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Wepl 14 April 2008 22:53

SPS/CAPS incomplete for ever
I'm currently dumping my originals and wonder how this project can ever reach a point of nearly completeness.
Because it is said 'dont dump anything already dumped' on one side, but on the other side give the normal user no way how to check if his version is already dumped.

As an example there are at least 6 different disk versions of Xenon2. Only 3 of them are in SPS. Or Lotus2 with at least 4 different versions and only 1 in SPS.

For games in standard format it should be possible to create a tool containing a digest database to identify disks already dumped. For custom formats this will be more effort.
I think such a tool should be provided by the sps team ;)

IFW 14 April 2008 23:53

It's only possible to do with ipf images (ie not the raw dumps). But indeed; suspected different versions are getting compared.

haynor666 22 March 2015 12:24

Too bad that SPS site does not have easy uploading mechanism where all previous dumps are listed and commented by uploader. I really don't remember what I've dump all these years, some of disks I sold and right now I don't have proof of existence because form time to time ftp is prunned from existing dumps.

niobyte 22 March 2015 17:30

I 100% agree.

I am also still waiting on IPF images.

I need to go back through all the dumps I made again and re-upload all of them.

Istvan (IFW) is right though, when the RAW dumps are provided they do get compared.

Although, I am still unsure if all the ones I even provided if they were actually compared or not.

Also would be good to know if there is some kind of analysed based backlog, that showcases what images have been compared and who contributed them in the first place.

haynor666 22 March 2015 23:38

We need site similiar to redump.org where we can list our dumps, get status CRCs etc.

haynor666 12 January 2016 08:36

IFW, any plans for such site/database as redump.org ?

haynor666 21 August 2018 12:16

I guess not, after 2,5 years we still have old and not too reliable storing of raw dumps :/

I don't even remember what I've dumped through years.

modrobert 21 August 2018 13:39

An idea; always use plain Amiga dos tracks for the checksum database (eg. SHA-256), regardless if the disk protected or not, should be good enough to spot dupes.

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