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PiCiJi 17 October 2003 13:23

Final Fight whd and Entity whd?
I looked everywhere. please help me out

the wolf 17 October 2003 13:38

Hmm...sorry I can't help you because I haven't these games, but I was thinking about Final Fight... this game is running under AmigaDos, you can actually see all the files in the 2 disks, so you should be able to copy them easily in your hard disk partition, then try with an "assign"... it should work...

BippyM 17 October 2003 13:39

Both in the zone :D

PiCiJi 17 October 2003 17:04

thanks a lot

cv643d 17 October 2003 21:52

does it work with "assign" anyone?

haynor666 17 October 2003 22:49

No, it won't work because game tries to access disk drive directly.

the wolf 18 October 2003 01:31


Originally posted by haynor
No, it won't work because game tries to access disk drive directly.
It was just a guessing, sorry...
but many dos games can run directly with an "assign" command, or simply with a "runme.bat" of your creation and a couple of line as is:

cd dh0:games/monkey

Never tried with Final Fight, but I thought it deserved a try.

Akira 18 October 2003 03:16

Provided your hardware can run it fine, yes, some games allow the "assign" method.

But those that will not run on upgraded hardware will crash horribly when installed like tihs, whereas the WHDLoad version is bug-free perfect cleansy pureness :D

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