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mEnTL32 20 March 2018 08:24

A2000 keyboard issue
My Amiga 2000 has been having a weird keyboard issue. Often after booting, the first key I press acts like it is held down so I get 200 or so of that char. Or, I'll click a key and a minute or two later it will register.

I figured it was just my original keyboard getting old, so I picked up the Lyra-3 PS2 adapter. It does the same thing.

When I took out my leaking battery, it had made a little mess on the mother board but it didn't look too bad. I notice the keyboard socket is right near there though; anyone see something like this?

Robbie 20 March 2018 11:09

That happened with a Cherry keyboard I used to have. Didn't happen with any other keyboards so I put it down to a faulty chip in the keyboard itself.

idrougge 21 March 2018 03:00

I think Cherry keyboards have a capacitor that goes old after twenty years.

There are also some fixes introduced in later A2000 board revisions to handle keyboard variations.

Signman 22 March 2018 15:01

I was having a lot of issues including that one. I used contact cleaner on all areas and worked pretty well.
Worth a try.

mEnTL32 02 April 2018 22:25

Contact cleaner did the trick! It looks like some corrosion did sneak up on the socket housing so it might need to be replaced eventually.

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