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RCK 17 September 2003 01:17

Welcome to Richard Joseph
It's great to have one more legend one this board,
welcome back to the amiga world !

BTW, tell me if we miss some of your amiga games soundtrack !

Djay 17 September 2003 01:58


welcome back to the amiga world !
i don't think Richard went anywhere, i think he just had a little nap:D

Antiriad 17 September 2003 14:54

Btw, does my introduction of EAB to Mr Richard Joseph make me a "EAB Ambassador of Good Will"? :D:D:D

thinlega 17 September 2003 21:48

@ Richard Joseph

......not sure if you will know anything about this but.....Did nation xii make the tunes for gods and chaos engine with "tracking" in mind or did they record the tunes normally and then send a master/adat for someone to re-sample and re-sequence.

If so were there any cd quality versions of these tunes knocking about bitmap HQ?????

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