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Dave_wb 19 June 2006 21:51

Ami-Pc network
Hi chaps,
Can anybody help me here as I am stuck.I have installed the ami-pc software on my pc after connecting up my A1200 to it with the supplied cable.I have then installed and run the amiga software but I keep getting the same message,which is
Cant open prefs/env-archive/sys/def_pc.info for input - object not found.
Sure enough there is no icon in the drawer and there does'nt seem to be a way of manually installing it.I am using the MountPC4KS3 icon as I am running 3.1 AGA 030.Any idea's would be greatly appreciated

adgloride 22 June 2006 03:19

You ever tried the Amiga Explorer on the Cloanto package. This works great for transfering files and is easy to set up.

PeterK 22 June 2006 07:20


Cant open prefs/env-archive/sys/def_pc.info for input - object not found.
Hi Dave_wb,

I guess, you're using AmiPcLinkup, which seems to have buggy installation
scripts, but I don't use that for myself, just discussed it with another user
last year, so you can try to do the following procedure...

.... copy def_disk.info and def_pc.info from the DF0: prefs/env-archive/sys
directory to the DH0: prefs/env-archive/sys directory. Then start
pc2amiga.exe and restart the Amiga and MountPC4KS3. I hope it works !!

Good luck ! :agree

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