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Gringo 29 June 2008 16:46

Req: File CYC-V13.LHA on old Paradise Dream BBS
I have found a old list of Diz file, from a Paradise Dream BBS
and inside there is a file called CYC-V13.LHA this file is a
new Cyclone V13 hardware Auto Switch.

Someone have it ?

PS: There is Someone want to Sell his Original Auto Switch
Cyclone Cartridge ?

hit 29 June 2008 17:03


cant find the file itself and i'm confused about the auito-switch issue. but found a v13 of cyclone (1832.DMS ). in the zone.


Gringo 29 June 2008 18:13

The Auto Switch, is a protection cechk insite the Cyclone Software
after the V12 release of Cyclone Software all new release control
if the Hardware Dongle Cyclone make the Auto Switch ON/OFF and
use it to Verify if the dongle is Selfmade of an Original One.
Cyclone V13 and Cyclone TNG V14 don't work if the Dongle is
self made, but need the Dongle Auto Swithc ON/OFF by Software.

The last Cyclone Hardware V13 & V14 can Werify in Nibble Mode
by Auto Switch after it write a Track.

For a fully corect function it need a New Hardware Schematic.

PS: Sorry for my Poor English

hit 29 June 2008 20:51

ok, i understand. hopefully someone get that file :)

Edit: i guess this is the old "dongle": http://www.programmersheaven.com/sea...sp?FileID=3424
but take a look.


Gringo 30 June 2008 08:33

Yes is the Old One, i have make it one more time ago and
the V12 say my the Dongle not Present.

hit 03 July 2008 20:26

i found a picture of it, just upper side, so no great help. but an addition:

Edit: and an internal version:

anyway. brings the topic up again :)


Gringo 03 July 2008 21:39

WoW !!!!

A little Wictory...... :D

In my A4000 the Dream is Found the Internal Version :spin
and a new HD Floppy, the second Drive is Dead last year :banghead
The external is OLD and have some Trouble....:scream

hit 03 July 2008 23:58

if my eyes didnt miss, there is a GAL16V8-25LNC on it. sort of programable device (?!):

so hopefully the programm code (?!) is included in cyc-v13.lha, if it ever comes sup :)


Gringo 04 July 2008 00:04

I Hope, but no one have the file, i don't know Why, a possible Fake ?
My BBS archive is from 1999 to 2004 the Cyc file is in a 1997 Archive,
the cartridge work on Sigfried Copy Too.

hit 04 July 2008 14:15

just rare, i supose. the topic is set, so maybe someone will come up with it :)
or there is someone with such a device, willing to investigate the pcb, creating some layout and read-out the gal?


Gringo 05 July 2008 10:29

The GAL have a Set Bit Protection, if is Set is Impossible to Read out the Source Code
the only Way is, someone have the code or reversing engenearing of the Cartridge.

hit 05 July 2008 16:25

*Sigh* if they managed to reverse the aa chipsset (natami) then this is just something for the average electronical hobbyist. *hopefully* :)


Gringo 08 July 2008 19:46

I have found a Reseller, whith some Cyclone in Stock, i whaiting the
responce, if is Autoswitch version or only the plug version.

Is X-Copy & Tools 1993, i don't Know if is the New or Old Hardware
if is i bought One and i Try a way to Drain the GAL code, if is possible.

PS: I know my English is Terrible :crazy

hit 08 July 2008 23:59

not sure, when they changed the hardware. there are to many versions (pro, asi, tng).
maybe someone else can say, what software version came with the new dongle?

ps: just try google language tools. i do this sometimes too, gives good results :)

Gringo 09 July 2008 01:08

The New cyclone is implemented from this revision of Cyclone Software
V12.01 it use a new APWM Mode, The Verify.

The X-Copy in bundle is the 1993, the pink one, like the box of the
reseller version, i have found, i hope in a fast response from the guy.

The postage is 5.9€ and the price is...Trattable, but is not write....
i hate this....


hit 10 July 2008 12:57

Trattable = tradeable? if so, i hope he made a fair price at all. :)

cmoilo39 25 April 2010 18:01

Another way to do this autoswitch cartridge :
See this link : Cyclone AutoSwitch

jotd 25 April 2010 22:11

BTW I have a Cyclone adapter somewhere and I'm willing to sell it. Anyone is interested? How much would it be worth?

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