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stuntpup 28 August 2007 12:46

street fighter
the install script for this game doesnt work .. it asks for disk named 'rolling_t'

rolling thunder perhaps ?

not really up on script editing, so any advice as to what the lines should read would be handy

ps the actual street fighter disc has no name .. ie not a dos disk

Codetapper 28 August 2007 13:30

You probably have an unsupported version of the game. Either that or your disk is knackered!

dlfrsilver 28 August 2007 18:46

street fighter has FILES. And yes it has rolling_t as a name. The idiots at tiertex use the rolling thunder master disk and forgot to rename it.

My street fighter version from the GIANTS compilation use this name.
It works...

are you using a copy or an original ?

stuntpup 28 August 2007 19:12

its an original disk ..

turns out it is knackered .. disk does'nt spin around at all.

i used an adf of it and it installed fine .. almost seemed a waste of time though cos it sure looks naff .. lol

Graham Humphrey 28 August 2007 20:01

You can always download a pre-installed version from www.whdownload.com.

stuntpup 30 August 2007 21:45

i think i will have to use that download site .. of the half dozen amiga games iv tried installing only one has installed ok .. the disks on the rest wont extract to the hard drive properly.

damn .. even games off ebay arent guaranteed to work

the disks are fading fast !

its a shame i cant write the original data back to the disks..

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