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Bobbin 10 September 2002 16:27

Which (C64) game is this tune from?
I know, this is an Amiga board, but maybe someone knows this nevertheless.

Pls download this file: http://almighty.c64.org/esi/calgames.zip

I mean the tune from the Eagle Soft intro. I'm pretty sure it belongs to a game, but I can't remember which.
Thanks for your help!

stainy 10 September 2002 18:45

Have no idea! in places it seems like something, but it goes totally off it in other places!!


Akira 10 September 2002 18:56

Hmm.. the typical ESI cracktro (chookchookchook-chakchakchak-chookchookchook-chakchakchak-chookchookchook-chakchakchak-chookchakchookchakchookchak :D yes I'm a looney :D)

I had no clue it was from some other game. i'm investigating as I type this.


Akira 10 September 2002 23:37

I got yer tune!

Mounty Micks Deathride's song, by Ben Daglish!!

In the HVSC is located at C64Music\Daglish_Ben\Mounty_Micks_Deathride.sid

if you want it, it's in The Zone for you :D

Mega thanks to rough from the Lemon 64 board for the help!!!

Bobbin 11 September 2002 00:28

Yes, thx from me too!!! I always thought of Express Raider when I heard this, but I never connected it to that game. However, it just had to be Ben Daglish, he's a genious - now I just need to check out that game...

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