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NPI 25 October 2004 19:39

Save States
does anyone have savestates (uss files) that want to share with me? :)
I need only the saved position at the end of the game (last boss & such)

Peanutuk 25 October 2004 19:47

Any game?

NPI 25 October 2004 19:55

yup any game :)

I'm still doing those endings for vgmuseum (www.vgmuseum.com) you can see em
so I need savestates at the end only to take snapshots

if u send me savestates u'll have credits for the endings of course

Shoonay 25 October 2004 19:56

May i offer you some (low)hiscores from Pinball Dreams... :D

NPI 25 October 2004 19:58

hehe I'm taking snapshots only... I doubt Pinball Dreams have an ending ;)

NPI 25 October 2004 22:36

huh? what do you mean by non-alternative??

are you saying cracked games have different ends??

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