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AlfaRomeo 11 January 2008 22:53

How to burn an Amiga CD in NERO?
Hi there,
Can someone give me the settings to burn a cd in Nero that amiga can read and if so can be with with long names?

Zetr0 11 January 2008 22:56


you need to allow longer file names as well as remove the three character truncation restriction... otherwise you will have issues... other than that its a standard ISO....

thomas 12 January 2008 00:49

Don't use Nero, use WinUAE and MakeCD.

AlfaRomeo 12 January 2008 12:17

Thanks Zetr0 and thomas
With Nero I just can´t see the cd´s that I burn in my A1200. I have tried burn in ISO9660 and UDF. Maybe have some not correct settings in Nero.
Now I will try download MakeCD to burn in WinUAE

AlfaRomeo 12 January 2008 13:24

I don´t know if MakeCD still commercial or if someone can zone it because in the net I only find the demo.

DamienD 12 January 2008 13:58

I have these versions:

... MakeCD v2.5 (1997)(Schmidt, Angela - Ohly, Patrick)(SW)[WB].zip
... MakeCD v3.2a (1998)(Schmidt, Angela - Ohly, Patrick)(SW)[WB].zip

No idea if v3.2a is the latest or still sold. Can somebody with the knowledge advise?

Graham Humphrey 12 January 2008 14:00

I thought they made it freeware or something? Could be wrong, I might be thinking of something else, I'll have a look...

EDIT: Aha! - http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=28469

thomas 12 January 2008 14:33

MakeCD and free key can be downloaded from its homepage: http://makecd.core.de/

AlfaRomeo 12 January 2008 15:53

Thanks for help people
I already have MakeCD32 and respective key and is all freeware now

Josh 12 January 2008 21:06

With the final version (v3.2d - beta 12) you don't need anymore a key for registration - you just can start MakeCD ;)
(Protection was removed).

Cheers Josh

AlfaRomeo 13 January 2008 14:02

Ok, thanks Josh

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