more available to the rest of us! :) AND for fixing it! AND for also being the maker of its HD patch therefore one won't encounter CRC checksum compatibility problems! :thumbs_up

I bet warlock99's really happy too...

Warlock99 07 July 2001 21:07

Summer camp
Doh! My web browser doesn't seem to be showing pages as they're updated so this is the first time I've seen more than the first message displayed. Codetapper has kindly given me permission to put summer camp on my page, which I'm eternally grateful for.

BTW - I have a c64 version of creatures 2 but none for the amiga.

Also talking of thalamus, another game which was called quedex (QUest for Ultimate DEXterity) on the amiga was renamed mindroll on the amiga and released by epyx (thanx to codetapper for this info). This was another thalamus game i've been searching for and already had and didn't know it.

Just need to sort out my original of winter camp now ; )

Tim Janssen 09 July 2001 12:03

More scores 'n' games
Creatures got a score around 56% in CU Amiga magazine and a score around 82% in Amiga Joker magazine. It is a faithful conversion of the C64 game but sadly the "Everybody get wicked"-tune which you hear once you have completed a level is missing.

I too have read about a possible version of Creatures 2 to Amiga. Pity it never was never converted. It is the most technical advanced game on C64 (after Turrican 2). When I saw this game the first time I was concinced there was an Amiga running inside the little C64 that was running it.

Does anyone know whether that other Thalamus gem, Nobby the Aardvark, is converted to Amiga? I once read a review of this game in CU Amiga but have nothing heard of it since. On C64 this game is great to play. It reminds me of CJ's Elephant Antics which also had a similar scrolling.

Twistin'Ghost 11 July 2001 11:12

Tim, I have always wanted to locate an Amiga version of "Nobby The Aardvark", but have had no luck. Allegedly, Thalamus released it in 1992, but the only place I saw it scored was in an issue of Amiga Mania (#11/12 Double Issue, 11/92). The score was a meager 65%. The review takes up only a page; I will be happy to scan it for you and post it on here if you'd like.

My guess is that the game was never released and they reviewed a beta copy or something. In the same issue, they review "Football Kid", which was the (I believe) beta name for "Soccer Kid". And they only gave it a 76%, which is absurd (unless they were playing an early version that had flaws, since I could find nothing but gaming perfection in the released version!)

Finally, there is another game reviewed in the issue which I have seen only in that magazine and I wonder if anyone else has ever seen it: "Astar, Land in Flames", a strategy game from Linel. Looks pretty interesting.

MethodGit 11 July 2001 12:11

That sounds familiar to me...
Amiga Mania... do you remember this mag as well? :) However, I'm not sure if you're talking about a different Amiga Mania here.... did your Amiga Mania feature coverdisks that contained full games such as Brainball, Dungeons Of Avalon 1 & 2, Crazy Sue 2, Ramses etc.?

Twistin'Ghost 11 July 2001 21:26

Yup, that's the same mag. Matter of fact, one issue I have contains a full page ad in which AM is selling a copy of "Crazy Sue" (for £4.99!), which I found rather lame, since I doubt they had permission to 'sell' that game. I have a few of the coverdisks, as well, but not nearly enough of either the mag or disks. Mind you, it was far from a great mag, but there was mentions, reviews and previews of several games which belong on MIA lists, so for that alone, it beomes invaluable.

Tim Janssen 12 July 2001 11:19

Amiga Mania & Thalamus games
MarzAttakz & Twistin' Ghost,

Is Amiga Mania a disc magazine? You know, 10 pages of magazine and multiple discs crammed with full playable games?
I remember a German disc magazine called Amiga Fun which featured the very same games i.e. Crazy Sue, Dungeons of Avalon 1&2 and other games like Alianator, Turrican 1, Quik & Silva and Crystal Palace. Maybe Amiga Mania is the UK equivalent of Amiga Fun?
Pity I could not find more information about Amiga Mania atAmiga Magazines List.

By the way, I have still my doubts about a possible Amiga conversion of Winter Camp. This game is released in January 1992 on C64. If this game was ever converted to Amiga, it had to be 1992 onwards. But from 1992 on Thalamus produced different games on C64 and Amiga. The C64 saw Creatures 2, Nobby the Aardvark and Mayhem in Monsterland (really awesome game) being released. On Amiga we had Creatures 1, Borobodur and S.U.B. I sincerely hope Winter Camp has seen its light of day on Amiga but personally I think it was never converted.:sad

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