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turrican3 10 May 2019 02:59

Amiga Mysteries ?
Hi guys,
does it still some mysteries about the amiga ??
About his history
Some demo or games effects ??
Or else ??
Please share with things which still a mystery for you. :great

NorthWay 10 May 2019 17:16

Los Gatos "Ranger" updated chipset. Some say it never was, Jay Miner said something else.
ECS UHRES(VRAM?) support in the register list. (Is this the Ranger stuff?)
AAA chipset - any hw design files preserved? Anything hw related preserved from C=?
3000+ DSP - were any built? Tested? Is there any code to support it?
Hacker versions of A1000 Kickstart disks. I have a demo that doesn't exit but talks about a patched version - I wonder if it went on to load up and start KS?
Floppy formats with non-MFM decodings. (I have tried looking at it myself. I think some games used it.)

Leffmann 10 May 2019 18:31

Why does the Blitter use this odd symmetry for the octants in line-drawing mode? And why doesn't the HWRM explain clearly that it's a hardware implementation of the Bresenham line-drawing algorithm?

I'm guessing that HW implementations of Bresenham were patented back in those days, they (or Jay Miner) weren't interested in licensing or paying royalties, and this way they could avoid getting sued. But with Jay Miner gone we may never know.

kamelito 10 May 2019 23:05

Line drawing was a late addition to the chipset. The idea is from Dale Luck and he pushed hard Jay to do it. Dale is still around.

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