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bugmenot 05 February 2006 16:33

WinUAE Wishlist (quite short)

I am using UAE for nearly ten years now (back then this was of course DosUAE on a P200) and I have to say in its current state it´s really close to perfect.

For me there is only one thing left to improve: better Scaling Modes. The modes UAE supports all tend to blur the resulting image.

There is at least one algorithm, that handles upscaling much better, called hq2x (hq3x, hq4x). This is implemented for example in later DosBox builds and there is even a version of sdl.dll, that offers OpenGL accelerated hq scaling more or less automatic (http://www.garni.ch/dosbox/). Too sad, WinUAE in its latest incarnations is statically linked against sdl.dll...

Other than that, really fantastic work of everybody who contibuted to UAE over so many years!

Toni Wilen 05 February 2006 16:47

hq2x filter is not compatible with UAE's filtering system (and author wasn't interested in fixing it when I asked years ago.. hq filter does not support "pitch" or "stride" of image.)

Statically linked with sdl? WinUAE has not used sdl since 0.8.22 or so. SDL is very limited compared to DirectDraw.

bugmenot 05 February 2006 16:58

Thanks for the swift reply. Too sad.

Since there is no sdl.dll anymore I simply concluded it was built directly into the .exe in newer builds. Obviously this is not the case, thanks for the information! Saves me setting up a VC2003 build environment and trying myself.

alexh 06 February 2006 11:46


better Scaling Modes. The modes UAE supports all tend to blur the resulting image
I think you'll find that it is your graphics card which bilinear filters all stretched blits.

ZSnes implements several screenmodes suffixed R indicating "Matched screen ratio". Forwhatever reason these dont trigger graphics cards to perform filtering and look very crisp.

Might be worth seeing if such modes are possible for WinUAE.

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