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affleck 22 October 2006 19:21

i am using winuae 1.3.2 with aiab. when installing whd games from one site i get the following message; "Dos-error #205 (object not found( on reading: "Devs:kickstarts/kick24005.a500". when installing from another site i have no problem (but the working site does not have the files i want". Any assistance please.

Konrad 22 October 2006 20:27

Some whdload-slaves require an image of a special kickstart in the devs:kickstarts-folder of the workbench installation. In your case it's kick34005.a500 (i think you misspelled it). Not all slaves require this file, so you get that error message just for some games.

affleck 22 October 2006 20:34

i installed a 1.3 rom disk in devs:kickstart and renamed it kick34005.a500, but no joy. it shows up in devs as a rom file, but when i run winuae it shows in the devs:kickstart as a ppmore file. I have also got a file kick34005.a500.RTB but have no idea what this is.

Konrad 22 October 2006 20:52

AFAIK with AIAB all unknown formats are associated with ppmore. However, it doesn't matter as what it's shown. The RTB file is also required and must be put in the same directory. Then try to run your game again.

affleck 22 October 2006 20:53

problem solves, a bit of latteral thinking, cheers mate.
:bowdown :great

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