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Vitruvian 17 July 2006 04:49

Name that game - Offroad type game
Hey guys. I have been reading the name that game forum and found that a lot of you are really good with naming games when there is very little info so I thought I would give it a shot. I remember it vagely from a long time ago so here goes. You are driving an offroad vehicle and each level has different routes you can take to make it to the end. I believe you are always trying to drive up a hill to get to the finish. There are obstacles in your way and you try and jump over them or take another route around them. I think you are also trying to collect flags on the way up. It was really fun, but can't remember the name for the life of me. Hope you guys can help. Sorry for giving too much info to you all, lol.

Galaxy 17 July 2006 04:58

Buggy Boy?

Vitruvian 17 July 2006 06:23

Thanks Galaxy, but thats not the one.

TikTok 17 July 2006 11:27

4x4 Off Road Racing?

quahappy 17 July 2006 15:31

Your description reminds of a game I used to play on the C64 - Up n' Down by US Gold released back in 1984. Take a look at http://www.lemon64.com/

Could this be it?

Don't know of anything similar for the Amiga though....

Vitruvian 19 July 2006 14:20

That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks QUAHAPPY. I also found a link to play it directly on explorer.


Happy gaming!!!

quahappy 19 July 2006 14:40

No problem!

Your information was very descriptive and I'll be honest - I knew I'd played this game, but like you, the title took awhile to come back to me....!

Nice link.... my next step is C64 emulating. Some great classics on that machine.

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