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candell 23 January 2020 10:46

Setting up inputs on Mac
Hi folks

Thanks for adding me to the forum, I've accepted ads and turned off adblock ;)

I have set up FS UAE Arcade and Launcher on my 2019 Macbook and downloaded some nostalgic games. I can start the games no problem, but I have no input to them, so they sit on the splash screen or intro animation.

My mouse completely disappears, not just from the FS UAE window but from my desktop as a whole and I need to Command/Tab to move to another window to have control back.

In Launcher settings, I have Amiga Mouse set as Default OS X Mouse which I assumed would use the trackpad, or do I need need to connect an actual mouse?

Keyboard is set as Default OS X keyboard, but no keys do anything for me except F12 which opens up the side menu, but again I can't use my trackpad to navigate this, I can only use the arrow keys up and down and enter.

Can anyone help?


quantum8 30 January 2020 12:25

You can release control by middle clicking with the mouse too. You might be able to set up a gesture to enable this.

I get that bug with the mouse as well. If you release the mouse and click on the desktop, or another app it will re appear.

As for not being able to use the mouse in the game; can you post a screenshot of your input settings? What happens when you select the trackpad itself as the amiga mouse (instead of the default).

candell 30 January 2020 12:55

I have managed to get it working by selecting auto fire ON, this then makes the mouse appear within the game.

Thanks for the reply and prompting me to play with every setting.

quantum8 31 January 2020 00:41

Well that's a new one for me! I wonder why enabling the autofire makes this this happen?

candell 31 January 2020 10:33

It can't be recognising any initial clicks, but the autofire invokes this somehow. I'll try a game that uses autofire like R-Type and see if it is autofiring...

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