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TronPlayer 05 January 2011 02:08

Change Scalos Icon Text color
Could someone please tell me how to change the Scalos Icon text color? I've played with the text pens in the palette. I seemed to change every color but the one I want. Thanks.

tero 05 January 2011 07:48

Hi TronPlayer
In Scalospalette you can add pens with the 'new' button, and with 'Pen Adjust' you can define what the pens are used for. Simply change to your needs.
this is scalos 1.2, can't say if it's the same in the newer beta's - could be...

TronPlayer 05 January 2011 18:30

Thanks for the reply. I've used pen adjust and defined new pens. What would the pen name be for the background text in the Scalos window? I have a dark background picture defined in scalos and the text for the icons in that window is black. I can globally set the text to white in the WB pallet but I want the scalos window to have white icon text. Any suggestions?

tero 05 January 2011 23:03

could work with 'drawer textPen' and 'file textPen'
if you just want to read the text without problems, you could try to have the text shadowed or outlined. can be done in scalos prefs, personally i like that more.

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