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Philipdk 19 May 2005 17:41

Cannon Fodder Save Disk
Hi im pretty new in here, actually this is my first post.

I read that there should be a save disk to cannon fodder in "The Zone!". I tried to acces the zone but with no luck. How can i acces it and if anyone have a save disk for cannon fodder would they send it to me?


Pink 19 May 2005 18:26

Uploaded a working version to the zone. :) (And you know how to get there now)

lanos 26 March 2006 12:51

Can any help me, I search the game save disk for Cannon Fodder. If I use a empty adf (create with Winuae) and like to format the disk so I get format error

mailman 29 March 2006 09:35


Originally Posted by lanos
Can any help me, I search the game save disk for Cannon Fodder. If I use a empty adf (create with Winuae) and like to format the disk so I get format error

That is correct. Cannon Fodder needs specially formatted disk in order to make saves. The game creates such but under emulation it is not possible to create one. One option is to use WHDLoad but I don't think that you will be able to install this game without real Amiga. The second option is to find already prepared save disk. Such disk was available on Back2roots.org but since this site is no longer available you have a problem. Unless someone who plays the game on WinUAE has it and can help you.

Toni Wilen 29 March 2006 10:11

Extended (custom) adf + 1MB chip should work (at least some versions of game will crash while formatting on 512K chip Amigas. Does the same thing on my real A500 too)

dlfrsilver 29 March 2006 10:22

My version of cannon fodder + mt save disk are in the zone check it please !!

lanos 09 April 2006 12:25


Originally Posted by dlfrsilver
My version of cannon fodder + mt save disk are in the zone check it please !!

Hello, I cant find the cannon fodder files, only cfsave.zip

I test the cfsave.zip file, but I can not save the game.WinUAE and WinFellow dont work for save. I have the CF1 in drive 1, CF2 in drive 2, cfsave in drive3, I tested other configuration but without success.

Can you upload complete CF + Savedisk + WinUAE_Config, please

dlfrsilver 09 April 2006 12:56

Yes with no problem. I'll this afternoon.

Ps : don't use acceleration on Cannon fodder save disk, it doesn't work.

2) When saving, the disk seems to be blocking when writing. Just wait for it to finish.

I forgot to say that my save disk is FULL ! All the missions are saved on it !

Magno Boots 09 April 2006 17:53

I've uploaded my Cannon Fodder save disk, which was created using WinUAE recently (hence only the third mission!)
I found that I could create it exactly the same as when using my 'real' Amiga a600.
I'm sure you'll find one that works eventually.

mangemani 25 April 2006 03:16

just insert a DD disk in the amiga and press the save button and the amiga will do the rest..it will format it for you.

Numinous 30 October 2006 22:57

Could one repost a Cannon Fodder save disk in the Zone? The previous posts have expired.


dlfrsilver 30 October 2006 23:42

Ok it's for me again ^^ !

check the zone numinous !! ^^

Numinous 31 October 2006 01:16

Thank you hugely!

Numinous 31 October 2006 01:40

dlfrsilver, thanks again for the file--although I can't seem to save or modify it in any way. I tried disabling disk acceleration in UAE. Any other suggestions?

Numinous 31 October 2006 02:17

I notice you also mentioned your save disk may be full. Since the format function doesn't work, if you could post a save that's empty, that might be the key.

Thanks again! Your hospitality on this board is quite welcome.

DamienD 31 October 2006 02:42

Hey Numinous,

I've just put the Cannon Fodder - Save Disk that originally came from Back to the Roots into The Zone!

I haven't tried it myself but it should work fine ;)

Numinous 31 October 2006 04:33

Heh. Tried that one and am having the same problems. :P I guess I'll just use save/retreive state--although, for me (I'm on a Mac), I can't retreive a state without quitting the emulator first. Is that normal?

Aside from that, I've got everything working. HD, CD32, AGA, etc... so if anyone has any mac questions (aside from the two above), let me know!

dlfrsilver 31 October 2006 08:46

ok just check if the disk has protection write on. if it is, desactivate it and
DONT use disk loading acceleration. it doesn't work here !

Numinous 31 October 2006 10:44

No Cannon Fodder Save Disk, No Airborne Ranger Veteran's Disk
I turned off disk acceleration, and tried it in DH3 and DH1: neither worked. I made sure the adf files were both read/write capable and tried both the new and the old Save Disks, as well as two different versions of the game (including the Fairlight version discussed elsewhere). And while I could load games off of either disk (Although the first game on the first disk was corrupted and caused a system failure), I could not save my progress.


For what it's worth, I can't create a Veterans disk for Airborne Ranger either, which is worse because you can't flash-save save your progress without having one to begin with. If you have one of these, maybe I'll have better luck!

I have no trouble saving games like Syndicate and could create a save disk for Speedball 2 and use it without problems.

Also, and I don't know if this is an OS X-issue or not, with flash-saving, I can only seem to start with flash 0 and can't switch flash-positions in the game. Is there a technique, is this an E-UAE issue, or is it not something that has any difficulty elsewhere in the Emu world?

Thanks so much for your advice.

Numinous 31 October 2006 11:13

Cannon Fodder 2? No problem!

I can save in Cannon Fodder 2, and even tried using a functional CF2 disk, then formatting one. No dice either way.

I'm baffled.

--Incidentally, I do have a functional HDF version. But many graphics and transitions are uncentered despite any enabled centering features on it. Which is more irritating? Surely not saving. I also tried a combination to no avail. The ADF verision does not recognize HDs.

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