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Warverc 17 February 2020 02:58

Multiple Serial ports for bars and pipes using the FS-UAE MIDI variant on Ubuntu18.04
Is there a way to get FS-UAE recognise more than one serial port. Perhaps serial port 1,2,3 for example. I compiled THE FS-UAE midi source on Ubuntu bionic and have now got midi working perfectly with bars and pipes. I'm using the virtual alsa midi ports and patching all my synths through it. It works really very stable and fast. I use the command "serial_port = /dev/snd/midiC2D1" for example and then route the alsa virtual midi device to my midi equipment. If you could have more serial ports then you can use camd to have 32 or 48 midi channels and route them to different midi equipment and sequencers. Camd works out of the box so one could patch bars and pipes tracks to different synths.

If someone knows if it's possible to create more than one serial port in FS-UAE please let me know.

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